How do alfonso and sandra meet

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how do alfonso and sandra meet

5. emerged: verb came out (Alfonso emerged from behind the hedge to meet Sandra.) Vocabulary Activity: Students will view the examples and create. Meet the Writer. Gary Soto Why does Alfonso try “to push his crooked teeth to where he though they belonged” and do “fifty sit-ups a day”? Ernie's remark that the same girl from Halloween might be Sandra could be part of his reasoning . How do Alfonso and Sandra meet? meet. Why do Alfonso and Ernie quarrel about Sandra? What conflict does Alfonso face when his bicycle chain breaks?.

In a way he does get everything that he wants. Cite evidence from the text to support your response. Students identify their writing task from the prompt provided. Students complete an evidence chart as a pre-writing activity. Teachers should guide students in gathering and using any relevant notes they compiled while reading and answering the text-dependent questions earlier. He hated the way he looked. One day he had it butched on the top, like in the magazines.

Alfonso wants to go a bit beyond fitting in, wanting Holt Elements of Literature - school, but he was determined to be better looking than average.

How would he borrow a bike for her? Between history and math, Alfonso saw Sandra and her girlfriend huddling at their lockers. He hurried by without being seen. He is realistic with his goals. This is an ongoing obsession, not just a temporary concern.

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His goals are focused. His obsession with appearance goes beyond his physical appearance. He wants everything that represents him to look good. He wants to be thought of by others as being well put together. This is the first rite of passage. Despite his wavering confidence, he rises to the occasion; he is maturing and taking on the role of a man.

This contrasts with his earlier consideration of standing someone up for a laugh and illustrates Alfonso finding his independent path to manhood.

how do alfonso and sandra meet

This shows his immaturity and present inability to completely deal with his own problems. But while he was unhooking it from the back sprocket, it snapped…. Frustrated and on the verge of tears, he flung the chain as far as he could.

He always messed things up when he tried to take them apart, like the time he tried to repad his baseball mitt…. Rather than thinking about ways to solve the new problem, he lashes out. Alfonso is still reaching out to other people to solve his problems. Here, he is reflecting on the fact that when he messes things up, other people are fixing things for him.

It shows him reflecting on his childish behavior and recognizing that there is an alternative. Here, Alfonso is clearly planning to own up to the situation and meet Sandra despite his lack of bikes. Contrast with his earlier consideration of standing up a date.

This shows increasing maturity.

how do alfonso and sandra meet

He sees that this is one Holt Elements of Literature - Grade 8 girl, possibly of many. This shows a mature, realistic view of relationships.

What is four conflicts of broken chain by Gary soto

Once students have completed the evidence chart, they should look back at the writing prompt in order to remind themselves what kind of response they are writing i. From here, students should develop a specific thesis statement. This could be done independently, with a partner, small group, or the entire class. Consider directing students to the following sites to learn more about thesis statements: Students compose a rough draft.

With regard to grade level and student ability, teachers should decide how much scaffolding they will provide during this process i.

how do alfonso and sandra meet

Students complete final draft. Throughout his journey, Alfonso is placed in situations in which he must rise to the occasion to fix his own messes. In these struggles, Alfonso learns what it is that separates men from boys and enters his own journey into budding adulthood. At the opening of the story, the reader is introduced to a character who, like a typical teenager, is trying to negotiate where he fits in the world.

Alfonso does not like how crooked his teeth are, so he emulates the pictures that he sees in magazines, and is deeply obsessed with perfection. Alfonso is even concerned with the appearance of his bike. Alfonso is placed in situations in which he can react as a child by avoidance, placing blame, or looking to others to fix his problems.

When Alfonso can rationally respond to difficult situations by looking for solutions and owning up to his mistakes, we begin to see his change from adolescent to adult. However, when that someday comes and Alfonso is faced with the reality of owning up to his lack of bicycles or standing Sandra up, he knows that he must face Sandra and shows up to the date he has agreed to.

This decision does not come without obstacles. Even up to the moment when he faces Sandra directly, he still considers blaming his brother for his misfortune. He accepts responsibility without trying to blame anyone else and he finds that it is well received. Gary Soto uses seemingly small events in order to showcase issues in teenagers developing their identities. First, decide on a location for the journey. Use something you know, such a restaurant, a hike, or a baseball field or game.

Preparation at Base Camp: The base camp of Mount Everest can be compared to the opening in the story when Alfonso is obsessed with his looks and making what he feels are necessary preparations to enter his journey into adulthood.

how do alfonso and sandra meet

Alfonso begins by examining examples of males to decide how he will best become a man. This is similar to how someone prepares for Mount Everest.

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Research is done to make sure that the climber understands the risks and enters the journey with the necessary tools and training to be successful. When instructed to do so, all group members should lean toward one another and begin discussing their answer choices.

When all are satisfied with only one answer, stop discussion and lean back. Alfonso is ashamed that his teeth are crooked. Alfonso plans to ride bikes with Sandra. Ernie gets angry about Sandra because he thinks she is the girl who stood him up, and he is jealous of Alfonso. Alfonso finally gets a bike because Ernie lends him his bike. I know how it feels to want something really badly because I really wanted to make the basketball team.

OR Alfonso reminds me of my cousin. Explain how Alfonso feels about not having a bike for his date. Give details from the story that show his feelings.

“Broken Chain,” Alfonso, a seventh grader

Which of the following conflicts is internal and which are external: Alfonso hates how he looks. Ernie will not lend his bike to Alfonso. Which of the four conflicts, do you think, is his greatest challenge?

how do alfonso and sandra meet

Identify one of the problems that Alfonso has in the story. Who are the characters? Look for names of characters. How are they described?

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