Do shion and nezumi meet again headstone

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do shion and nezumi meet again headstone

Once Nezumi and Shion make it to Safu she goes on to explain . that kiss and Nezumi's promise a promise that they will meet once again. Shion comments that Nezumi's shoulders are broad and he is well-muscled, though he is able . He said yes and but did not warn her of Nezumi's presence. in a romantic sense during episode 11, promising him that they would meet again. "Nezumi." Shion sat down on the bed, and exhaled again. See, you can do it," Nezumi encouraged. . Why do I have to dig a dog's grave?.

Where can I get the No. Sadly, so far there has not been an official English translation of the No. The novels have been translated to Chinese and French incomplete in French so farso you can buy them in those languages if you can read those. As for English, there is no way as of now to legally buy them as a physical copy. If you want to support the official release and are able to afford it, you might want to consider getting the Japanese original releases!

For links to buy, please refer to the page above. Is it Shion or Sion? The difference lies in the romanization systems used to write Japanese words in Latin script. Both systems are used in Japan: The Kodansha translation of the No. Why was Nezumi translated to Rat in the official releases? He never tells Shion his real name and no-one else seems to know it or ever mentions it, so for all intents and purposes, Nezumi is really just his name.

However, it is made clear in the original text that others find it odd: Shion points out that he is going around calling himself a rat, which is what Nezumi translates to. Kodansha Japan has asked the English localizers to maintain this sense of oddness, and thus, Nezumi was translated to Rat in the official releases. Nezumi definitely has robotic mice with all kinds of capabilities, but some of his mice are real.

These are the three mice that Shion has named Hamlet, Cravat and Tsukiyo. Hamlet is the lightest of the three: He got his name after the Shakespeare play, since he loves it when Shion reads him tragedies. This trio of mice fulfills all kinds of special missions for Nezumi, including delivering notes to Karan, who rewards them with cheese bread and muffins for their efforts. Are the insects bees or wasps? Wasps seem more likely as there are indeed parasitical wasps in the real world, but the Japanese word hachi can be used for both bee and wasp.

Most of the official designs seem to lean towards wasps, though sometimes the image of a bee is used. Both bee and wasp can be argued for.

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Shion seems to assume Inukashi is a boy upon their first meeting, but has his doubts later on; we never find out one way or another for sure. As you may have guessed, this is the case for Inukashi. You are most likely looking at fanart using the novel descriptions for the characters.

Besides that there was also a lot left out but I can see why since they could not have possibly crammed everything into one 30 min episode.

Everything about the manga was beautiful. The art was great and the way the characters were set up and how they developed was done beautifully. So going back and watching the anime after reading the manga, I was disappointed. For the most part things went like they were supposed to, but then we get towards the end of the anime and it not only changes a good bit but just feels extremely rushed.

I am figuring that it feels so rushed because they had to fit everything near then end into ONE episode, which I admit would be hard. I feel like if this anime could of had a few more episodes it could have been more so enjoyable.

I suppose since the manga was in no rush there was more time and emphasis put on each of the character's development but not only that but the relationship between Shion and Nezumi.

In my personal opinion the relationship development between Nezumi and Shion AND their development as individual characters is the highlight of it all. Let me explain in more detail what I love about these. Whether it is in a romantic way or just as friends I feel these two are destined to be together in SOME way. However when reading the manga I got more of a romantic vibe from it. It was made clear many times what Shion feels for Nezumi.

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He obviously cares for him, I mean christ he has risked his life for Shion a multiple of times. Now we bring out the question, but in what way does he care for Shion?

do shion and nezumi meet again headstone

Seeing them go their own paths, that painful good bye and that kiss, that promise of reunion is what gave me so many emotions all at one.

Sadness, seeing that painful goodbye knowing that they will be apart. It made me literally cry, which is something rare for me to do from reading.

do shion and nezumi meet again headstone

A beautiful ending it was. When Shion opened up that window again. It was left up for interpretation on if Nezumi was what was on that other side All throughout the manga they became closer and their relationship developed a lot. However, that is what helped change the boys. They both helped each other develop as people.

It was very interesting to see how much Nezumi and even Shion had changed throughout their time together as they influenced each other a lot. However, we start to see a change in him as time goes on. Like I stated earlier, this is something the old Nezumi would never do.

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Not only that but we also start to see Nezumi open up a bit more to Shionwhich seemed to have been impossible to happen near the beginning. Sometimes many of us as humans struggle to find ourselves and what we want in life, and I feel like this is what Nezumi is experiencing. So thus he makes the decision to leave Shion so he can find out who HE is as a person. I just felt that not only the characters but their relationships were more well defined in the manga, while the anime just felt rushed and lackluster.

But for someone that has read the manga I would honestly say not to watch it at all. It just feels so rushed compared to the manga, especially since they tried to cram several chapters into one 30 minute episode.