How did selena and chris perez meet

Chris Perez on his book 'To Selena, With Love' - CNN

how did selena and chris perez meet

Selena's first love and husband Chris Perez took to Instagram to pay "We MUST be thankful for the ones that we meet along the way that. Both Selena and Chris married at a young age after eloping on April 2, Here are 14 times the Queen of Tejano gushed about her amor, Chris Perez. We were friends, then we fell in love, and now we're married. . VIDEO] · Meet The Dream Team Behind Chyno Miranda's Success As A Solo Artist. Why Selena's Dad Initially Didn't Approve of Her Romance With Chris Perez. It's been over two decades since Selena Quintanilla tragically died, but her family and husband Chris Perez have worked hard to keep her memory alive. Selena and Chris had been married for three years when.

It was only natural, especially since she started performing at such a young age. In fact, her father took her out of school when she was in the eighth grade to begin her career. She later received her GED when she was Hide Caption 1 of 5 Photos: To Selena, with love — Selena and her husband Chris onstage with his "Selena" guitar. Selena covered her mouth and her eyes went wide. She was all smiles and totally tripping.

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Hide Caption 2 of 5 Photos: To Selena, with love — Selena and her husband Chris after one year of marriage. I was making music, Selena and I were married and still madly in love, and the band was posed to enter the international market.

how did selena and chris perez meet

To Selena, with love — Selena and her husband Chris at a wedding. We loved her in return—her family, her friends, her fans, and me, her husband, who felt like the luckiest man alive every time Selena said my name.

how did selena and chris perez meet

Hide Caption 5 of 5 CNN: Why did you decide to write this book? I thought enough time had passed. I was comfortable putting some of the stories and the memories that I had of Selena to paper. I had communicated with Selena's fans on Facebook and the Internet and that had an impact on me and made me start thinking about it.

Chris Perez Remembers Selena Quintanilla on 23-Year Death Anniversary

Having done book signings and promoting the book the response has been incredible. Because I've been quiet for so long, the book shines a different light on Selena and the fans have been very grateful for that. She was everywhere after she passed away, she was all over the TV and then there was the trial but the memories I had were my own.

I was very protective of those. With this book I was able to show her in a different light, the woman off the stage.

how did selena and chris perez meet

She was full of energy. She was only 23 when it all happened and not only did she have two boutiques up and running but was designing clothes as well as doing the whole entertainment thing. She was looking to open up more boutiques and starting a perfume line.

how did selena and chris perez meet

She had so much ambition and the message she would give to the kids about how important education was and to stay off drugs. I mean that was the real deal. That wasn't somebody just talking the talk. You write of how unhappy her father was when he discovered you two were a couple. I think the main reason for that was it kind of hurt his pride and his ego to find out that he was the last to know and when things got tense and things were said by him, it hurt me that he was saying it but I didn't let it get to me because I knew deep down he knew the kind of person I was.

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What was the worst thing he said? The worst thing he said to me was that I was like a cancer to his family. His family knew about us being together and was supportive; when he said that it was like, 'C'mon! You guys had a rough patch in the marriage and even talked about divorce. I think what it boiled down to is that we were young.

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We were married and together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We had to learn how to handle that and that was both of us. It's not like she brought up the idea and I was fighting it because honestly I was right there with her.

We communicated with each other and when that came out on the table it wasn't like I hadn't thought of it myself. Selena wanted to get married that day, but Chris argued it wasn't the right thing to do at the moment.

Selena insisted her father would never accept their relationship, and would not attend any wedding they planned. Abraham did not take the news well, and alienated himself for a time.

how did selena and chris perez meet

Chris was ending the recording session several hours later when Selena asked to record Dominguez' demo. After Selena, remarriage and fatherhood[ edit ] Main article: They held a meeting in early March where it was rumored they had a sexual relationship, with Saldivar denying she had anything to do with fiscal discrepancies in checks that were found written in her name. Selena tried to repair her friendship with Saldivar despite her father's warnings.

She phoned Saldivar, who tried to convince Selena to return to her motel room alone. Chris insisted that it was too late, and he did not want Selena driving alone at night.

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Selena then agreed to meet with Saldivar the next morning. On March 31, Selena woke up early to meet Saldivar at the motel where she was staying. She met with Saldivar, who delayed the transfer of papers with a story about having been raped in Mexico. When they returned to the motel room, Selena ended their four-year working relationship.

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As she turned to leave, Saldivar reached into her handbag, pulled out a Taurus Model She ran to the motel lobby and collapsed to the floor. As the motel employees gathered round, she named Saldivar as her assailant. She was pronounced dead within the hour.

Family members noticed he was rapidly losing weight. John Garza introduced him to Venessa Villanueva, and after getting to know each other they became a couple in They filed for divorce in Chris' friend, John Garza moved in with him six months after Selena's death.

They began writing music, which Chris found healing. Chris wrote the song "Best I Can" to explore his feelings about losing Selena and his struggle to continue without her. Abraham approved of it. He was the antithesis of Abraham Quintanilla's "clean-cut, nice kids" in his early career as a guitarist for Selena y Los Dinos, [82] a rebellious rocker and a "long-haired tough guy".