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Jul 10, that will be quickly forgotten, I thought I'd share a batch of my all-time favorite Netflix offers the minute cut, which, in its own way, is even more . six while watching "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" and served. Bud and Lou find themselves pursued by an Egyptian cult for a special medallion linked to a walking mummy. Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein "[T]he only thing these new options share is that Netflix's customers loathe them," Adams writes.

It would also be his last time. His career had faded so steadily by that producers of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein were not even sure if he was still alive. Universal-International Admittedly, the film is not the laugh-out-loud comedy modern audiences might expect considering the cast and story. Sensibilities change and comedy has evolved, though maybe not in all the right directions.

Simple farces were the thing back then, and with the country still reeling from WWII, easy, safe comedies were a big commodity. The Wolf Man, played by the wonderful Lon Chaney Jr, seems wholly incapable of simply reaching out and mauling Wilbur despite so many chances, it becomes less comical and more infuriating. The Wolf Man, played by Chaney Jr. How he came to be a werewolf again is never explained, though there in a throw-away line where he says to Wilbur and Chick that years ago, he was bitten by a werewolf, so hmmm, maybe the guy just has bad luck.

Furthermore, the Frankenstein monster speaks, though only briefly and we are not told how he got his voice. These, and other oddities make most aficionados believe that this story is a stand alone work and should not be considered part of the of the series in which any of the famous actors and monsters had previously appeared.

Horror and comedy have always been bedfellows. Charles Barton as Charles T. Robert Lees original screenplayFrederic I.

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Chick and Wilbur the characters played by Abbott and Costello are aided in their efforts to thwart the evil vampire and the scientist by an insurance investigator, the scientist's assistant, and the Wolf Man. So yeah, this is one of those movies that sounds ridiculous and nonsensical if you just hear or read the premise.

But the actual movie itself makes this hodgepodge of monster movie tropes all seem to make sense, and provides some laughs along the way. Abbott and Costello had already been working together for more than a decade when they made this movie. They had done vaudeville and radio, and had already made a few movies.

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This was also at the tail end of Universal's monster movie run. Although Frankenstein is the only monster name checked in the title, as I mentioned above, both the Wolf Man and Dracula also appear in the movie. In fact, they both have bigger roles. Glenn Strange plays the monster, which has somehow come into the possession of Dracula and his cohort Dr.

Sandra Mornay, played by Lenore Aubert. Mornay and Dracula have decided they need a new brain for the monster, and have decided they want Wilbur's.

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Dracula arranges for himself and the monster to be shipped to a wax museum as exhibits. Larry Talbot aka the Wolf Man has been tracking the two monsters to try to stop them. He warns Wilbur and Chick, but of course he is not taken seriously.

After Dracula and the monster go missing, the wax museum owner calls in an insurance investigator, Joan, played by Jane Randolph. Joan pretends to have fallen for Wilbur, while really falling for Stevens, who is the increasingly suspicious assistant to Dr.