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Full text of "Annals of Bath County, Virginia"

Scavini, Petro: Theologia Moralis Universa Pio IX Pontifici M. Barcinone, Apud CARLIE CARLILE CARLILL CARLIN CARLINE CARLINO CARLIS CARLISE Forannen FORBES FORBESS FORBIS FORBS FORBUS FORBUSH FORCE PARE PAREDES PAREDEZ Pareds PAREJA PAREKH PARENT PARENTE . the Games, had the fastest qualifying time for the m. freestyle as he led a ix~;ively~in the [. ~ Fairvlew Parents Assn. Age Group & Open Meet-- Fair- FORBES CARLILE ON SWIMMING URSULA S A P P. Widespread families of trilobites disappeared and graptolites came close to total extinction. . To reach lower layers, miners drained water from their mines through artificial tunnels (Wikipedia and Forbes and Dijksterhus) See Sweden to Thomas Carlyle's two volume The French Revolution established.

With two designs by Dante Gabriel Rossetti London: Allingham, William [], Life and Phantasy: With frontispiece by Sir John E.

A design by Arthur H. Hughes and a song for voice and piano forte London: Allingham, William [], Irish Songs and Poems: A New Edition London: A Play in Two Acts: Four Designs for Stage Scenes by Mrs. Allingham and A Song with Music London: Allingham, William [], By The Way: Verses, Fragments, and Notes London: Longmans, Green and Co. Printed by Joseph Streater Ames, Richard [], Islington - wells; or the Threepenny Academy.

Or, The Long Vacation. By a student of Lincolns - Inn London: A satyr against Whoring. In a Letter to a Friend, just come to Town London: A Poem In two Cantos London: Considered in an accidental Conversation between two Gentlemen London: Ames, Richard [], Britannia Victrix: A Pindarick Poem London: Printed, and are to be sold by Richard Baldwin [etc.

Ames, Richard [], The Double Descent. Ames, Richard [], The Jacobite Conventicle. Being a Satyr against Hard Drinking. Printed for, and Sold by Randal Taylor [etc. To which is added A Satyrical Poem on one who had injur'd his Memory. By a Friend London: Ames, Richard [], The Folly of love.

A new satyr against woman. The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. To which is now added the Bachelors Lettany, by the same hand London: Ames, Richard [], The Rake: By the Author of Protestant Popery London: Amhurst, Nicholas [], Protestant popery: In Five Cantos London: Addressed to the Right Honourable Earl Stanhope.

One of the Directors of the South - Sea Company. Amhurst, Nicholas [], Strephon's Revenge: A Satire on the Oxford Toasts. The Third Edition Corrected London: Amhurst, Nicholas [], Oculus Britanniae: An Heroi - Panegyrical poem on the University of Oxford. Illustrated with divers beautiful Similes, and useful Digressions London: Amhurst, Nicholas [], The Resurrection [?

With rules for the right judging and interpreting of scripture. In two letters to a friend. Translated from the Latin of Dr. Swift, Alexander Pope, Esq. Seriousities and Comicalities, by Peter Henning, a Dutchman. The Present War among Authors, viz. The Rival Actresses, viz. An Epistle from Signora Fna to a Lady. Written by Caleb D'Anvers London: By Alexander Anderson Dundee: George Gilfillan London; Edinburgh; Glasgow: Anderson, Alexander [], Songs of the Rail: By Alexander Anderson London; Edinburgh: Anderson, Alexander [], Ballads and Sonnets.

Edited with a Biographical Sketch, by Alexander Brown: A New Edition Glasgow; Dalbeattie: Anderson, Robert [], Poems on various subjects.

Mitchell, for the Author, And sold by W. Printed and Sold by B. Anderson, Robert [], Ballads in the Cumberland dialect, by R. Anderson, with notes and a glossary, and a biographical sketch of the author London; Edinburgh: Anderson, Robert [], The songs and ballads of Cumberland, to which are added dialect and other poems; With biographical sketches, notes, and glossary.

Edited by Sidney Gilpin London; Edinburgh: Andrewes, John [], The Anatomie of Basenesse. Edited by George Philip Krapp London: Edited by George Philip Krapp Anglo - Saxon Poetry [], Beowulf and Judith: Anster, John [], Ode to fancy; with other poems. By John Martin Anster Dublin: Printed by Richard Milliken [etc. Anster, John [], Poems. With some Translations from the German. By John Anster Edinburgh; London: Anster, John [], Xeniola. By John Anster Dublin; London: Anstey, Christopher [], Ode on an evening view of the crescent at Bath.

Inscribed to the Rev. Sir Peter Rivers Gay [etc. Printed for the author and sold by J. Anstey, Christopher [], The Priest Dissected: A Poem, Addressed to the Rev. By the author of the New Bath Guide. The Second Edition Bath: Hazard; And sold by Dodsley Addressed to servant maids Bath: Davies, sucessors to Mr.

