Classic and modern sonic meet again

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classic and modern sonic meet again

Classic and Modern Sonic instinctively tensed up. Although, they had met the alternate universe version of their number one fan Amy swiftly traveled back to Sonic's house to find the hedgehog she was looking for. After that, the Sonics discovered with the help of Modern and Classic Tails that they were . Modern Sonic, however, was sure that they would meet again. So, nice to meet y'all, my name is BIOrappers So Classic and Modern Sonic get trapped back in the White Limbo/Centre of Time just this.

Just making it clear, so where was I? Oh yes, South Island is where it all happened. I was always travelling the world especially cause I didn't have an exact home. I found a boat on some beach and said, "What the hell," and sailed out to South Island. So I find this island, this nice looking island with such vibrant colours, from the purple popping plants to the yellow spinning daisies. The oceans were mystifying and the grass alone was enough to make an interior designer cry.

I looked at this undiscovered islands and I only wandered, "What shall I name it? I looked at the first big wide field thinking, "What do I name this land, with its Green and its Hills? Then this guy comes, completely obliterates my mood by trying to turn me into a robot. This Dr Robotnik guy was totally screwing up my vibe; image yourself sitting on a mountain top overlooking the land feeling all Zen and this fat sucker rocks up and turns all the beautiful creatures on the island into robots!

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I knew I had to do what was right and stop Dr Robotnik from destroying the island and I did just that! It was awesome; I ran through the entire island freeing locals, collecting rings for some reason and I even found myself entering strange worlds temporarily to unlock Chaos Emeralds.

classic and modern sonic meet again

I found Robotnik and took down his robots, it was all too amazing! I freed the inhabitants of the island and they worshiped me as a god! They gave me rings, food and great hospitality!

Modern Sonic Meets Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces

They trusted me in protecting their land and I did just that; I was at the top of my game, I thought I actually found a place to call home… Sonic City! It took the locals a week and a half to come to the conclusion that Sonic City was a terrible name so they called it Green Hills and I was fine with that.

After a month or two I went out on another adventure and discovered West Side Island. South Island was great but I felt that if I could make a difference there I could do it anywhere. He's a fox with two tails… a yellow fox with two tails that can fly.

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And Mario says I'm weird! Then after saving that Island I found Little Planet, similar things were happening there but just there was a bit of time travel. I was actually time travelling! I found Robotnik again and took him down and freed a young maiden named Amy Rose. The inhabitants on that world called her Rosy the Rascal, I only discovered why when she beat me to holy hell with a hammer which she pulled out of thin freaking air! I'm not joking, I said one mean thing and she nearly ended my heroic career using a hammer she whipped out of god knows where!

Besides the crazy pink chick I thought my career was pretty damn successful.

Classic Sonic Generations Chapter 1: My First Adventure, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

I looked forward to my future adventures, meeting new people and finding new islands. Then I went through the biggest adventure of my life, the adventure that changed how I saw everything.

It was another time travel adventure just on Little Planet there wasn't anything to change in the future or past.

This one was truly a shock… so I returned back home to South Island to see that there were still a few robots running around.

Robotnik called these ones Badniks for some reason; I didn't really care so I just destroyed them. It was normal since I was used to fighting off badniks so this was no different, but then a robot I had never seen appeared. A gigantic black and purple monster rocked up out of nowhere and blinded me temporarily. I appeared back in Green Hills just I had time travelled to before I save the place.

I was worried that I had to do it all again, I was worried I might do something wrong in my repeat, I was worried about going through the hammer beating again.

classic and modern sonic meet again

I wound up passing through different areas I had been through in my past until I found myself fighting the Death Egg Robot. That was honestly one of my hardest battles ever, so I wasn't going to fool around like the time before.

The fanfic I created to commemmorate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog series. Read it and hope you are enjoyed despite having limited skills in writing it. But enjoy it and review also if you like! Two Super Sonics, classic and modern, are fighting the perfect Time Eater which was controlled by two Eggmen, both and classic and modern. The Sonics dealt the creature much damage that its lower arm is destroyed. Modern Eggman looks agitated of being defeated once again by the blue hedgehog.

Why don't you let me win just for once! I have enough of you always defeating me! You will never win!

classic and modern sonic meet again

I will always defeat you, even if you use a creature like that! Eggman groans of being smugged at. He then noticed that Classic Eggman, or Dr. Robotnik, remained calm and collected despite being on the verge of being defeated.

You didn't seem to complain of being defeated again.

Sonic Generations 2 Chapter 1: Beginning of Chaos, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

Robotnik presses various buttons on his pod as he smiles evilly. I was just preparing something that will eliminate this meddling hedgehogs! I wasn't instead, I am going to eliminate you two with my trump card! Prepare to be burned! After that battle, Sonic and his friends returned back to earth where they celebrated Sonic's birthday and Classic Sonic and Classic Tails returned back to their timeline. The Eggmen were trapped in White Space, which looks like they will be trapped forever.

It seems like there would be no more threat that would threaten time itself as the world was now at peace….

classic and modern sonic meet again

However, a new threat will threaten not only time but a dimension itself, by one, same creature…. Green Hill Zone Classic Sonic is running along the grassy path. He was practicing on using the Sonic Boost which he learned and he witnessed Modern Sonic boosts towards the red Chaos Emerald.

He was still learning it but he was almost close on doing it. He attempted to boost which a blue aura appeared briefly before he stumbles, trying to regain balance.

He tried to do it again but just like earlier, he failed and stumbles. On his third try, he attempted one more time.

classic and modern sonic meet again

He was almost doing since the aura appeared for a seconds before he tripped, landing on his face. He gets up, shaking his head and shaking the dust off his legs. He have been practicing for months now and it looks like he didn't seem to make progress. However, he cannot give up now. He just have to concentrate on his energy required for a boost. Running once again, he closes his eyes as he concentrate on his energy.

When he had much energy required, he boost himself. When he open his eyes, he noticed that the blue aura didn't disappear, continuing on boosting. He smirks as he boost in a speed of sound. He finally did it. He managed to master the Sonic Boost.