Blue meet and greet 2015

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blue meet and greet 2015

Meet some of the driving forces of the Blue Note and Rose Music Hall and come say hi at shows. MATT GERDING & SCOTT LESLIE Owners MIKE NOLAN. Much more than just the Blue Angels, this yearly festival and celebration of military power typically features a full airshow, Coast Guard rescue demonstrations. Reservations of this event have now closed. MTSU Tour of Nissan Stadium & Meet and Greet featuring former Blue Raider now Titans safety.

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Pour Homme: Meet and Greet with David Gandy

But, along with the only given to local radio stations some rules are given to them to follow. A great place to see if he has donated to any big charity groups is a website called www. The bidding does get high but it all goes to many great causes. It is pretty regulated.

blue meet and greet 2015

We are assuming that Kenny Camp thinks it may be better to let the radio stations and local venues deal with everything. Kenny probably gets thousands of requests and to regulate them would be almost impossible. The No Shoes Nation is a huge group of people.

blue meet and greet 2015

We actually get asked all the time if we can help someone get meet and greets. So, How did we get yet an0ther meet and greet? We have a great relationship with both our local country radio stations and they completly get our love of Kenny and his music. Connie even worked with radio and her company to help sponsor adoption fees and rescue over Love For Love City pets from the Virgin Islands, all with the help of our local shelter Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

We contacted our local country staions to get the word out so the pups could get adopted quicker once they arrived in Orlando.

blue meet and greet 2015

Michelle even made sure the story hit the local news too. He pulled a few strings and surprised us during our tailgate with meet and greets once again with Kenny. But, this time Kenny knew we were coming. When we got to the meet and greet they put us to the end of the line.

Meet & Greet | The Blue Note & Rose Blog

The familair faces from Kenny camp were so gracious and made us feel so special. He is so humble and he just simply wanted to thank us for being good stewards of the No Shoes Nation.

Our time with Kenny was amazing!

Blue - Meet and greet (Yeovil, 01.02.2014)

John and the islands we all love. We told him how much his music means to us! He even knew about our tailgate and the money everyone had raised. Kenny really spent way more time with us that day then we could have ever imagined!

Some special people made our whole expierence the best ever. Earlier in … Michelle and Connie donate every year to St.

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Jude, but that year due to the hurricanes, their annual walk in Orlando was rescheduled and we were unable to go and raise money for them. We believe in fate. I paid a visit to Sephora to see where the stage was set and to decide the fragrance I would be getting for myself.

I set the alarm before turning myself in so that I try to look good when I meet Gandy the next day.

blue meet and greet 2015

I had arrived 15 mins before the Sephora shutters were up. I noticed a few people, whom I assumed were there like me, came much earlier than me.

There were, of course, a few overzealous women who were way faster than me and started queuing before me. I counted those who were in front of me, and I was very confident that I am eligible for the session later in the day.

blue meet and greet 2015

I was over the moon when I received this card. Sorry, I just had to insert the exclamation marks I was told that I had to be at the designated area early and queue by 3. Since I had some time to burn, I did some work at a local cafe and work out some sweat at the gym. Waiting for the man of the hour The time was 3. By now, a small crowd of Gandy fans had gathered, hoping to catch a glimpse of the male supermodel. I snaked my way through to get to the VIP line, aka those who will be able to get a photo opportunity with David Gandy.

Senatus Pandemonium erupted when David Gandy made his way down to the event before he was ushered for an exclusive interview with E! I was standing in a prime spot — the interview was right in front of me! The Essex model was dressed to impress.

Many apologies for the numerous time my phone trembles when I took the video. And then God created David Gandy… and me. The photo opportunity came after the conclusion of his interview.