Zeref and mavis relationship quotes

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zeref and mavis relationship quotes

See more. Zervis | Mavis & Zeref Zeref, Gajevy, Gruvia, Fairytail, Fairy Tail Manga .. fairy tail zeref and mavis quotes - Google Search Fairy Tail Sad, Sad Fairy,. Fairy Tail .. I think their relationship is even more tragic than Jellal and Erza's. fairy tail zeref and mavis quotes - Google Search. I think their relationship is even more tragic than Jellal and Erza's. – submitted by Baker-a-k-u-r-y-u-u. Natsu's Father Characteristics Race Human Gender Male Personal Status Status Deceased Relatives Natsu's Mother (Wife; Deceased) Zeref Dragneel (Son;.

His threat to "wipe out humanity" to Mavis. Him waging a war was entirely true, and perhaps he overestimated Alvarez's strength, but 'wiping out humanity' apparently only meant that the current world would be Ret Gone should his plan succeed. He does reject the world.

In its current form. He has large canines in his early appearances, but they disappear later on. Fate Worse than Death: He's immortal, but he also has an "Instant Death" Radius designed to kill anybody he could ever care about. The only way around it is to stop caring about their lives which kind of defeats the purposeor if the person he cares about is also immortal. Like Mavis, for instance. And even then, the curse still kills her when they fall in love.

The reason he fears Acnologia despite his immortality is because both he simply can't kill Acnologia as he is and he believes with good reason given what Acnologia is like that an eternity as Acnologia's chewtoy would be a living hell. The First Cut Is the Deepest: He did not take Mavis' death well.

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After delivering her body to Fairy Tail, he unceremoniously drops her on the ground at Precht's feet, while walking away claiming that he's sick of being around people and will therefore go back to Alvarez since he sees the people that live there are mere pawnsand that he shouldn't have fallen in love. The revelation of Acnologia's Freudian Excuse makes him one to Acnologia. Both lost their entire families and loved ones to dragons four hundred years ago.

While Acnologia became a revenge-driven monster worse than anything he killedZeref at least tried to undo some of the damage the dragons did, by attempting to resurrect his little brother that resulted in Zeref getting cursed and subsequently hated and feared by everyone else, and it only went downhill for him from there. The dragons created both sides of the series' Big Bad Duumviratebut the way they responded to their respective Starts of Darkness could not have been more different, nor could the end results.

Forgot About His Powers: For Natsu to even stand a chance at winning required Zeref to completely forgot all his powers. Timestop, enchantment, teleportation and "Instant Death" Radiusetc were all traded for basic punches and rudimentary dark magic.

While the "Instant Death" Radius can be explained away by Natsu's scarf being able to protect him as it did on Tenrou Island and even then it seems to work for only one blastless excusable is, after noticing that Natsu's book is gone, he doesn't teleport it back into his hand, something he did long before Fairy Heart gave him control over spacetime.

Justified in that Zeref's curse has driven him completely crazy to the point he's still not sure if he wants Natsu to kill him or for him to kill Natsu, despite what he says, and he really wants to fight Natsu. Founder of the Kingdom: He created an entire country where he rules as a relatively benevolent Emperor, though he himself admits he didn't create Alvarez for the sake of being a ruler. When the two finally see each other again in ChapterZeref greets him by smiling, and saying that he knew Natsu would be strong enough to make it that deep inside of Tartaros' headquarters.

The reason he's rather friendly to him is because he doesn't hate his brother at all — everything that Zeref has done that led him to being what he is today was to bring the deceased Natsu back to life. From Nobody to Nightmare: Zeref went from being a fairly normal, if absolutely brilliant and defiant student at Midlian Magic Academy to The Dreaded Black Wizard.

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Marches right alongside his soldiers during the invasion of Fiore. Much to Mavis' chagrin. Overlaps with Wham Line below. Go on, click that spoiler next to his name if you dare. A God I Am Not: Zeref thinks they're scum and resents their reverencewith Tartaros being the only possible exception. A Good Way to Die: In the end, he got everything he wanted when he died: Acnologia is dead, his curse was broken, and he gets to spend an eternity in the afterlife with the love of his life, Mavis.

