How did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

Billie Joe Armstrong Biography

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

And how did she make a change in Billie's life? Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Armstrong's married life. Before meeting Adrienne, Billie had already dated two other women Eric and Amanda to which he couldn't make. September's been over for a few weeks now, but it seems like Billie Joe Armstrong has just woken up: In the new film Ordinary World, the Green. Married. Adrienne Nesser on July 2, Children: Joseph Marciano (March ); Billie Joe Armstrong was brought into this world on February 17, , the youngest of six children. Billie was 10 when he met Mike Dirnt in the school cafeteria in They did all this with little money and staying at fans' houses.

The making of American Idiotas Adrienne claimed in the VH1 documentary Driven, "took [their] relationship further than [she] would've liked.

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

Speaking of her early experiences with creating clothes in a June interview, she commented, "I would bring home bags of clothes and cut them up. I wrecked so many cool clothes trying to make stuff.

When asked about the importance of fashion in the punk scene, Adrienne commented, "I don't really think fashion is that important.

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

There are definitely people out there who think it's all about what you wear, from the predictable punk dress code to the high-end designer labels. I don't like labels in general, they're too confining. I like being at a shitty punk show as much as fancy award shows and I don't dress up to fit in. I just wear what I like, regardless of where I am at or what I am going to do. The line is largely influenced by the Armstrongs' passion for individual style, and is a collaborative effort between the couple.

Adrienne describes Billie Joe as being "more of an idea man", in the process saying that she is "the follow-through" in the duo.

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

Adrienne works on the women's and children's accessory lines, but also plays a part in the men's line. The line can be bought through several stores across the United States, and online through several websites, with a percentage of the quarterly proceeds going to charities.

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The Adeline Street web-store also comprises a "Take Action" resource, encouraging visitors to become involved in social and environmental causes. Environmental activism and Atomic Garden[ edit ] In Aprilthe Armstrong family volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity development project, working in New Orleans for three days. She composed a video to help raise awareness of the everyday things people can do to protect the natural environment.

Kirsch left the group inand was replaced by Jason White. The group has released several extended plays and albums from to the present, and performs live shows on an intermittent basis.

Billie Joe Armstrong

Armstrong collaborated with many artists. He co-wrote The Go-Go's song " Unforgiven ". Armstrong produced an album for The Riverdales. He was part of the Green Day side project The Network from to The Network released one album, 's Money Money Hoping to clear his head and develop new ideas for songs, Armstrong traveled to New York City alone for a few weeks inrenting a small apartment in the East Village of Manhattan.

Armstrong appeared in American Idiot in the role of St. Jimmy for two stints in late [21] [22] and early Frontman Paul Westerberg had been suffering with back problems and spent the majority of the gig lying on a sofa while Armstrong helped play his parts. Westerberg referred to Billie Joe as an "expansion of the band". It was Armstrong's first lead acting role. The film centers on the mid-life crisis of a husband and father who attempts to revisit his punk past, and was released in It included new songs written and performed by Armstrong.

Field of the band Prima Donna on lead guitar and drums, respectively, and longtime Green Day live member Jeff Matika on bass.


He received his first electric guitar, a Fernandes Stratocaster that he named "Blue," when he was ten years old. His mother got "Blue" from George Colewho taught Armstrong electric guitar for 10 years. Armstrong says in a MTV interview, "Basically, it wasn't like guitar lessons because I never really learned how to read music. So he just taught me how to put my hands on the thing.

After the Seymour Duncan was filled with mud and ruined in NovemberArmstrong reinstalled the original Bill Lawrence pickup before recording Insomniac inand used it for a long time after that, although he has since switched to a black Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB.

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He prized it mostly, however, because of his relationship with Cole, another father figure after the death of Andy. Twenty of his Gibson guitars are Les Paul Junior models from the mid- to lates. Recently he has begun giving away guitars to audience members invited to play on stage with Green Day, usually during the songs "Knowledge" or "Longview".

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

He bought this guitar in just before recording the album Warning. The first has been in production since and is modeled closely after "Floyd", Armstrong's original Les Paul Junior. Both models include a Gibson "H" pickup, exclusive to Armstrong's models.

how did billie joe armstrong and his wife meet

Gibson has also released an extremely limited run of acoustic signature guitars. He plays several other instruments as well as guitar.

Adrienne Armstrong

He recorded harmonica and mandolin parts on Nimrod and Warningpiano parts on 21st Century BreakdownAmerican Idiot: Personal life Armstrong met his first serious girlfriend, Erica Paleno also known as Arica Pelinoinside the Gilman music club on his sixteenth birthday. Erica became known as the "first official Green Day fan" as she listened to the first four-track recordings by Armstrong and Sean Hughes, encouraging the band, touring with them and acting as occasional photographer for the band.

Shortly after his split with Erica, Armstrong met a woman he has identified only as "Amanda" at Gilman Street, and they began dating. Amanda produced and distributed her own fan zine and was an iron-willed feminist, which enthralled Armstrong. Armstrong stated in an interview with Spin about the inspiration behind the Insomniac song "Armitage Shanks" in I was like man do I really want to do this?

A lot of time I was thinking about suicide, how it's so easy to kill yourself, but it's so hard to stay alive.