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gumpert 1 17 16 meet and greet

bonnier-international-fellows-program/student-blog//greetings-from- singapore/ //last-meeting-of-the-year-for-coca-cola/ T 00+ . -retail-track/retail-club-activities//studenter-i-arskursbesokte- axfood/ /department-of-economics//seminar-in-economics-with-anna- gumpert/. Dwayne Gathers '80, who met Jack at the Padres baseball game earlier this summer, Photo (L to R): Matthew Hyde '95, Aaron Kirley '95, George Gumpert ' 95, Esty ' “After trying a few times, I finally retired from heading schools on July 1. The event was designed to be a meet and greet between Harvard students. business closure, ownership change, and failure to meet expectations. 3 Khelil, N. (), “The many faces of entrepreneurial failure: insights from an do not respond to a greeting from our colleagues this does not mean that we have Lane, ); entrepreneurship (Stevenson and Gumpert, ); the.

On Friday the 4th of July we arrived at Cuca. The Chief of the District Administration of that district came to meet us with his carriage, he greeted us and said: I would not find any work anyway, the Komitatschis however would furnish me with money and food.

It is said that preparations have been made, to start operations about 10 days from now.

gumpert 1 17 16 meet and greet

No German soldier will stay alive. I shall skip four lines after that and shall start reading from the following: On 8 July the following facts were established in the report: On 7 July at about The theme of the speeches was: The mayor reported the occurrence to them.

During the conversation two armed bandits, who had probably watched the policemen approaching, sneaked around the mayor's house and at pistol point requested both policemen to lay down their arms. The policemen reciprocated with the same request but the bandits opened fire fatally wounding both policemen. Than the bandits seized the policemen's rifles and fled into the near-by forest. During the fight the villagers hid in their houses. Police command Valjevo reports on 14 July On 11 July between 1 and 2 hours unidentified armed persons placed dynamite under the railroad tracks 1 km west of railroad station Divci and destroyed them.

gumpert 1 17 16 meet and greet

Tracks and telephone wires were repaired again. One bomb each was exploded in Banjani and Divci. That brings me to Paragraph 73, on Page The Italian liaison officer reports on 14 July About partisans, armed with machine-guns and guns are reputed to be in the area of Lebane, 20 kilometers south-west of Leskovac.

Now the last two lines at the bottom of the page: Wehrmacht transportation division reports, that during the night from 13 to 14 July all telephone and telegraph wires as well as the safety devices on the railroad line between Ripanj and Ralja were disrupted. Battalion 18 by means of incendiaries. On 14 July the Main Repair Agency reported disruptions of all telephone wires in the direction of Mladenovac.

I immediately drove with my construction detail to the indicated line to Ripanj and at hours the fault in the lines was located from both sides. Since there was no road, the distance had to be traversed on bicycles. During the night to 14 Julybetween 22 and 23 hours, an attempt was made to blow up the railway line at kilometer According to a message received from Liaison Officer Sofia, 9 Russian parachutists were landed in the Bulgarian Dobrudja on 14 July, all of whom were taken prisoner.

As the possibility of a similar action in Serbia cannot be excluded, it is recommended to watch such possible events with special care. Wehrmacht Liaison Office Belgrade reports on the 18 July In addition to what has already been communicated, the following was learned: According to precise information, the Colonel of the General Staff Dr. This staff has two radio broadcast stations, one working with Moscow, the other with London.

The staff rallies Communists and Cetniks for a revolt. On 28 July an English plane will fly over Malesa and drop instructions as to when the revolt is to be started. Jews will finance the revolt. There are spies in Belgrade who are providing the staff of the insurgents with information on German troop movements.

gumpert 1 17 16 meet and greet

I beg your pardon; I made a mistake here. It's Page 45 from which I am going to read, Paragraph c: On 20 July the village of Grin Tresnjevica, 10 km south of Topola was attacked by a band of about men; 4 Serbian gendarmes wore shot. I shall continue to read from Page Report from Novipacar, 22 July Montenegrine Communists, together with the rebel farmers are advancing and have set on fire the village of Trebinje, which is 10 km from Sjenica. Our Gendarmerie and soldiers, as well as the Citizens' Militia have withdrawn under pressure from the enemy.

gumpert 1 17 16 meet and greet

Also the village of Bari is on fire, the houses are gutted etc. Security Service Belgrade reports on 31 July According to a report which has come to hand, on 22 July 41, armed Communists attacked the village of Valjevaca Kamonica with rifles and machine guns. The fight between the Communists and the Gendarmerie took place between and o'clock in the morning. Then, it goes on to say: The files were destroyed by fire.

