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flirt and flutter pop up bar

May 8, The Anti-Pop Consortium built up its reputation by tearing down rap conventions. A flutter of the microclicking sounds -- the rage in minimal techno -- opens the Whereas urban producers such as Timbaland flirt with cutting-edge But does this bar scene offer a step up the ladder, or is it just a way for. Book online with Flirt & Flutter, a Esthetician in Miramar, FL. See reviews, services, and pictures of Flirt & Flutter's work. Book Now. $and upfor minutes. The Tokyo Lash Bar was a smashing success when it opened in the trendiest neighborhood in Tokyo, catering to everyone from the well-dressed wealthy to the.

flirt and flutter pop up bar

Surprisingly enough to the group, after years of shut doors and advice that "no one's going to buy that weird shit," the record moved respectable numbers and garnered much critical praise, especially in Europe. The attention overseas resulted in a recording deal with Warp, the envelope-pushing "post-techno" British label that's home to Aphex Twin and Autechre.

Hipper Hop

That association seemed to solidify the Anti-Pop Consortium's futuristic, alternative tagline, to the point where one might wonder how much connection the group feels to the term "hip-hop" at all.

Don't get it twisted, warns Beans.

flirt and flutter pop up bar

But I can't listen to one kind of music for too long, so I go back and forth with it and other music a lot. A flutter of the microclicking sounds -- the rage in minimal techno -- opens the track "Dead in Motion," and "Bubbles" bounces with hand percussion that calls to mind the disco mixes of famous New York DJ Larry Levan.

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Whereas urban producers such as Timbaland flirt with cutting-edge electronic-music techniques at the same time they deny any direct inspiration from techno, the Anti-Pop Consortium openly admits its debt to dancier sounds.

The Anti-Pop Consortium's shows, like its albums, stray from the rap template. No samples are used onstage or in the studio: The Consortium insists that tracks built with other people's ideas limit the music's potential. The Anti-Pop Consortium is content to continue fucking with people's expectations about rap music, all the while adhering to the group's original precepts.

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We all have different things to say as individuals, and I know I want to get to the point where I can make music that's a bit more extended, that goes beyond three and five minutes, where albums are only, like, four songs long. I want to get more of my compositional side out, more arranging-oriented. Don't sleep, though -- hip-hop will always be where we're coming from. Cascade Room Main St.

flirt and flutter pop up bar

Combining sly nods to London boozers—flock wallpaper, Queen Victoria-accented lampshades, and that Keep Calm And Carry On glass panel—with chatty candlelit booths and genial good service, this room hits all the right notes. After scarfing a BBQ pork belly sandwich—the highlight of a hearty gastropub menu—beer nuts often perch at the bar to chat with Brit co-owner Nigel Springthorpe.

flirt and flutter pop up bar

But stagger upstairs and discover that all is forgiven and this legend is exactly where you left it. I recommend the DeRailer Burger with bacon and blue cheese. Pull up a chair 5 p.

flirt and flutter pop up bar

But if you roll up in Gandalf robes, no one will bat an eyelash here—especially the redhaired server with replica elf ears. With darkwood tables, medieval beams, and steampunk replica weapons adorning the walls, this sports bar for fantasy and sci-fi fans is ideal for communal Game of Thrones screenings.

The wine choice runs from one red to one white, but who needs fancy beverages when the role-playing books are out on the tables and the drunken Eye of Sauron is kicking off at the bar? Pull up a chair Sunday afternoon, when the board games take over The Whip E. Sipping a mildly floral Central City Saffron ESB, you bask in the light and chat to your buddies as another timeless afternoon—the kind where the world operates at half-speed—unfolds.

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Socked into a century-old heritage building, the Whip is the perfect comfy local: Whenever you drop by, peruse the ever-changing artwork and flirt a little with the tattooed waitstaff. Antlers and a mangy bear head wearing sunglasses stud the candlelit walls as you slowly sip a Phoenix Gold pilsner. But since this speakeasy room is hopping with good-time Main Streeters—the sociable kind, rather than the ones frowning behind MacBook Airs—you sink into the private party vibe animating my favourite cult bar.

Ridiculously hard to find from the street—its only marker is a red light bulb illuminated when open—the graffiti-covered stairwell entrance gives most first-timers second thoughts. The crowd is an effortless mix of dining seniors, blokey barflies, and lads in their 20s intent on partying; the interior inviting with a glowing hearth and red-glass candle-holders that foster an increasingly cozy ambiance as the night unwinds.