Disney world character meet and greet list

Walt Disney World Character Meet-and-Greet Guide: Magic Kingdom

disney world character meet and greet list

If you have really young children this will probably be top of your character meet- and-greet list. Here your family can meet Doc McStuffins, Jake. Learn about finding Disney Characters at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. visit the parks—check the printed Guidemap for additional Character Greeting. Disney World character experiences are your chance to meet Anna and Elsa, This is one of the most charming meet-and-greets in the park.

14 Most Magical Disney World Characters to Meet

Guests can meet Mr. The princesses are always a popular meet and greet and another top list favorite for Walt Disney World character experiences. Merida from Brave can also be found at Fantasyland.

Fans of the villain, Gaston, can be awed and inspired by him at his Tavern.

disney world character meet and greet list

Here you can meet friends, such as Tigger, in a nice, shady place in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pirates and fairies are also a popular meet and greet. Guests just need faith, trust and pixie dust! Guests will enjoy this experience to infinity and beyond! Guests can also meet their favorite snowman, Olaf, in Echo Lake. Russell and his furry sidekick Dug from the movie, Up! Here guests can also meet and greet Mickey and Minnie at their exploration headquarters.

Walt Disney World Character Meet and Greets: Ultimate Guide to Characters

The Doc is in! Doc is hanging out in her stuffed animal clinic and is happy to sign autographs and take pictures. Epcot Do you want to build a snowman? The World Showcase also includes Alice in Wonderland so you can learn about her curious adventures in Wonderland. These two characters make for a great meet-and-greet because you get two lively friends in one.

disney world character meet and greet list

Many guests choose to skip this but they are doing themselves a big injustice. There you can find four very different but important characters Rafiki, Chip, Dale, and Jiminy Cricket. He was all about taking care of people and the planet. Speaking of loving the planet, you might hear people mentioning Pocahontas being here. She used to be but they moved her. I only mention it because a lot of people head there to meet her. There is never a long line-up, and to be honest you can find them all over Walt Disney World.

disney world character meet and greet list

If you miss them here, you will easily find them somewhere else. After a long vacation, Disney decided to bring him out for Earth Day week. If you happen to be visiting during this time, you can find him on the left side of the main building.

Walt Disney World Character Meet and Greets: Ultimate Guide

Rumour is he will be appearing this upcoming year as well. Always take the time to meet rare characters because you never know when Disney will bring them out again. Cretaceous Trail Something that has always amazed me about the Disney Parks is the fact they have hundreds of characters to choose from but they choose to put Donald Duck everywhere instead.

Go towards the smell of cigarette smoke, and you will find it. Besides the smell, this is actually a really nice place to meet Donald Duck.

It has a really cool backdrop for the picture. Here you will meet Russell the very dedicated and decorated Wilderness Explorer, and Dug from the movie. One line, two characters, and a line no longer than 20 minutes sounds pretty great right?

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Once you enter the park stay to the left and keep walking. If you pass Starbucks you have gone too far. He is just sort of on the side of the path. Many times I have seen only one or two families waiting during the regular season. It should be noted that on the official Disney Character map, they have him in a different location.