The end text even lampshades it, by saying that at long last, he's finally happy. Before becoming active in the Sirius Island arc, he lives in isolation from the rest of humanity and is distant from the other villains, pondering whether or not he should step down and become the Big Bad. However, the demons he creates affect the plot even before his return, and there exist wizards who wish to resurrect him.

Even his projects to revive his brother such as the Eclipse Gate and the R-System have an effect in story arcs. Arguably the only villain greater in scope than him is Acnologia — considering that even he wants to kill Acnologia, that speaks of how dangerous the Black Dragon is. He gave Mavis a loving headbutt when she told him she used an incomplete version of Law, but he was Tempting Fate to see if she'd die.

After his fight with Natsu, where he was clearly holding back because he had hoped Natsu would kill him, his wounds healed so quickly that Invel did a double-take. Apparently, it comes with the Complete Immortality. Had one over years ago. Or it'd be more accurate to say that he was never really evil to begin with; he just delved a bit too deeply into forbidden magic, and screwed the entire world up as a result. He would do anything - anything - to fix it.

Came so dangerously close to killing Makarov that it's not even funny. And that was after sending him flying with one flick of his wrist. You've stopped Face, you prevented E.

I'll be taking it back, now. It's really important, you know.

zeref and mavis relationship quotes

He believes that humans never learn from their mistakes, and that war, hatred, evil, and all of the more unfortunate sides of human nature will never disappear. The big surprise is that he blames himself for this as he views that his influence had led to the rise of so many dark wizards along with pain and suffering, it's why he wanted to wipe away the world Wanting to die yet being near perfectly immortal, Zeref struggles with this one.

At some point, he took to creating demons in the hopes that one would become strong enough to kill him. Identical Stranger The epilogue reveals one in the case of Arleos who takes an instant liking to Mavis's doppelganger Mio. While the scene is heartwarming it is odd because at most a year has passed since the final battle. The two share no relation to the other two other than their identical appearance and happening to fall in love at first sight.

Has one spike in the middle of his head. Of course, he's no idiot.

Fairy Tail

I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Mavis' death was what broke Zeref for good. To make it worse, his love for her was the very thing that killed her.

Things die around him. He is believed to be the most powerful mage ever, rivaled only by Acnologiawho isn't even entirely human.

The mere possibility of his return made the Magic Council ready to cross the Godzilla Threshold and fire Etherion regardless of collateral damage, and his level power is more or less the only thing uniting the Alvarez Empire around him.

The reason he's considered unbeatable is because of his Complete Immortalitysomething Zeref himself would rather not be the case; Zeref can't even kill himself, and based on his own words, he tried.

He's only lost twice that we've seen, and one case was an example of Worf Had the Flu see belowand in the other, he was deliberately holding back, because he was hoping Natsu would finally put him out of his misery, and thus had no intention of winning.

The only being who could possibly defeat him in a straight-up fight is Acnologia himself, and that's because of a technicality: While Zeref is immortal and Acnologia is not, none of Zeref's magic, not even his death cursecan kill Acnologia due to the latter's status as The Dragon of Magicrendering each other's main edge to kill the other useless.

And since one of them is a giant dragon and the other a human, the fight essentially turns into Acnologia using Zeref as a chew toy. He came up with the idea of the Eclipse Gate, so he can go back in time and avert his brother's death. He taught magic to Mavis' group, who would form the very same guild where his brother Natsu would later join. He decided to live out the rest of his days in Sirius Island. He had no idea that it was a sacred place to the same guild where both his lover and brother belonged.

