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Blackthorne meets Gallagher Academy by babysister reviews When Zach meets Cammie on a Cove Ops outing he is shocked to find himself beaten by. Cammie is still wondering about the kiss Zach gave her,and still NO CONTACT. Well I guess she will find out when her school does a program like the. Follow her adventures as she tries to find the answers she is most Zach and Cameron go on a date but what happens when Cammie meets old friends?.

Sometimes a little lie can spiral out of control and cause a massive mess. Sometimes lies can be forgotten over time and when they come to the light. People may just get burnt. A little white lie isn't that bad? She isn't into boys or anything. Not until she met Zach that is. He is annoying, and stupid, but god dammit Cammie can't help but fall for the dumb teenager.

Joe comes one day, with a mission that includes both Gallgher, and Blackthorne, she and her friends live at Blackthorne for the semester, to scare them out of their laziness. The girls think it will be fun, but be careful what you wish for. Green-eyed smirker comes into play, making this a trip worth remembering. And Catherine's willing to make Cammie suffer And her family as well. Story is better than the summary! When she awakes, she remembers nothing.

Desperate to solve the mystery of Summer Cammie, Liz decides to investigate - but she is interrupted in her quest by the Circle of Cavan, who will stop at nothing to keep the secrets hidden. The Girl Next Door by Junebugsm reviews Stef is in hospital, recovering from being shot when she notices a young brunette in the room next door who never smiles, never has visitors and never takes her eyes off Stef.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: And she was spooked Zach, Bex, Macey, Liz, Grant, Jonas and Nick are sent to find and kill a 'ghost' but will they follow orders or follow their hearts? And will their spy instincts be enough to save them? Other characters featured Zammie Gallagher Girls - Rated: She saw him looking at them and sighed, "Most of them were gifts from Catherine.

Do you like them? Solomon said nothing, and Cammie shrugged, "That's okay. It took me a while to appreciate them, too. However with danger following their every move, past appearances and civilians and spies thrown into the mix, one thing is for sure, drama will ensue. Chameleon, I am a legacy and I have had one main mission destroy the CoC.

I have done many things other 17 year old's haven't, high school isn't one of them. I have to go to Gallagher for my mission but it may be harder than I think. Will a certain green eyed boy get in my way or help? Better than it sounds. A New Dawn by tickgrey reviews Upon returning to school for the spring semester, Cammie finds that things are finally getting back to "normal," but when an op is blown, Cammie's life is ripped apart.

How far is she willing to go for revenge?

And how will she face the looming choices regarding her future as a spy? Of Normality and Spies by Miistical reviews Cammie has never been to Gallagher, as she was being trained by her family. This is what happens when Cammie wants to see what Gallagher, and Blackthorne, are made of, and it just so happens that all of them just 'seemingly' bump into each other.

But it's also when underneath all the CIA crap, a high school like any other is born, drama included First chapter is a little bit of an introduction. How will Cammie react to life outside of the COC?

This is set after the Gallagher and Blackthrone exchange so all girls know the boys except Cammie. Lines follow the show up until a certain point, and then it's a sweet Cooperfeld fluffy end. Faking It - Rated: Her family soon thinks that the Cammie they knew, is gone.

Set two months after united we spy. First fan fiction, please review. I do not own any names, all rights go to Ally Carter. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: But what if she returns to Gallagher with everything different.

What if Bex is pregnant with Zach's baby. What if Grant and Cammie have gotten much, much closer. What about the people that Cammie met on the outside, A special boy, Maybe?

I hope you enjoy. Just like when someone asks how you and your boyfriend met you don't tell them that he stopped you from blowing up an office building, it's not how normal couples meet,not that we're dating. But that is exactly how Zach Goode and I met. Their mom got promoted and they have to move to Roseville, Virginia. What do they get up to with their new friends? What if the Gallagher Girls went on an exchange to Blackthorne? Let's just say that the Blackthorne Boys have know idea what's coming their way.

What would you do for the one you love? Bex and Solomon and Cammie are the only ones at the mansion, or so they thought. But what happens when Cammies captured; Will she ever see Zach again? It won't be easy. House Of Madness by Spencers. Baby by zammieandmakorra reviews this has zammie and the pregnant cammie being left out out and we all know thats not too good it is actually better than my crummy summery so please give me a chance.

