Alekh and sadhana first meet

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alekh and sadhana first meet

In the Rajvansh house, Sadhna meets Aalekh, Indrajeet and Vasu's elder son and the first child of the family, who is mentally retarded because. Tonight's episode in Star Plus' Bidaai will see Alekh and Sadhana finally Hasija) and Sadhana (Sara Khan) get intimate for the first time. Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is an Indian soap drama that aired from 9 October to 13 Meet Kohli The first few episodes portray the demise of Sadhana's mother due to her illness, and Sadhana's father being Sadhana and Alekh get separated due to a misunderstanding and Vasundhara throws Sadhana out. Later.

Kaushalya threatens the family and warns them to never return to their threshold. Sadhana works at Rajvansh house as a tutor. Ranvir Kinshuk Mahajan is one of the sons of the house who went to the United States of America to study abroad and eventually comes back.

He has a brother Alekh Angad Hasija who is mentally unstable. Alekh's mother, Vasundhara Seema Kapoor thinks that marriage can help Alekh to get better. The Sharmas suffer from major financial problems and are threatened to lose their house. Vasundhara offers Sadhana money to save their home in exchange for Sadhana and Alekh's marriage.

Later, Ragini and Ranvir get married after falling in love. Vasundhara is not happy because Ragini has a dark skin tone.

Sadhana starts growing close to Alekh, despite him being unstable. Alekh turns normal after a long period of time with Sadhana. Sadhana and Alekh get separated due to a misunderstanding and Vasundhara throws Sadhana out. Later, Sadhana and Alekh get back together. Vasundhara accepts both Sadhana and Ragini.

Sadhana and Ragini deliver their baby daughters. But Sadhana dies in a bomb blast and Alekh and the family are devastated. The show takes a 7-year leap where Ragini is shown bringing her daughter Tamanna up along with Khushi who is Sadhana's daughter. Ragini and the family commemorate Sadhana's 7th death anniversary. It is revealed that Ranvir died too, in a rock avalanche while saving his friend Anmol Apurva Agnihotri 's life.

Anmol promised Ranvir to look after his family and as a result, he lives in the Rajvansh household as Tamanna's father. After Sadhana and Ranvir's deaths, Alekh has lost his mental balance once again but eventually recovers thanks to the care of a girl named Sakshi Sulagna Panigrahi who comes close to him. The show ends with a 2-hour special episode in which Ragini remarries to Anmol and Alekh to Sakshi.

Guests come to congratulate them and dance. Both couples take deceased Sadhana and Ranvir's blessings and perform the Bidaai Farewell ritual. Sadhna agrees to this and keeps off from the marriage ceremonies.

Malti notices this and tells Punit's Mom all about Sadhna and speaks of a plan to devour the Ten Lakhs from Sadhna with her [ But, again destiny had plans of its own. Malti had spoken to Punit's mom earlier that five lakhs out of the ten would be hers.

Sadhna will be ready to give the Ten Lakhs but Ragini and Prakashchand stops telling that Punit and his family don't deserve Ragini. Soon after matters cease off and life resumes back to normal.

Prakashchand succeeds to release him but Malti Prakashchand for not caring for her and that's the reason he resolved to stealing. Sadhna spends her money on Maamaji's treatment, since there was no way of income in the house Sadhna goes to work in the Rajvansh family as a tution teacher for the kids in the family.

Rajvansh family comprised of Indrajeet Rajvansh the head of the family, His wife is Vasundhara Vasu Rajvansh, Sathyen Rajvansh, Indrajeet's younger brother, his wife Ambika Rajvansh, who is Vasu's elder sister, which will be revealed in the later part of the soap. He hates Vasu and is attached to Ambika. He hates roses and the sound of the police siren. Vasu who is very dominant in the family, takes the advantage of Sadhna's helplessness.

Sadhna agrees as loves her Maamaji's family very dearly but she puts forward another condition that Ragini should be married to Ranvir, Vasu's second son. But later Sadhna tells the truth behind her wedding with Aalekh to Ragini and Ragini confesses this to Maamaji. To her luck Ranvir gets his girlfriend, Soniya to the Rajvansh house and informs everyone that he will be marrying her soon. But, Sadhna realises that she is fake and is for money.

Sadhna takes the help of Soniya's ex-boyfriend and reveals the truth.

alekh and sadhana first meet

Ranvir heartbroken gets upset but gets back on his knees. Ranvir who was hurt by a woman earlier spoke very rudely. Ragini spoke very dearly to Ranvir and he felt very elated.

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They had given names as "Anamika" and "Anmol". Finally Anamika and Anmol decide to meet up to go ahead with their love.

And then they decide that they will meet up at the Taj Mahotsav where Ragini would be giving a performance and Ranvir would sit on seat no. Vasu was already feeling bad as she felt that both her sons trusted Sadhna more than they trusted her. Now, Awni understood this hustle bustle and told Vasu about this.

Vasu thinks Sadhna had planned it all and therefore on the day of the event Vasu takes Sadhna to the Sharma house and Vasu blames Sharma's for being greedy to posses her money.

alekh and sadhana first meet

She says that the only reason she has not revelaed it to Ranvir because she is sure that her son will reject a dark skinned woman. At the event Ragini sees Anmol Ranvir seated on chair no. Ragini goes to the dance floor Ranvir realises that Anamika is Ragini and immediately leaves.