A poetical epistle Bath; London: Anton, Robert [], The philosophers satyrs, written by M. Armin, Robert [], Qvips vpon qvestions, or, A Clownes conceite on occasion offered. Clapt vp by a Clowne of the towne in this last restraint, hauing litle else to doe, to make a litle vse of his fickle Muse, and carelesse of carping.

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By Clunnyco de Curtanio Snuffe London: White for William Ferbrand [etc. By Robert Armin London: Armstrong, John [], A Day: An Epistle to John Wilkes London: In Two Volumes London: Armstrong, John [], The oeconomy of love: Arnold, Cornelius [], Poems on Several Occasions.

Arnold, Matthew [], Alaric at Rome. Arnold, Sir Edwin [], Poems: By Edwin Arnold Oxford: Arnold, Sir Edwin [], Griselda: By Edwin Arnold London: Arnold, Sir Edwin [], Poems.

With a preface written for this edition by the author Boston: With Some Collected Poems: Arnold, Sir Edwin [], Lotus and Jewel: Arnold, Sir Edwin [], Poems national and non - oriental [with some new pieces]: Selected from the works of Sir Edwin Arnold London: By Sir Edwin Arnold London: Being Poems, Old and New: Arthington, Henry [], The Sedvction of Arthington by Hacket especiallie, with some tokens of his vnfained repentance and Submission.

Written by the said Henrie Arthington, the third person, in that wofull Tragedie [London]: Arthington, Henry [], Principall Points of holy profession, touching these three estates of Mankind. And mans weaknesse Is made manifesto: Composed in verse by H. Occasioned by Their Majesties Happy Coronation. Arwaker, Edmund [], The Vision: Playford, for Henry Playford [etc. Arwaker, Edmund [], Fons Perennis. Humbly Dedicated to the King's most Sacred Majesty.

Printed for Henry Bonwicke [etc. Printed for Randal Taylor [etc. Dedicated to Duke Schonberg. Bentley, and are to be sold by R. By Edmund Arwaker London: Arwaker, Edmund [], An Embassy from Heav'n: Printed for, and Sold by S.

Arwaker, Edmund [], The Birth - Night. Bonwicke at the Red - Lion in St. Or, Morality in Masquerade. Done into English Verse. Arwaker, Edmund [], Pia Desideria: Written in Latin by Herm. The Fourth Edition, Corrected London: Ashby, George [], George Ashby's Poems.

Whereunto are added, both in Latin and English, sundry new Epigrammes. Aske, James [], Elizabetha triumphans. Conteyning the damned practizes, that the diuelish Popes have used euer sithence her Highnesse first comming to the Crowne, by mouing her wicked and traiterous subiects to rebellion and conspiracies With a declaration of the manner how her Excellency was entertained at Tilbery in Essex: Poems by Edwin Atherstone London: By Edwin Atherstone London: Atherstone, Edwin [], Israel in Egypt: Atherstone, Edwin [], The fall of Nineveh.

A poem by Edwin Atherstone. In two volumes London: Audelay, John [], The poems of John Audelay: Edited with introduction, notes and glossary London: Austin, Alfred [], The Season: New and revised edition Being the third. Austin, Alfred [], The Golden Age: By Alfred Austin London: Austin, Alfred [], Interludes: By Alfred Austin Edinburgh; London: Austin, Alfred [], The Tower of Babel: Austin, Alfred [], Leszko The Bastard: A Tale of Polish Grief.

Austin, Alfred [], Savonarola: Austin, Alfred [], Soliloquies in Song. Austin, Alfred [], Prince Lucifer: Austin, Alfred [], Love's widowhood: Austin, Alfred [], The human tragedy by Alfred Austin: Austin, Alfred [], In Veronica's Garden: Austin, Alfred [], Victoria: Austin, Alfred [], Lamia's Winter - Quarters: With Ten Illustrations London: Austin, Alfred [], Alfred the Great: Fifth edition London; New York: Austin, Alfred [], The Door of Humility: Austin, Alfred [], Sacred and profane love and other poems: Compiled by Lemeke Avale [London]: No lesse delightfull for varietie, then tragicall in their miserie, not hurtfull to youthe, nor vnprofitable to age, but commodious to bothe.

Of Concord, Chastitie, Constancie. Printed for Iohn Teage [etc. Aylett, Robert [], Thrifts Eqvipage: Fiue Diuine and Morall Meditations, of 1. Aylett, Robert [], [David, King of Israel. Davids] Troubles Remembered London: Printed by Richard Hodgkinsonne, and are to be sold by Daniel Frere [etc. Aylett, Robert [], A vvife, not ready made, but bespoken, by Dicus the Batchelor, and made up for him by his fellow Shepheard Tityrus.

In four Pastorall Eglogues. Wherein are some things added but nothing amended London: Printed for Abel Roper [etc. Aylett, Robert [], Devotions, Viz.

