How did konnie huq and charlie brooker meet the parents

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Blue Peter fans delighted as Konnie Huq hits the Emmys red carpet with husband Charlie Brooker Charlie Brooker is married to Konnie Huq. the rigours of reality TV? Konnie Huq talks about joining The Xtra Factor, being an adolescent pin-up and getting engaged to Charlie Brooker. A sign, to those who saw it, that perhaps there was always more to Huq than met the eye. Huq's parents moved to Britain from Bangladesh in the early s. Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker met in TAGS: Charlie BrookerKonnie Huq · Konnie Huq and husband Charlie Brooker are new parents to a little boy named Covey. We are chuffed to bits, he is absolutely gorgeous!!.

They settled in Ealing, with her father working first as an actuary for Prudential, then as a restaurateur in Soho. On an early excursion for Blue Peter she visited Bangladesh and met members of her extended family. Aged 14, in the National Youth Theatre, she'd appeared on stage with Jude Law, and at 16 started working as a presenter on a cable TV show. She was there through the opening of their s time capsule and then through the cocaine scandal of her long-time ex- boyfriend Richard Bacon.

In March she apologised to viewers after a competition on the programme was faked, saying: And in many ways it has shaped me. Men, who spent their teen sick days sweating in front of Blue Peter, contribute to the immense collection of semi-reverential blogs in her name, including links to YouTube clips where you'll find her, bikini-clad, being scrubbed down in a Moroccan hammam for Blue Peter, and compilations of her "cleavage classics".

Does she know the effect she has on these boys, with their taped episodes, their clammy pause buttons? It's like when people fancy their teacher… It's that forbidden fruit thing.

But then…" again she pulls back, tucking her words in modestly to avoid offence, "people fancy anyone in the public eye. The closest they came was when one evening she arrived at a party with her knickers visible through an unruly underskirt.

It would be a dream for the press if I was caught doing lines off a male prostitute's chest one weekend, but no. The magazine called her a "catalyst to many a burgeoning childhood sexuality" and pictured her wrapped coyly in a sheet. Huq is reluctant to talk about Bacon, who was sacked from Blue Peter after a tabloid newspaper ran pictures of him taking drugs — does she believe that the level of responsibility expected of people working in children's television might quicken their downfall?

For a second her eyes flash as though she'd like to say more, but then she looks away. I didn't have to change. In the past Blue Peter didn't even want presenters who'd had kids out of wedlock, but they've moved with the times, which is something many people don't realise because they don't really watch it.

When I ask how the coverage of her engagement to Brooker made her feel, she begins: I don't think real people are interested — just the media, just Twitter!

When gently pushed, she says: I could drive myself mental if I went on the internet. I'd probably overanalyse it anyway. There's so much media that I'd feel bombarded, so I don't pay it much attention. Plus, people in the public eye are all egomaniacs anyway. I must be, too, though I like to think when I started on Blue Peter things were different. It waswhich predated rolling news, social network sites, celeb mags — I started in an era when you didn't have to be so self-obsessed.

She mentions Davina McCall as a female presenter she admires, and you can imagine her confidently anchoring a more serious show, if not Newsnight, then perhaps its Xtra Factor equivalent. Does it help to be clever in her job? I basically think you should just make the best programme you can. Kim Tortoise Nick Clegg? The questioner's definition of success is rather unusual there.

There's clearly only one thing they're after No, I think there are clearly lots of lonely, downtrodden people on TV. How about anyone rejected on a talent contest? Or no, the questioner themselves, actually — their own reflection.

If they get close enough to the screen, they can see themseleves staring back at themselves. That'll do the job, won't it, if what they want is some kind of sadness substitute? You poke fun at David Cameron for calling himself Davebut go by "Charlie" yourself. Nicholas Procter I don't poke fun at David Cameron calling himself Dave, so whoever said that is a moron. Or actually, maybe I have. In which case I am.

I probably have, in fact.

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Because I was just joking. And because why not? I don't think I do specifically have a pop at him for calling himself Dave, though. Maybe they're thinking of someone else.

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What literary work has influenced you the most? Jack Marley I don't know really. I used to read a lot of comedy books when I was younger, all the sort of Monty Python books, probably a lot of the things like that. And Vizweirdly. That's a pretty pathetic answer, isn't it?

