Dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

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dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

Rory Banter for Companion Morphs (Alistair v1 and Leliana v5 are smexy, Wynne Morrigan Restoration Pack and The Icons Project are 2 I also highly Other than that cosmetic mods (e.g. dragon age redesigned, more. I have decided the only way to truly appreciate Dragon Age: Origins is to play the Ultimate Edition on the PC. as it gives rather interesting drop items and puts in a few more triggers for banter (which Instead of my Warden and Alistair not really having Warden identities, this mod really gave sense to .. Media Kit · Contact. Adult content. This mod contains adult content. You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish. Follow Us. Like us on Facebook · Follow us on.

It does change other brown Mabari in the game as well, but I enjoy this little mod.

Dragon Age: 31 Mods You Never Knew You Needed

War paint does not show up on the 1. This only changes the dog in your party so you can use it with the mod above to change the other hounds if you want to.

dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

Scroll down to the file you want. The war paint works for this one, but only on the NPC Mabari. This removes the special effects on weapons when you put runes in them or if they naturally have the effect because of what they do. Worked in Awakening, too. Remove Weapon FX This one removes the weird dripping light associated with activating a personal power like Berserker. This Mod replaces one of the robes with a sexier, shirtless version. Video at the bottom with the Mod in action.

This one replaces the underwear with a pants only shirtless version. This is a replacement texture for the mod which will put hair on the chests.

dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

Click to enlarge — this shows you what they will do. Now if you want to run around Ferelden full time either in your underwear or in the pants, this mod will allow you to do that. All the protection and stats of your armor remain intact, but you see only a character in their loincloth or pants as above.

dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

Fully customizable so if you want to see your ladies looking sexy but not your men or vise versa you can pick and choose who you reveal in the party. Even works with Ser Gilmore. Turn about is fair play — sexy female mage robes — you can also get a variety of sexy outfits for your female mages.

However, they will make your party drool worthy if you like to look at well dressed or partially dressed women. Here is a large selection of sexy armor and robes for both men and women. A little leg and much more.

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If the ladder bit gets on your nerves and you love the voice set, however, you may want to give this a try. Barker Breaker The Witcher comes to Ferelden. What's up with the girls and the obsession with the templars? Do men in skirts turn them on or something?

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The famous Ser Gilmore mod is also quite popular; you can add Ser Gilmore from the Cousland origin as a companion, romance him, p! As I couldn't stand the VO I quit midway, but a lot of people like it.

dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

The Dog fifth slot mod breaks the game when you get to Landsmeet for some reason. Now, onto the hilarious side Jigs, polka, Alistair and Michael Jackson, Zevran breakdancing Then there's a choice in which ALL your companions and you dance to the Thriller.

The mabari gets his own dance with the ever-favourite, "Who let the dogs out? Another allows you to kick the templar at the Calenhad docks into the lake. I think you could also kick Isolde in, and they flooooat awaaaaay. My Brosca, who was a mean tough guy I mean, really mean Game mechanics Lock bash was very helpful. It basically allows you to bash open locks, but with penalties broken items that can no longer be used and therefore 'lost'.

I also installed Skip the Fade after my 3rd playthrough and getting very frustrated with Fade Doors that kept making me hop around places. Redesigned, and More Hairstyles give you choices.

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With Pineappletree and More Hairstyles, you can get some weird-looking Wardens There is also "no helmet hack", which renders the helmets invisible. I personally liked this, as I found mage hoods a bit ridiculous. If you want to use multiple aesthetics mods, you'll definitely need CharGenMorph compiler.

dragon age origins mods alistair flirt pack

There are also mods that fixes bugs; Sigrun's quest, for instance, or Jowan's fate for mages.