Zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship

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zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship

zade Hart Of Dixie Wade, Zoe And Wade, Zoe Hart, Wade Kinsella,. Hart Of Dixie WadeZoe .. Hart of Dixie "The Race & The Relationship". Find this Pin and. In the case of bad boy Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel), new doc Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) and good-natured lawyer George Tucker (Scott Porter). It's time for the Hart of Dixie couple to evolve or die. 23 Reasons Zoe Hart And Wade Need To Get Back Together. It's time for the Hart of Dixie couple to .. Who can't seem to break their connection. Share On Facebook.

She's going to try to make a grand romantic gesture and when that doesn't work, she tries to seduce him. That's certainly a nice change of pace from all last season when Wade was pursuing Zoe to no success, and Gerstein is excited to show that. Will Hart of Dixie feature a pregnancy this season? There is more than friendship, there is real love between them. They clearly should both get over their issues and be together. Zoe and Wade belong together and they're destined to be together.

That was the sound of our hearts bursting! But that squee-inducing scoop on Zoe and Wade's relationship isn't the only info we got from Gerstein. She also revealed that George Scott Porter and Lavon's Cress Williams individual epiphanies about still being in love with Lemon Jaime King are going to throw a major wrench into their bromance.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship

But of course, they're both furious with each other because they were both blindsided by the fact that the other was still in love with Lemon. It plays out in a funny way throughout the premiere. Zoe says she will never have sex with Wade again. Zoe needs help finding someone for Rose and has to go to Wade.

Zoe Wade scenes 4x03 part 1/8 Wades reaction to the baby (HD) - Hart of Dixie Season 4

Zoe knew Wade would try something on their way to Mobile where they had to go for Rose, so she invited Rose. Before Rose got in the car, they had a moment but was ruined in roses arrival.

Nothing really happens after. Episode Edit Wade helps Zoe find an armadillo. Later Zoe comes over and brings "Halo". Wade then suggests strip "Halo". They end up having sex. Believe it or not, Zoe's idea. Zoe and Wade develop a sexual relationship for several episodes. Zoe states she is currently unavailable and seeing Wade, though, they are only involved in a sexual way. Episode Edit Wade decides that he wants more and says that Zoe should go on a date.

Zoe was supposed to bid on Wade's auction basket, but Magnolia beats her to it. Zoe bargains with Magnolia, finally winning the basket. They go on this picnic date but due to some nervous actions from Zoe, the date goes sour.

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Sparks Fly Zoe's mother comes over for Christmas and Zoe is eager to keep her mother unaware of the casual relationship she had with Wade. Zoe confesses to her mother that she misses Wade and later on, apologizes to Wade and they get back together but this time as a real couple. Episode 11 Edit Zoe and Wade are tasked to play the role of "the First Couple" and Zoe begins a positive-oriented approach to dealing with her relationship with Wade.

Zoe starts reminding people of Lemon Breeland and so Wade decides to make Zoe have a "mini-eruption" so Zoe can blow off some steam without erupting or doing something really bad.

Zoe, George and Wade

Even though Zoe tells him to stay there he comes home infecting the town with the bug. Zoe tries calling Wade and when he doesn't answer begins to get worried. She finally finds him at home sick in bed with the flu. She tells him she wasn't worried about him cheating but that she was calling because she missed him. She later shows up with soup saying that she knows he can take care of himself but couples take care of each other. Zoe ends up getting sick and Wade takes care of her.

With the community still recovering from the flu epidemic Zoe is swamped at work leaving less time for her and Wade. Wade manages to get a hunting cabin for the weekend and asks Zoe to go with him.

Zoe asks Brick and they have a competition resulting in Zoe losing. Since Brick's nephew is in town he covers for Zoe so she can go with Wade for their romantic weekend. While Zoe is there she is constantly distracted by work and other people's problems neglecting her weekend with Wade. Wade and Zoe get into a fight over her being distracted and she says that Wade wouldn't know anything about a career as he doesn't have one.

Zoe goes to see Wade to apologize for what she said and Wade tells her he still wants to open up his own bar. When they finally have some alone time they are interrupted by Lavon.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship

The episode ends with Zoe, Lavon and Wade on a couch while listening to Lavon's troubles they are holding hands. Zoe wants to be supportive but hates his band's music which hurts Wade. Later Zoe apologizes and shows her support for his dream by giving him a glowing sign for his new bar.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship

Wade gets extremely drunk after Zoe leaves to help Lavon and sabatoges his chance at getting his bar. He is worried that he will let her and everybody down if he doesn't succeed.

The Gambler Episode 16 Edit Zoe is worried when Wade doesn't return her phone calls and learns that Wade was with another woman. Zoe finally meets up with Wade and Wade just said that it was woman that needed a jump for her car. However, Wade's ex-wife Tansy reveals that Wade used that excuse on her.

After Wanda's and Tom's wedding when Wade realizes he needs to tell herZoe reveals after the emotional ceremony that she knows about his affair. Zoe and Wade walk so that they can talk outside in the town square before the reception. Wade admits the true nature of the previous night's events that he slept with another woman. Zoe tells Wade that she is sorry for thinking that she could make Wade be somebody different than he was. Episode 21 Edit Zoe, in a very emotional and affected state, sleeps with Wade at the conclusion of the episode so she can 'feel better'.