Alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

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alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman, Theodore blushes while In The Chipmunk Adventure, Eleanor kisses one of the Theodore dolls right after she. Watch Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman cartoon online | Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman. KissCartoon - Watch cartoon Online, Watch. Watch Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman Episode Full Online - Alvin And The.

Plot[ edit ] The movie begins with Alvin having nightmares of meeting the Wolfmanleading to him wake up screaming in fear. Simon and Dave conclude that Alvin's been watching too many horror films at night.

Alvin says that it is because their new neighbor, Lawrence Talbot, creeps him out and speculates that he is hiding something.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

Theodore is having trouble with Nathan, a bully, and will not go to the principal, who plans to retire due to Alvin's daily mishaps, for help. However, Alvin sticks up for him. When yet another accident caused by Alvin when mixing unknown chemicals result in a huge explosion and mess of the school auditorium, along with Dave getting a call from Miss Miller about the Chipettes being scared silly after being spooked by something while walking home with the Chipmunks one night, Principal Milliken and Dave decide that Alvin be pulled out of his role as Mr.

Hyde, with Dave confiscating all of Alvin's monster paraphernalia. To boost his self-esteem, they decide to have Theodore replace the role. Meanwhile, Alvin and Simon are out in search of proof of werewolves Munks on a Mission.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

Meanwhile, no one believes that Theodore is scary enough to play the role of Mr. However, that all changes after he gets bit by a large dog later finding out it was a werewolf on his way home after giving a necklace as a gift to Eleanor, whom he is harboring a secret crush on.

The next day at the rehearsal, Theodore does an extremely terrifying impression of Mr. Despite this triumph, Theodore's personality continues to drastically change, becoming more vicious and mean. With their brother now a werewolf, Alvin and Simon search for a way to help Theodore and save the school play without Dave finding out the truth Monster Out in You.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

Despite their best efforts, they find no solution. In OverlookedSimon reveals that Alvin has a huge crush on Brittany, though he may have just said that to catch Alvin's attention. In Snow WrongBrittany sings with Alvin while holding hands on stage.

Werewolves Roam Among Us: Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (2000)

In SistersBrittany even if it was for her own selfish purposewent to Alvin for help instead of Simon or Theodore. In Experiment in Errorafter an explosion in Simon's lab, she tricks Alvin into thinking he's turned her into a zombie so he'll feel guilty and take her to the ball after all. In Island Feverwhen Alvin tries to comfort Brittany while she is depressed, she says she wouldn't want to be trapped with anyone else except for Jeanette and Eleanor.

Brittany sings " Stand By Your Man ," with a little help from Tammy Wynette, in which she admits she loves Alvin despite his bad habits. In DreamlightingBrittany was preparing to see a romantic detective movie with Alvin because they supposed to be having an actual date together. When Alvin calls Brittany to tell her he'll come after basketball practice, Brittany asks him what's more important, her or practice? Brittany also calls Alvin "darling" at the beginning of the episode.

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

Brittany has a picture of Alvin in her room. In Big DreamsAlvin and Brittany are married and have two twin boys. In Alvie's AngelsBrittany flirts with Alvie Alvin about seeing what he looks like after she and the Chipettes become knocked out by a jewel thief at the mall and dream they are Alvie's Angels spoof of Charlie's Angels.

After they wake up and are on their way back home, they pass by Alvin who asks if he missed anything, Brittany replies "See you later Alvie" causing the other girls and herself to start giggling and Alvin to become very confused. In RobomunkBrittany kisses Alvin after she restores her partner Alvin and brings him back to life.

In The Chipmunk AdventureBrittany joins Alvin in a spear when they find out about the truth of the race. But, guys, remember what Ian said? We can't trust them.

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The Squeakquel, Ian lies about Alvin, and Brittany becomes really disappointed and appalled, showing she was interested in only meeting Alvin. The Squeakquel, Brittany can be seen sitting right behind Alvin on the motorcycle holding onto him tightly.

The Squeakquel, near the end of the movie, Brittany and Alvin dance together and then smile at each other happily. ChipwreckedBrittany tries to comfort Alvin after he doubts Dave will rescue them after he has driven him insane for a few years.

Chipwrecked, when Brittany tries to comfort Alvin, she has a pink mark on her cheeks which signifies that she is blushing. Chipwrecked, Brittany paused and smiled at Alvin when he called her smart. The Road Chipshe and Alvin danced together on a party. In Going Greenshe and Alvin hold hands, after which they are embarrassed.

In Kiss ConspiracyBrittany accidentally kisses Alvin on the lips. In Albrittinain quiz, Brittany's mystic mate was described as mischievous, extremely cool, part of the singing group and his name starts with a letter A.

This description shows that Brittany will most likely end up with Alvin in the future. In Double TroubleBrittany shows affection for Alvin's clone. Chipwrecked, while they are oil-skating on the deck, Theodore grasps Eleanor's paws and they spin each other around.

Chipwrecked, after Eleanor falls off the zip line, Theodore is seen to be right by Eleanor's side, helping her up. Chipwrecked, while Eleanor sits on the sidelines watching Simone and Jeanette dance, Theodore walks over and asks her if she would like to dance with him. She accepts happily, giggling and throwing her crutches aside. In Secret Admirerwhen the Chipmunks think that Kevin has a crush on one of the Chipettes, Theodore is worried that it's Eleanor but takes it back, hinting he's nervous at the thought of Kevin taking her as his 'girlfriend'.

In Secret Admirer, the fact that Theodore has a crush on Eleanor is heavily implied throughout the episode as he showed to have interest in her, and he and his brothers followed The Chipettes around school, only to see them 'flirting' with Kevin. Even at the end of the episode The Chipmunks denied any feelings they had for The Chipettes.

In Ballet BoysTheodore likes that Eleanor saying that him wearing a skirt is awesome. In The Greatest Show-Offs on EarthRight after Eleanor steals Theodore's last peanut from his peanut bag; she smiles and hugs onto his arm, while he glares at her for eating his last peanut on him. In The Gang's All HereEleanor saves Theodore from those bullies at the roller skate rink by picking him up and skating away with him. Eleanor has a picture of Theodore in her room.

In The Chipmunk AdventureEleanor kisses one of the Theodore dolls right after she and Jeanette rescue Brittany from the shark that attacked her.

In I Love The Chipmunks Valentine Specialshe made a heart-shaped cake for Theodore with his name on it and stared at his picture dreamily talking about wanting it to be perfect. She is also Theodore's date for the dance. The SqueakquelEleanor eagerly asks, "So, when do we meet the Chipmunks?

alvin and the chipmunks meet wolfman kiss

However, when Ian lied and said that The Chipmunks cannot be trusted, she said, "But not Theodore, right? This also confirms that, even though she was eager to meet the whole group, Theodore was the only one she truly cared about. The Squeakquel, after they meet the Chipmunks, she said to Brittany, "I think Theodore was looking at me!

When Brittany reminded her and Jeanette that Ian said they couldn't trust them, Eleanor looked visibly hurt. Ortega notices Theodore is depressed and asks if Eleanor would help him wrap presents. Eleanor smiles at him, eagerly accepting to work with him.

When Theodore compliments her, she smiles at him, touched.

Theodore & Eleanor

The Squeakquel, when reunited with The Chipmunks, she walks over to hug Theodore. The Squeakquel, Eleanor says, "This is such an honor! The Squeakquel, the two of them say good night to each other at the end of the film. Chipwreckedwhile Eleanor is watching Simone and Jeanette dance in the rain, she says sadly how fun it looks as she is on crutches.