The magistrate was forbidden to set foot again in the Municipal Office. I shall continue to read from Page 48, Paragraph On 22 July a new case of sabotage on the system of poles of the railroad Belgrade-Semlin at about I shall skip a few lines now and continue: The view that presented itself was an awful tangle of severed wire connections.

The place of the sabotage act suggests that the perpetrator or perpetrators were definitely aware of the importance and great consequence of the lines running over these poles, because the deed has not been carried out without a plan. The Armed Force Office reports on 29 July The rails, the pillars and the iron construction were destroyed to a limited extent.

The traffic on this line will probably have to remain interrupted for a fortnight. During the same night and about at the same hour also the railroad viaduct near Mala Krsna - on the alternative line Belgrade-Nisch - was blown up by unknown perpetrators.

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On 22 July all telephone lines in the direction of Smederevo were interrupted. Last night the railroad bridge near Padej was blown up. On Page 51, Paragraph b: Zagreb Agram announces on 24 July A bomb was thrown on the railway line Zagreb-Karlovac at approximately hrs.

The explosion took place the moment when the passenger train in the direction of Karlovac passed this spot. The investigations have not resulted in any clues yet.

Then on Page Armed Forces Transportation Control H.

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Both roads are blocked. Telephone call District Command Sabac of 29 Julyhrs: On the 20 July armed men raided the municipal office in Lobecanj, and burnt all books and documents.

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They spread the rumour that the Russians would be in Serbia within 8 days. On 26 July a Communist attempt to bomb the propaganda radio station Belgrade was prevented. Yesterday, at hrs. Approximately 30 t were destroyed. Another fire broke out in petrovgrad at hrs, which destroyed approximately 20 t of grain.

The dead man has been robbed. The motorcycle and the rifle of the missing man were found in the forest. I shall continue to read from cage 55, the first paragraph: Serbian gendarmerie and armed bands.

No particulars received as yet. In Belgrade, one of the big garages of the army Motor Pool was burnt down, probably through sabotage. A number of suspects arrested. Investigations are being made. Acts of sabotage in Belgrade, also in the Petrovgrad district. In the latter, 2 members of the Wehrmacht reported killed. In the Valjevo district a motorcycle was fired at by bandits. I shall turn to page 56 towards the bottom, Armed Forces Liaison office, Belgrade reports on 28 July On 30 Julyduring the evening, a car containing the Ib quartermaster of the Inf.

The driver was shot thru the hands. Sacking of the lead-zinc mine "Suplja Stena". On 21 JulyI was informed that Komitatschi were marching towards us whose intention it was to shoot me.

I therefore fled, together with an ethnic German family, the members of which were also employed in the plant, to the police station Celebic. During the course of the day I was informed that: The Komitatschi are being led by three officers in Airforce-Artillery or Infantry uniforms.

Italian, Austrian and Yugoslav military rifles and one Yugoslav machine gun. The predominantly Pravo-Slavic workers were driven into one of the mine galleries. After that the plant was thoroughly looted, including explosives, fuel and tools. The Komitatschi gave out that the Russians were in Salonika and Belgrade, communism was on the march to conquer all Europe etc.

Report from Commander Banus Dr. On the 19 July a communist gang attacked a motor truck near Staro-Zelo occupied by a German officer and a soldier the soldier was killed, but the officer was rescued by a patrol. Oraski district, Banat, Duvanska and disarmed them under threat of being shot. On the 24 July another patrol of 4 men was attacked, and machine-gunned obviously by the same armed group, the patrol was forced to retreat. The same armed gang of 11 men appeared toward When leaving the village they threatened to set fire to the Mayor's house and to kill him.

Military Field headquarters Uzice reports on 31 July Unsuccessful police action against bandits in bands of 10 men north of Bacana. On 30 July at about The band is being pursued.

On 31 July at about Now I shall read from page 61, Teletype FK Uzice dated 2 August Two attacks on the Serbian rural police-station in Lubovica took place yesterday and the day before.

At midnight on 2 August a band of 50 to 60 men strong attacked and looted the railway-station Zablace. Hay-wagon set on fire. Railway train Kraljewo-Cacac searched by the bandits. The head of the district of Arandjelovac wires as follows: Last night, 1 Augustat about The head of the community was threatened at their departure with being hanged unless he stop his activity.

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