Finn and jake meet fionna cake

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finn and jake meet fionna cake

Ice King has always mentioned wanting Fiona and Cake's existence, so I've only happen with the presence of Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake. Read Chapter 2 - Fionna & Cake Meets Finn & Jake from the story Ooo & Aaa ( Adventure Time Fanfic) Book 1 by LexineMC with reads. adventuretime. Page 1 of Finn and Jake meet Fiona and Cake! ~Finn and Jake come back from a battle in the crystal kingdom ~Finn notices two girls fighting a.

But I watched an episode the other day and now an idea has popped into my head and I really want to write it.

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So, without flames or hate mail, please enjoy… Finn and Jake, meet Fionna and Cake. Jake laughed and nodded, waving one finger up and down, wiggling it absently as he did. A sudden female voice called out, "Finn! Marceline floated over and lifted her hand under her shade and she asked, "Okay, I don't wanna scare you guys or anything, but I think you might not wanna go to your tree-house tonight…" "Why?

finn and jake meet fionna cake

Jake asked, trying to clarify, "So there might be girl versions of us in our tree-house? Immediately they both jumped into action and ran as fast as they could to their tree-house.

Marceline flew after them, shouting about how it was a bad idea and that they needed to stop, but they didn't listen. Finn kicked the door open, and was immediately met with a girl in blue, wielding one of his swords.

But a cat suddenly jumped toward him, hissing loudly.

finn and jake meet fionna cake

The other sounded a lot like her, but it sounded…male Everyone turned and looked, to find Marceline floating next to a guy vampire with short messy black hair. Finn and Jake stared at him in shock. Their female doubles stared at Marceline. The male Marceline proudly put a hand on his hip and cocked his head to the side, saying smugly, "I'm Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. Then Fionna and Cake hear voices screaming their names.

Then Finn declared that they would save them from those two. Then the scene changes to outside of the Ice Kingdom with Marshal Lee and Marceline talking with each other. Marceline hears Finn's voice from a distance from where she and Marshal Lee are. Marceline decides to go investigate where the noise came from and takes Marshal Lee with her. Marceline finds Finn and talks with him to figure out what's going on. Finn notices another vampire with Marceline and asks who's with her.

Marshal Lee talks with Marceline and says "it's cool". Fionna notices Marshal Lee then asks him why he's here and Marshal Lee explains that he came here with Marceline. Telling Fionna that there is another vampire she knows she was his opposite.

Fionna meets Marceline then Marceline tells her that Marshal Lee told her that she gets pranked a lot and thinks it's funny. Telling Fionna that, she becomes angry and yells at Marshal Lee for telling Marceline about his embarrassing pranking. Then Finn tells Fionna to wait and says he has an idea. Ice Queen begins the battle with a zap of her ice powers.

Fionna is antsy to fight Ice King who seems to be ignoring her and seems to make her upset with him. Fionna, even more upset with Ice King, run toward him ready to attack, but Ice King cheats and freezes Fionna's feet. Then Ice King, of course, starts to hit on Fionna. Cake tells Marceline to use her as a weapon in her morning star mode. Marceline grabs Cake by her tail, spins her around, and then punches Ice King right in the kisser! Finn, Jake, and Marshal Lee are impressed by the girls' skills.

Cake check on Fionna to see if she's okay and then tells her to break the ice that Ice King froze her feet with. Thinking, Fionna remembered she had her sword with her. She pulls out her sword and threatens to beat up the Ice King with it with Marceline and Cake to back her up.

Finn and Jake beg Marshal Lee for help on this mission. In return Marshal Lee comes up with a plan to take down Ice Queen for good. Jake stretches into and sling shot to shoot Finn toward Ice Queen so he can kick off her tiara so Marshal Lee can catch it. Even though her tiara is off and powers down she still plans to go after Gumball. Before she leaves with Gumball in her arms, Fionna punches her face with jealousy and rage which cause Gumball to fly in the air.

Fionna catches him before he could hit the ground. Ice King is still conscious and tries to go after Bubblegum as well, but Finn comes in and keeps him away from her and she is thankful for him doing that. Ice King tries to hit on Ice Queen again by asking her if she wanted to "make-out", but she quickly refused.

Gumball introduces himself to Finn and flirts with Princess Bubblegum a little bit. Then they meet another challenge Being back, Princess Bubblegum works more on the vortex machine with Gumball helping her.

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In the meantime, Finn asks Fionna and Cake about their adventure in getting to their universe. According to Fionna, Gumball made a similar vortex machine, which was built wrong, sending them to Finn and Jake's world and had them run into a monster which is where they met. Unexpectedly, the gang runs into Lumpy Space Princess and Lumpy Space Prince complain about not "being invited to a party". On that note, Princess Bubblegum successfully finished working on the vortex machine and states that they can go home now.

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Everyone says good bye to their opposites and wishes each other luck for the future. Especially, Finn and Fionna who share a kiss Ice Queen becomes upset with him but relieved as Fionna pulled her away from him. Finn and Fionna say their last good byes, after she had left while the portal is closing, Finn hopes Fionna will remember him.

Fionna and Cake Epilogue Edit Fionna and the gang finally make it home safely.

finn and jake meet fionna cake

Prince Gumball tells Fionna that he's going to take Ice Queen to her Kingdom, then go back to the Candy Kingdom to fix the vortex machine some more and asks Fionna if she wanted to help. Fionna tells Gumball that she would love to help him fix the machine.

finn and jake meet fionna cake

Gumball is pleased and flies off on Lord Monochromicorn to take Ice Queen home. Cake buts into Fionna's love life and said, joking around, that Fionna seems to a have thing Finn. Fionna says there is nothing romantic between her and Finn, but she still wonders about him staring at a cloud that looks like Finn.

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Finn tells Jake that it's the first time he's ever met an actual human and accidently tells him that she kissed him.