How to gain the upper hand in a relationship

How to Have the Upper Hand in a Relationship | Dating Tips

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship

“I have no power. Why should she have the upper hand? Once in my life I would like the upper hand. I have no hand. No hand at all. She has. It is impossible to explain the dynamics of college relationships to anyone who is not For example, do not get emotionally attached to your FWB. always do don't lie!), one of the two people involved has the upper hand. But is it always better to have the upper hand? up with me, and it took me longer to get over the relationship than we were actually together.

Assess yourself, and try to see yourself for who you exactly are.

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship

Knowing yourself, in all honesty, will help you understand what your man likes in you, and that will become your biggest tool in gaining the upper hand in this relationship. For instance, Prince Charming was attracted to Cinderella's down-to-earth persona, something he too was looking for and possessed.

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship

Beast's heart with her never-give-up spirit, once again, something he himself carried all along to fight his curse. Invest in your looks The next lesson we learn from these fairy tales is that all these women were beautiful, youthful, and attractive as hell!

Well, Snow White's prince fell in love with her while she was sleeping. Such is the power of beauty and attraction! So, keep investing in your looks, and never let the attraction fade out.

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship

What really keeps the man chasing in a relationship is his unapologetic attraction to the woman. And your alpha man is no different. He too seeks a woman who can challenge his senses in every way and every day.

How to Have the Upper Hand in a Relationship

That is what he truly wants to achieve. An alpha male, from the bottom of his heart and with ever fiber in his body loves to compete.

He loves to achieve every set goal, outdo them at times, and set standards. And with this mental gusto enters every relationship. So, the more impressed you are with his antics and actions, the more you please him. It is the other person who gets emotionally involved first. If you want to win the game, don't be that person.

Be the person with the upper hand. But take your turn. It requires more ballsiness for him to ask you out of his own accord If he wants it bad enough, he'll ask you.

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Don't make it too easy. If you're patient, you'll be rewarded! With that in mind, if you are genuinely interested in pursuing the relationship, then you should pay mind to when it is your "turn" to initiate: You want to keep him interested, after all.

Don't be too available. Whatever you do, do not wait until 5 pm on a Friday to make your evening plans just because you think there is a chance he'll ask you out. If you have plans, do not cancel them for him.

He should want to hang out with you, and not just as an afterthought. Plus, if you keep yourself busy, you won't "dwell" on your brewing relationship, you won't overthink the texts you send him, and you will reply to his text messages in an authentic time frame instead of conscientiously waiting 15 minutes to respond. We all do it Don't waste your time.

how to gain the upper hand in a relationship

If his text messages are not interesting, don't wrack your brain for an intelligent or witty response. Those things should come naturally. He needs to put some more thought into his text messages, obviously.

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If the only thing he has to say is "nm, u? You know what you are willing to do, and what you will not tolerate. You are prepared to respect your own limits.

When the other person crosses that line, you walk. For this strategy to be effective, it is very important that you clearly articulate your expectations in advance. Once you have made your dealbreakers clear, you MUST see it through. Act like a free agent when you are one. Make a point of spending time with other guys, whether you want to or not.

This is NOT about trying to make someone jealous. Do not flirt with his good friends. Develop friendships and relationships with new people when you have the opportunity. You are entitled to hang out or hook up with anyone you want to, and owe no explanations. Keep your priorities straight. A hookup does not come before girlfriends, work, studying, family, Gossip Girl, etc.

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He is one person in your life, with a limited role to play, at least for now. Do not get caught up in analyzing every word he says, how often he is in touch, etc. Try not to discuss him constantly with your girlfriends—that just fuels the fire. Start strong and stay strong.