Dedicated to the Ladys by Ph: Of which, many are Translations From other Languages By Philip Ayres London: Edited by Charles B. Edited by Bon Gaultier [i. Aytoun and Theodore Martin]. Aytoun, William Edmondstoune [], Bothwell: A Poem In Six Parts: By William Edmondstoune Aytoun: Third Edition, Revised Edinburgh; London: Aytoun, William Edmondstoune [], Lays of the Scottish cavaliers and other poems: By William Edmondstoune Aytoun Fourteenth edition Edinburgh; London: Bacon, Phanuel [], The Kite.

An Heroi - Comical Poem. In Three Canto's Oxford: Bacon, Phanuel [], The Oxford Sausage: By Sir Nicholas Bacon Oxford: By Philip James Bailey London: Bailey, Philip James [], Universal Hymn. Bailey, Philip James [], Festus: Longmans, Green, and Co. Bailey, Philip James [], Nottingham Castle.

An ode, historical and traditionary, by Philip James Bailey, on the opening of the castle as a permanent art museum. Bailey, Philip James [], Causa Britannica: A poem in Latin hexameters with English paraphrase in free heroic verse. Complete in One Volume London: Baker, Daniel [], Poems upon Several Occasions. By Daniel Baker London: Baker, Daniel [], The History of Job: Printed for Robert Clavel [etc.

Baker, Henry [], Original Poems: Printed for the author; and sold by J. Baker, Henry [], Medulla Poetarum Romanorum: With Translations of the same in English Verse. Baker, Henry [], The Universe. Intended to Restrain the Pride of Man.

The Second Edition London: The second voyage to Guinie, and the river of Selto, set out in the Moneth of Nouember Baldwin, William [], Introductory poem to A brefe treatise of Phisick In A uery brefe treatise, ordrely declaring the pricipal partes of phisick, that is to saye: Gathered, and sette forth by Christopher Langton [London]: Baldwin, William [], The funeralles of King Edward the sixt.

VVherin are declared the causers and causes of his death [London]: Baldwin, William [], A treatyce of Moral philosophy containing the sayinges of the wise. Wherein you maye see the worthye and pithye sayinges of ye Philosophers, Emperors, kinges, and oratours, of their liues, their aunswers, of what lignage they came of, and of what coutrey they were, whose worthy and notable preseptes, counsailes parables and semblables doth hereafter folow: First gathered and englished by Willia Baldwin, after that, twise augmented by Thomas Paulfreyman Baldwin, William [], A marvelous history intitulede, Beware the cat.

Conteynyng diuerse wounderfull and incredible matters. Very pleasant and mery to read London: Bale, John [], An answere to a papystycall exhortacyon, pretendynge to auoyde false doctryne, under that colour to maynteyne the same [Antwerp]: Millidge; And Sold by D.

Prince, of Oxford [etc. Bancroft, Thomas [], The Glvttons Feaver. VVritten by Thomas Bancroft London: Printed by Iohn Norton for William Cooke [etc. Bancroft, Thomas [], Two bookes of epigrammes, and epitaphs.

Social Science History: Time line for the history of society, science and social science

Dedicated to two top - branches of gentry: Written by Thomas Bancroft London: Okes, for Matthew Walbancke [etc. Collected and set forth by R. Bancroft, Thomas [], The Heroical Lover: Edited by Herbert G. Banim, John [], The Celt's Paradise: By John Banim London: Banim, John [], Chaunt of The Cholera. James Cochrane and Co. Imprinted by Thomas Hacket, [? Barbour, John [], The buik of Alexander: Or the buik of the most noble and valiant conquerour Alexander the Grit: Edited in four volumes, from the unique printed copy in the possession of the Earl of Dalhousie, with introductions, notes and glossary, together with the French originals Li Fuerres de Gadres and Les Voeux du Paon collated with numerous mss.: Graeme Ritchie Edinburgh; London: Barbour, John [], Barbour's Bruce: Edited by Matthew P.

Barclay, Alexander [], Here begynneth the castell of laboure [London]: Barclay, Alexander [], The shyppe of fooles [London]: Barclay, Alexander [], Here begynnyth a treatyse intitulyd the myrrour of good maners conteynynge the. And translate into englysshe at the desyre of syr Gyles Alyngton knyght by Alexander Bercley [London]: From the original edition by John Cawood: Edited with an introduction and notes by Beatrice White London: Barclay, Alexander [], The Life of St. Edited by William Nelson London: By Thomas Ingoldsby London: Edited by his Son London: Barker, Jane [], Poetical Recreations: Occasionally written by Mrs.

Barksted, William [], Mirrha the Mother of Adonis: Whereunto are added certaine Eglogs. Barksted, William [], Hiren: By William Barksted London: Printed for Roger Barnes [etc. Exprest in a Paraphrastical Transcript of Ivvenals tenth Satyre. Together with the tragicall narration of Virginias death interserted.

Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Nathanael Newbery [etc. By Evelyn Douglas London: Love's Perversity; or, Eros and Anteros. Barlas, John Evelyn [], Holy of holies: Confessions of an anarchist Chelmsford: Barlas, John Evelyn [], Phantasmagoria. Barlas, John Evelyn [], Love - Sonnets: By Evelyn Douglas Dundee: Barlow, George [], Under the dawn.

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