Barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

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barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

"Glee" cast, Herbie Hancock, Barry Manilow, and Donna Summer among artists to . MusiCares Person of the Year honoree Barbra Streisand . New auction series features signed music memorabilia and meet-and-greet experiences. Lea Michele Hangs with Idol Barbra Streisand at DGA Awards!: . Barbra Streisand Barbra Streisand, The Voice, Singer, Hollywood Celebrities, Actors, Hello. 'I'm afraid one day I'll forget his voice': Lea Michele leads emotional . Glee tribute honouring late star Cory Monteith .. 'I have hated you since the day I met you. .. in the crowd at Sandringham Among hundreds who went to greet Royals .. mom Joan joins as Barbra Streisand She's a fan of the pop idols.

Paul McCartneyThe former Beatles member has supported more than 40 charities in his career, spanning issues such as disaster relief, animal rights, hunger, and more.

In he headlined the Concert for Sandy Relief, another benefit concert hosted by the Robin Hood Foundation. Neil YoungYoung has a long history of giving back, including co-founding Farm Aid and participating in the organization's annual concert series to raise funds for family farms in the U.

Aretha FranklinFranklin contributes regularly to the United Negro College Fund and was the first woman to receive their Award of Excellence in To honor the literature and legacy of Henry David Thoreau, Henley also founded the Walden Woods Project inand established the Caddo Lake Institute in to fund and promote the vast wetland areas of East Texas.

James TaylorTaylor performed at No Nukes, the anti-nuclear power benefit concert in He has donated proceeds from his ticket sales to causes such as the Berkshire Natural Resources Council, which works toward land conservation and environmental advocacy.

barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

Brian WilsonWilson's philanthropic efforts have focused on the Carl Wilson Foundation to help fund cancer research, founded in on behalf of his late brother Carl, who was also a member of the Beach Boys.

He also partnered with the Campaign to Change Direction inwhich promotes mental health awareness. StingOver the years, Sting has been a passionate supporter of Amnesty International, which advocates for human rights worldwide. In he and wife Trudie Styler started the Rainforest Foundation International to promote global awareness of the need to conserve tropical rain forests and to support forests' indigenous peoples.

barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

BonoU2 's Bono is a co-founder of the global campaign and advocacy organization ONEwhich takes action to end extreme poverty by lobbying world leaders. For example, in he helped lobby for overseas aid to Africa, which resulted in a promise from former President George W. Day a national holiday, which former President Ronald Reagan signed into law in He provides toys for children and families in need with his annual House Full of Toys benefit concert.

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Kingamong others. He founded the Little Dreams Foundation in with his now ex-wife Orianne to support young talents in both the arts and sports.

He is also an advocate for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He and his wife, Susan Benedetto, expanded on this initiative by founding Exploring the Arts inwhich works to provide an arts education to students in New York and Los Angeles.

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Gloria EstefanEstefan established the Gloria Estefan Foundation inwhich promotes health, education and cultural development.

Each year the foundation also donates to no-kill shelters throughout the U. Sue Sylvester finds out about this, and manipulating Principal Figginsgets Sandy Ryerson rehired as the head of the arts department, which allows him to run the school musical, Cabaret.

Sue has Sandy give Rachel the lead. With Will still refusing to give her the lead, Rachel quits Glee to join the musical. Sandy spends all his time insulting Rachel's talent, claiming that he could do better. Meanwhile, Will has gotten a ring-in to replace Rachel, April Rhodeswho was an old high school classmate and crush of Will's youth.

Although talented, April is very irresponsible, teaching the Glee kids to drink and act up. April, a typical cougar, voices a sexual interest in the much younger Finn to Rachel, which infuriates her. Finn meanwhile attempts to get Rachel back in Glee, partly because of her talent and also because he misses her. This leads to their second kiss, which hurts Rachel when she realizes that Finn was manipulating her because he needs her help to win a scholarship in music, so that he has a future for himself and Quinn, who is pregnant with supposedly their baby.

In the end, however, Rachel is unable to stand Sandy's directing and truly misses the group, so she returns to Glee Club.

barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

Rachel and Finn are at odds when Rachel discovers that during the mash-up competition between the boys and girls, the boys took performance enhancing pseudoephedrine given to them by Terri Del Monico to energize them.

Afterwards, both Finn and Rachel agree they were wrong to take the drugs, and come clean to Will. This however causes a massive backlash, getting Terri fired as the school nurse, and gaining Glee a co-director: Sue Sylvester, who has no talent in showbiz and openly wants to destroy Glee Club. Throwdown Sue's control as co-director causes immediate trouble, as Sue splits the kids up, taking all the minority students, leaving only Rachel along with Finn and Quinn, because she claims Will thinks of them as lesser students.

Meanwhile, Rachel, upon discovering Quinn's pregnancy, does what she can to keep the truth of the pregnancy hidden from school reporter Jacob Ben Israelwho has a massive crush on her. She offers her white granny panties in exchange for his silence.

barbra streisand and lea michele meet greet

Although Finn is touched, Quinn demands that Rachel stay away from Finn. Undeterred, Rachel warns Quinn that Sue will not side with her when the news of her pregnancy finally come out, and that she and the rest of the Glee Club will be there for her. Rachel is proven right when Sue reveals that she is aware of the pregnancy and throws Quinn out of the Cheerios. Mash-Up Rachel and Puck getting slushied.

Rachel begins a short-lived relationship with former foe Noah Puckerman who, after being convinced by his mom to find a nice Jewish girl, begins to pursue her romantically. Rachel is touched by his sudden kind nature and a night of making out.

Puck begins to feel that dating Rachel is killing his reputation in school, but that he now understands how bad it can be for people like her. Unfortunately, Puck, unable to live his life like that, decides to return to the football team rather than be a social outsider. However, when Ken Tanaka makes the football players choose between the team and Glee, Puck returns to the club. Rachel is again touched, but quickly realizes that Puck is in love with Quinn and that she is still in love with Finn.

They end their relationship, and when Rachel attempts an offer at friendship, Puck rejects her offer. Kurt, who loves the song, challenges the decision, and Will agrees to let them compete in a Diva-Off, promising that the winner would sing the solo at Sectionals.


Rachel protests, because she knows that the other kids will select Kurt because they like him more. Kurt however asks the kids to be fair in their selection, "despite him being more popular and a better dresser.

Ballad Rachel sings "Endless Love" with Mr.

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Upon singing a duet of Endless Love with Will in front of the glee club, Rachel's romantic interests shift from Finn to Will. Rachel begins to behave obsessively and inappropriately around Will, leading to Terri taking advantage of the situation by manipulating her into cooking dinner for her and Will and performing general cleaning duties in Will's house. Will makes many attempts to get her to stop, but it is not until she is approached by Suzy Pepperanother girl who once had a crush on Will, that Rachel realizes how inappropriately she had been behaving.