Love is Blind by an0therpill reviews Zach has just moved into Roseville and he has found himself falling for Cammie, however there is one small problem. She completely loathes him and is too love blind to relaise that her boyfriend, Josh, is cheating on her with everyother girl in Roseville.

But could one heart breaking experience let Cammie see who she really belongs with? Rated T for general teen things. Labeled as a good girl, innocent, tease but has a big secret. Zachary Goode is already labeled as the badass jock. Obviously he's got the attitude and cockiness like all the Goode's in his family.

Love isn't his thing but he can't describe what it is about Cammie that makes him want to know more. Zach Goode edition by acherontamovebo reviews Rich and handsome Zach Goode needs some help to win back his ex-girlfriend, but things never go as planned. T - English - Romance - Chapters: But, not really my type. Is it really Zach they're after? Let the game begin by hannahsheart reviews There is maybe a few reasons why Cammie would wake up to a loud bang at the gallgher, but when its comming from the subs?

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There is not telling what it could be. But will even the Blackthorne boys be able keep her from them? Rated T cause I'm paranoid. That's What You Get by efearthling reviews "You never mentioned a female cousin now that I think about it. It's up to Cammie to make sure that doesn't happen.

Zach, Bex, Grant, Jonas are gone leading their own lives. Will the missions bring them together or blow them apart? The stakes have grown higher for Cammie and her friends, and she knows that as long as she's alive, she's putting everyone she loves in danger. Solomon's plan to finally take down the Circle be successful Or will it lead to an even bigger disaster?

Cammie Morgan, Blackthorne Girl by Jommie Obsessed Zammie Lover reviews So, you read the title and think, 'I've seen this before, it's going to be some crappy story about how she goes to Blackthorne with Gallagher or she always went there and she falls in love with Zach'. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. You want to know why? Because when you read a story written by me, expect the unexpected. Expect OOC-ness, there always is some!

Send her only child to live with the most intolerable people on earth. I have no clue how I'll survive this summer. What could ex-popular Cammie possibly have in common with Macey, the 16 year old girl with a baby? What could popular Zach possibly have in common with rebel Nick? It's a New Year and not just for Cammie, with new faces, new crushes, broken hearts and crushed dreams, it's all kicking off in Roseville!

When they run into each other again, they instantly connect. But their friendship wasn't ruined for no reason. Things will threaten to tear them apart as they try to hold on to each other. Cammie might let the past ruin her before finally being able to let go. The ReUniting by kaitlin reviews Cammie goes on mission and mets an old friend along the way.

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Green Eyed Neighbor - no spies! Cammie dispises her new neighbor zach although he is one of Grants best friends now. Zach, Grant, and Jonas are popular and hot. Bex, Macey, and Liz come to be Cammies best friends in a flash. The Life I Live by TheChameleon8 reviews Cammie moved away the summer after sixth grade to attend a big dance academy, and also to leave behind some unwanted people.

But, what happens when she moves back? If you know my writing, you know that. Just please give it a shot! The normal sounds of tires screeching, birds singing and teenage guys whistling at girls walking by, but everything changes with two new arrivals. This small town has just been turned upside down. T - English - Chapters: Can the gang save her?

What happens when her and her friends go on the exchange with Gallagher? Will new friendships form and old ones last? Stuck by Embyr7 reviews Cammie and her friends are back for senior year, ready to have the time of their lives. Until one day at breakfast a shooting pain so strong goes to Cammie's head and makes her collapse to the floor. The COC have planted it inside her body. Bex has been missing for two months and Cammie hasn't stopped worrying.

It's been four years since Cammie has seen Zach. But when Cammie is assigned to find Bex, old fears, and loves, come back to find her!

Can she save Bex, and will she let herself fall in love? Action, romance, and drama. Reviews appreciated, my first FanFic! They don't know about the circle yet Josh will come in a little later. The girls and Zach kidnap Preston and their adventures finishing senior year. Happens after GG5 so it might contain spoilers! All Spies Learn to Lie by stephaniek reviews Cammie tries to figure out what all of her friends and her mysterious sort-of boyfriend are keeping from her.

T - English - Chapters: Hopefully I didn't disappoint!

The second generation of Gallagher Girls ready to fight for the sake of their sisterhood. T 'cause I don't know where this is goin. Blackthorne Girl by truesoul10 reviews Cammie is sent to Blackthorne Institute for Boys so the she can stop her escapades.