Amba where rhythm and gravity meet

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amba where rhythm and gravity meet

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My father was a musician and a teacher before becoming a diplomat and his legacy across various art forms and disciplines has had a huge impact on me. My musical and artistic education began with him - I learnt very much with my father about all kinds of things, but not so many of each thing. He grew up in Africa, he lived there, and he had very good knowledge of music in general — he knew a little bit about a lot of things.

So I would discover everything with him, from African music to European classical music. Later, meeting people myself and through my work, I could get more experience and discover more about specific kinds of music. As the daughter of a diplomat, you travelled a lot growing up and speak and sing in several different languages. How has that cross-cultural background affected you and your music?

Where do you see home now? Home is certainly Mali. It has always been my base. When I finished High School I stopped making music and went to University in Brussels to study Anthropology, Journalism and Musicbut then I realised something was missing and that my musical skill was something that I wanted to take advantage of. This was the first time I had disagreed with my father, who felt Africa needed more intellectuals than musicians.

He had given up music to provide me with access to this different kind of life. I realised that the life and career that I wanted was only possible in Mali.

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I had enough context to understand the way in which Africa is depicted to the world. The value of life should not need to be tied to money. In Africa people may have less money but there is value in finding joy in the everyday. There is a different philosophy, a different way of seeing life in Africa.

A number of Spanish words have been included. They are in general use among Visayans, and are therefore Visayan as much as many words of latin derivation are English. Horses were introduced into the Philippines by the Spaniards. The word kindergarten belongs in both the English and German languages.

amba where rhythm and gravity meet

Some words which we do not recognize have been included. Since material was gathered in different Provinces, they may be words from some dialect. If errors, they can be removed iln a later edition, should there be demand for one. The nucleus for this work was a two thousand word list gotten together by Rev.

amba where rhythm and gravity meet

How early you are! Akiat sa pag Away, v. Aligi, fat part of a crab.

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The Lord's prayer, Our Father. P ma ano what? We work for what we eat. How do you do?

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