Bella and edward meet at a bad camp fic

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bella and edward meet at a bad camp fic

She soon meets son of wealthy business man, Edward Cullen who is interested in buying Bella,Alice,and Rosalie are spending their summer at Camp Cullen. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 8 - Words: But when Bella meets gorgeous Edward Cullen, one of the camp guides, she finds herself . This place didn't sound that bad, after all. Bella, Alice, and Rosalie leave Forks after senior year to be camp counselors. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Edward, Bella - Chapters: 13 - Words: 77, - Reviews: - Favs: How do you think we met Jasper and Emmett? It wasn't that bad to be 18 and never kissed yet. Was it.

Carlisle went on to explain what had happened. This afternoon, while having lunch at the diner, my father had noticed a flyer on the billboard. It had been seeking volunteers to be camp counselors for a week.

bella and edward meet at a bad camp fic

He'd immediately thought of the Cullens, and how much they loved camping, and how thankful I had been to him for setting up the last excursion.

Me and my stupid sentimentality - I should have known I'd end up regretting my fake enthusiasm. He'd also considered it a wonderful way to thank Carlisle and Esme - he'd be emptying their house of teenagers for week, allowing them to have some time alone. I glanced around the room, trying to determine from the surrounding expressions what our fate was, hoping my assumption was wrong - surely, we wouldn't have to actually do this, right?

Edward was sitting motionless beside me, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose again. You'll have a real roof over your head — there are cabins there, and since it's a camp for humans, all of the necessities will already be provided for, including food.

I was told they've even been under recent construction, making improvements to the camp's facilities," Carlisle said, smiling apologetically at me before turning his attention back to the rest of theteenagersin the room. This idea had him so excited I see selfless people volunteering everyday at the hospital, and yet all of you, with unlimited free time on your hands, rarely contribute to society.

I think some charity work will be good for you, and this is a great opportunity for you to do your part. Besides — if nothing else, our last disaster of a trip has made me realize more than ever that we need to be able to adapt and fit in with society if we're going to continue to live the way we do. She was still a few states away and was having trouble with her moving company, so she wouldn't even make it into town until two days before camp was scheduled to start.

She had been on the verge of having to cancel the camp at the last minute this year due to a lack of help and had been in a panic. Even with the town's help of posting flyers expressing the need for help, she'd still only received new forms from one other counselor and had hardly any help aside from that — even their maintenance man had quit the previous year when learning the camp was changing owners.

Carlisle said that it would have looked appalling to rescind our applications after practically being called heroes by the owner. He glanced pointedly back at Alice. The camp has a non-negotiable policy regarding all types of technology and such luxury items. They want the kids to forget about video games and all of those things and focus on the outdoors. That being said, you are all allocated the same size bag, and all of your items must fit in it.

You cannot take anything other than the basic necessities, period. I'll be checking your bags before you leave, so don't try to sneak something past me. What are we supposed to do - I don't know anything about kids," Emmett said loudly. All of you attend school over and over again and have been around countless humans on a daily basis for years.

I have no doubt that Jasper would fare just fine," Carlisle said, as his gaze flitted over to me. Charlie said that the camp only needed five more counselors, but as I mentioned earlier, they need additional help — Jasper will be accepting the position as this year's maintenance man and groundskeeper. You all understand the basics - that argument just doesn't cut it and you know it. And before anyone starts using the threat of the sun as a way out, Alice — begrudgingly — has checked the forecast for that week, and her assessment is consistent cloud cover.

Of course we'll check again closer to the end of the week, but given the area's usual weather, I expect it to be fine. The regular nurse that volunteers has been given the time off, which she is grateful for.

I will be taking some vacation time with the hospital for myself to allow me to be able to help out as needed. The camp offers accommodations for the on-site physician, so I'll be able to keep an eye on all of you.

I'll have extra blood bags on hand in my refrigerator in the event any of you need to feed discreetly. I had to wonder if his giant medical supply trunk would be joining him on this 'vacation. So, as you can see, this will be a family effort. He had a navy blue sweater on and gelled hair back to reveal a classically handsome face, probably in his early forties. He waved to a woman and she came over. She seemed to be in her early forties, too, and her brown eyes radiated warmth.

Now let's bring everyone outside," he said, then raised his voice so the whole chatting group could hear him, "We're ready to go to our buses, everyone. We did, though Ashley complained about having it on over her sundress, and followed the group out of the airport. Four buses waited outside, two of which were already full. Carlisle and Esme divided us into groups and sent us to the remaining buses. Ashley and I got into Bus Number Two, where two girls in their twenties or so awaited us. Please find a seat so we can leave for camp," one of them said.

Her smile was a mile wide, but not in a fake way. It was the smile of a girl who loved her job.

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We sat down and the girl continued, "Good afternoon! I'm Alice Cullen, your guide for this ride. Oh, and there's Rose, also. She looked an year or two older than Alice, and absolutely gorgeous with her cascading blonde hair and hazel eyes. She didn't look as excited and her smile wasn't as genuine as Alice's.

bella and edward meet at a bad camp fic

Now I'll give you the rules you must abide by whilst in camp, so pay close attention," she cleared her throat and spoke clearly, as if she'd said the same words a million times already. Curfew is at You are to stay at your rooms at night, no boys allowed in the girls' room and vice-versa. No illegal substances or drugs are allowed, of course, and no smoking or alcohol, either. We have male and female saunas, a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, a small beauty salon and shop, an arcade, laundry rooms, and… well… lots of trees.

Wow, this camp sounded expensive. What were my parents thinking? They love you, my mind scolded me, the least you can do is try to enjoy your time here. Okay, maybe I could try to… This place didn't sound that bad, after all.

I wanted to look out during the ride, but Ashley was sitting by the window and the little curtains were shut. So when the bus stopped and we stepped out of it, I was surprised. I'm not particularly fond of trees and moss, but I had to admit, it made the place otherworldly beautiful. It wasn't some cot in an uncivilised jungle either, it was all pavemented and primped. The main building was tall and its walls were made of almost just reflective windows, which mirrored the whole scene.

Ashley was jumping up and down beside me, embarrassing the hell out of me. I had to get away from her and her overexcitement or I'd burst.

I'm going to, uh, go… somewhere. The people from the other buses were also out, some getting their suitcases and other gathered round the guides for the room directions.

I strayed away from the group, nearing the main building, and heard the soothing sound of water cascading on itself. I walked round the building to where the sound seemed to be coming from and found there was an actual cascade behind it, which fell into a small pond.

I picked up my duffle bag, and headed quickly towards my friends. We were about to send a search party! I just ran into someone while I was walking, and we introduced ourselves and stuff.

I'll let it slide this time, but I will find out soon. I have my ways. Welcome to the Dance Camp Info Booth. If you could just fill out this quick and easy form, you'll be all set and headed to your cabin.

We gave it back to her. You guys are all of my campers! We are in Cabin 8, and we will be paired up with Cabin 14 with Camp Activities.

Let's see who we are paired up with.

Mary Alice Brandon and Jasper Whitlock. Rosalie Hale and Emmett McCarthy. This will be so much fun! Maybe this won't be so bad after all. But I guess I never really doubted this trip. We all went to our cabin which seemed to take forever! When we finally reached it Becca said, "Okay this is one of our best cabins in the whole Campus.