Vasu tells Ranvir that Sadhna knew this all the while, he feels very bad and decides to leave to the States. Sadhna feels dejected and goes to meet Ragini, she also refuses to talk to her as she feels hurt that Sadhna dint tell her about Ranvir.

Sadhna feels very hurt and goes to Aalekh. But Maamaji refuses as Vasu would never approve it. Ragini is happy and she tells Sadhna about it. Ranvir returns back to Rajvansh house and says that he wants to marry Ragini. Vineet, Maamaji's son works in the Rajvansh.

Naveen plans out a fraud and blames it Vinu and Vinu will be jailed. Vasu puts a condition on Maamaji that sooner Ragini gets married, sooner will Vinu be released.

But, Ranvir succeeds in proving that Vinu is innocent and catches Naveen, the real culprit. Sharma family were happy and readily accepted Ranvir. None but Vasu was the only to be against this. Aalekh was very upset because of this and one night he goes and shouts out to Vasu that she is not a mother. Vasu who loves Aalekh dearly feels very hurt and finally agrees for the wedding. Even though Vasu had agreed Kaushlya dint as she was scared that her daughter will never get love as long as Sadhna was in there.

All their efforts went in vain and finally on Maamaji's pleads she finally agreed. Kaushalya feels too much hurt by this as the same situation would prevail between Sadhna and Ragini and Kaushalya had always seen Vasu as a dominating woman but not loving.

However Sadhna assures Maamiji that she will always remain Ragini's younger sister and finally RagVir's wedding commences with a really touching scene of Ragini's Bidaai. Vinu will be reaapointed in the office with lots of respect. Aalekh insists that he would also like to take his wife to honeymoon and therefore the four go the kerala to enjoy their honeymoon to Kerala.

In Kerala, Aalekh loses his way and he sees a staff in the hotel carrying red roses his mental ability weakens and starts disliking Vasu again but his love towards Sadhna blossoms. But, they enjoy a lot and RagVir unite in Kerala.

After returning from Kerala everyone tries to focus on Aalekh's treatemnt. Vasu wanted Aalekh's treatment to be done a famous doctor while wanted Shlok to do it. Maamaki was keen on his decision because Shlok turned out to be Aalekh's childhood friend. Sadhna's takes the responsibility of choosing the doctor and she chooses Shlok for the treatment. Shlok knew Aalekh's fear for red roses, he also knew that he loved Sadhna dearly.

Shlok succeeds in taking the fear of red roses from Aalekh by stressing on the fact that a good husband gives red roses to his wife. To prove himself a good husband Aalekh takes his fear off him. Aalekh was just gaining his confidence when Sadhna gets shot by the goons who were about to shoot Aalekh and the people around call him incapable for not being capable of saving his wife.

This curbs him too much and he loses all confidence in him. Sadhna's condition was serious but she recovers soon and comes home. Vasu plans to hold a party on account of Sadhna'a arrival and SaAlekh's wedding anniversary. Everybody goes in search of Aalekh and finallt Sadhna and Shlok find him in the temple and bring him back home. Aalekh then feels he should a new partner for Sadhna and finally he chooses Shlok for Sadhna.

Meanwhile Maamaji plans to arrange a wedding ceremony for Sadhna and Aalekh as he wasn't able to follow customs the first time. Everybody agrees for this plan and preparations for the wedding begin. Within him Aalekh plans to marry Sadhna to Shlok somehow. On the day of the wedding Aalekh asks Shlok to marry Sadhna and leaves the house leaving both Shlok and Sadhna in shock.

But since it was the time for pheres they go ahead and sit on the mantap. Sadhna gets restless all the while when Vasu observes it. Suddenly Aalekh appears leaving everyone in a shock. Vasu speaks to Sadhna very rudely; she says that she was in an affair with Shlok and therefore she was ignoring Aalekh. Aalekh gets irritated and says his dost is not wrong as he had forced Shlok to marry Sadhna.

Shlok asks Aalekh to marry Sadhna as they are made for each other. She hides behind a rock to overhear the conversation between Kiran and Ranvir. However Kiran sees Sadhna and flees from the place. Sadhna gets shocked by this. She used to mix some pills in his juice daily so that he remains retarded.

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All the love he showered on Aalekh was unreal and she did it because she wanted take revenge from Vasu who has always been a threat to her as she was fair and Ambika was dark. This creates an impact on Aalekh he falls unconscious and will be hospitalised. But the repeat of the incident makes him a new human being. He accepts Vasu as his mother and he improves a lot, soon after he will be discharged and tries to resume a normal life.

RagVir brings back Dadi Bua home.

alekh and sadhana first meet

Dadi Bua who always hated Vasu starts influencing Ragini telling that Sadhna is like Vasu who is very cunning and someday Sadhna will ditch Ragini.

Aalekh who wants a resume a normal wants to learn car driving from Ranvir, they meet with an accident, escape with minor injuries but Sadhna feels very scared and slaps Ranvir. Aalekh and Ragini get upset but Ranvir consoles them. Sadhna apologies to Ranvir, but Dadi Bua take this incident and brainwashes Ragini further. Ragini now repents getting Dadi Bua home and so does Ranvir. Dadi Bua overhears the conversation and leaves the house. Before leaving she asks Ragini to keep off from Sadhna.

Ragini and Sadhna both get upset by this.