Flirt messenger

flirt messenger

Product description. Always stay in contact with your loved ones and your family. Send a message to each other, Send a fun and lively animations, Photo and. How to Flirt in a Messenger. Posted by Bullz-Eye Staff (05/31/ @ am). There's nothing better than live communication with a woman you're interested. How to Flirt Through Instant Messaging. So you want to flirt with a guy or gal on MSN, AIM, Facebook Chat, or any other instant messaging service and you don't .

flirt messenger

Begin by typing a friendly greeting to the other person. If you have already established that he likes you, and this isn't your first conversation, you can start off with a more intimate greeting, using a nickname you have adopted, such as "Hey, cutie. Don't just ask questions to move the conversation along.

Instead, respond genuinely and give advice if it is requested. This will show that you care about him.

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Instant Messenger | Dating Tips

Prompt him to tell you about his interests and hobbies. You can use this as a chance to compliment him as well. When he says that he really enjoys playing baseball, you can say, "I've seen you play, and you're very good at it.

For instance, if he says he likes baseball, don't say, "I bet you look hot in your jersey. Express interest in hanging out with him in a friendly way. You can use the hobby conversation to do this.

flirt messenger

For instance, if he says he loves to read, you can say, "I know of a great used bookstore nearby I can take you there sometime. Flirting over instant messenger can be difficult because every word you type can be interpreted differently.

Sarcasm may come off as angry; a joke may be taken seriously.

How to Flirt Through Instant Messaging: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

If you feel that the conversation had a good start, go to the standard questions about work, study and everyday things. This is really an interesting topic. What attracted you to it?

flirt messenger

Do not complain about your problems. On the contrary, show her that you are an interesting and energetic person.

flirt messenger

You communicate in order to be distracted from everyday life and get pleasant emotions. Nobody expects an incredible stand-up routine from you, but a little humor goes a long way. If you had a bad day, the best thing is to talk about it in a joking tone. That said, stay away from vulgar jokes. Remember that on the other side of the screen is someone you do not know. You can easily offend her with an inappropriate joke, and then, communication will cease before it ever really begins.

After you overcome the embarrassment, you can integrate stickers and emoticons into the conversation — this will give the conversation liveliness and variety.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Almost all modern messengers have such a variety of stickers that you can express almost every emotion.

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Instant Messenger

Finish the conversation first. Nothing is more intriguing than an unexpectedly interrupted conversation.

flirt messenger

You will achieve two goals at once: In this case, just gently curtail the conversation; if a person does not want to talk to you, do not impose yourself.