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What advice would you give to your year-old self? It would probably be career advice. Because I sort of didn't. And I sort of drifted around for ages. If you look back now I suppose it looks like I had a career plan. Which I absolutely didn't. Like you, I'm a morbid, cynical arse.

how did konnie huq and charlie brooker meet the parents

Also like you, I'm a husband and father — how does Konnie [Huq] cope with your morbid, cynical arsieness? Michael Lindley She just sort of ignores it. The thing is we're quite different. People get surprised that we're two different people, but they clearly haven't read much of my stuff because if they had they'd know I didn't really like me.

Why would I want to be with another me? So yeah, she's quite good at ignoring all that. Although having said that, she's also a lot more cynical than people would expect.

Channel 4 As a well documented emetophobe and with such an equally well-established dislike of poo-poo, how are you dealing with fatherhood. Like buttermilk or something. You could pretty much eat it. Well, maybe not eat it, but if you were eating next to it you wouldn't feel too sick.

And he's hardly ever sick. And you know, they're like an extension of you. So the instinct to recoil just isn't the same. Can you name your top five musical acts? One being your all-time favourite. Jon Fell My answer is no I can't. I can't rank anything. I mean how could anyone possibly say what their favourite piece of music is? I don't have the ability or the desire to categorise things of that nature. That's a really twatty answer but it's true, and I suspect that this person who asked me to do that is actually the sort of person who would go to watch gladiators fighting in the Coliseum, because all they want is brutal contest.

That's all they want to see.

how did konnie huq and charlie brooker meet the parents

And I can extrapolate from that question that this is the sort of person who would watch two human beings physically harming each other until one of them dies. And I think that's utterly disgraceful. I hope they feel very, very ashamed of themselves.

Do you let the comments that appear under your articles on the Guardian website affect you at all? Phil Town Interesting one. I keep wanting to ask to have all comments turned off. I think every columnist in the country would then applaud me.

But I don't really pay much attention, to be honest, because I think you'd go mad if you did. That said, I tend to get quite an easy ride. I tend to get either "You're very funny", or "You're not nearly as funny as you used to be". It's like having a heckler. So if you were trying to draw some kind of logical conclusion from that, you'd become confused.

It's almost like people have different opinions Whereas certainly female columnists automatically get a very hard time in the comments, so by comparison I get an easy ride. I think turning on reader comments — well, I say reader comments, it's actually an incredibly tiny proportion of readers, like 0.

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I think there's a Letters page for a reason. There's plenty of room on the internet for people to say what they want, and where that isn't is tacked on the end of something somebody else has written.

What world event or technological development would prompt you to go completely offline for ever? LucyPurdon A mass power cut. Or a nuclear war, actually. Because Twitter would be really depressing after a nuclear war. All these people going "Ow", or "Ooh, it stings, ow. The number of people you'd have to unfriend because they were just No one thinks about that, do they? That'll happen in our lifetime, though, won't it, some kind of mass extinction event?

And what happens then? Does anything make you happy? Um, quite a lot of things, actually. I think a lot of the time when people go, "Oh, he's so angry, he's so angry", a lot of the time it's just actually me being tongue-in-cheek and it's just a performance, you know.

I couldn't get authentically angry about that many things. So when people go, "Ooh, he's putting it on, he's putting on his anger for money", of course I am. I mean it's cathartic, but also it's amusing.

A lot of the time I get angry to amuse myself. So yes, that makes me happy. And having a baby, that's made me happy.

Blue Peter fans delighted as Konnie Huq hits the Emmys red carpet with husband Charlie Brooker

And that enrages people, which amuses me no end and makes me even happier. Although I can understand it, which makes it even more bizarre. I'd have done exactly the same. Super Mario How did you manage to pull Konnie Huq? I'm not going to answer that.

How do they get those ships into those bottles? Chris Brock Who wants to know that? They probably email them these days. Or 3D print them. They wish them there. What are your most over-used words?

Will Craig I say "Really? In a really squeaky way. I noticed that the other day. And at one point I had to stop myself referring to pine cones in print. I was always referring to pine cones. People shitting pine cones or sitting on pine cones and stuff. Don't know where that came from.

I'm quite a fan at the moment of the weirdly dismissively bad insult.