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For hundreds of years humans have called Zeref the most evil wizard that ever lived, but Zeref only became truly evil after witnessing humans commiting evil actsand became so disgusted with them that he decided to wipe them out. The last straw was Hades who forced him out of his self-imposing exile in order to create a so-called utopia which would kill ninety percent of the world's population.

zeref and mavis relationship quotes

Becoming the 'most evil wizard of all time' was a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy created by humanity. It's All My Fault: Ultimately, this is his mentality and in fact, he blames himself for why Humans Are Bastards. Just Between You and Me: He tells Gray that his intentions with Fairy Heart go beyond defeating Acnologia, something which he hasn't even told the Spriggan 12, because he intended to kill Gray by the time Natsu arrived.

He almost did this again to Makarov, saying he was going to kill him and then send his dead body back to Natsu for the sole sake of pissing him off. Mest saved him just in time. He repays Larcade attacking Natsu in an effort to give his "father" the advantage by blasting a hole through his chest, telling him he's nothing but a prototype to E.

Easily the most feared wizard to ever walk the face of Earth-Land, and with good reason At first, it was heavily implied that confessing his love for Mavis and kissing her ' killed ' her, thus began his true Start of Darkness.

Of course, not only does Mavis come Back from the Deadit's implied and then shown that it wasn't a Kiss of Deathbut, uh His subordinates might not seem that scary compared to the likes of Tartaros, but the fact they're being lead into by Zeref is nothing to laugh at. God help you if he thinks you're evil. When he finally decides to start fighting seriously, he's shown to be able to match Natsu, the Kung-Fu Wizardblow for blow in hand to hand combat. He admits to treating his people like pawns in a game of chess.

This is how he protects his own subjects from his curse. As could be seen from Mavis' Naked First Impressionhe's noticeably much thinner in build and less muscular, especially in comparison to the vast majority of the rest of the cast. Not that that means a whole lotgiven his level of power. Light Is Not Good: After absorbing Fairy Heart, his clothing, hair, and wings all gain a white and gold scheme that makes him look like a divine being. He's still the Dark Messiah he always was, and first act upon gaining this power is to impale Natsu through the chest and tell him Makarov's dead.

Several villains are out to gain his power, if not his very existence. This status of his is why Zeref wishes to gain ultimate power to time travel and change the past, as he views his influence having been a dentriment to the world, as noted by how nearly every if not all villains arose from his involvement.

He's Natsu's long-lost brother. He has his own in August, his actual biological son. In all the years he's lived with Zeref, August has yet to tell him the truth about their relationship. Trying to bring back the little brother he loved got him cursed. Falling in love got the girl he loved killed. Every time Zeref has allowed himself to love anything, it blows up in his face.

Love Makes You Evil: His love for his little brother and his desire to see him brought Back from the Dead started him down the slippery slope. Inadvertently killing his lover Mavis when they became intimate pushed him right down it, and watching humanity repeat the cycle of war and death endlessly were the last straws.

Thanks to his Complete ImmortalityZeref is practically invulnerable to pretty much anything. The Man Behind the Man: Hasn't been fought yet People hate and evil cause conflict, but I'm looking forward to a new age that will purify all of this. How many times has this happend Warning, could contain spoilers: Zeref Dragneel is considered the most evil and strongest Dark Mage in recorded history, who possesses incredible dangerous and powerful types of Magic.

Creater of most known Demons in Fairy Tail, which are called the Etherious, was his biggest creation E.

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Hia deceased little brother Natsu. Obtaining Fairy Heart, killing Acnologia, exterminate humanity and at the end, to die…: Zeref had become an Orphan very early, as his family had been killed by a Dragon.

He then devoted himself to alternative magics to find a way to resurrect his younger brother Natsu Dragneel. However, by doing so, Zeref had bustled with the sacred teachings of Ankhseram and got cursed by him with the Curse of Contradiction making him immortal. He learned of the plan from Igneel to use the Dargon Soul Technique to send the the several foster children of the Dragons into the Ethernano rich future, and after recovering coming after to finally kill Acnologia.

Centuries later, Zeref meet in the forest of Magnolia Mavis Vermillion. Mavis asked him to teach her and her friends the ways of magic, which he agreed to. For several days had he teached the group the basics of magic and in some way attracted to Mavis, as she understood him.

He even taught her Black Arts before leaving, happy to finally had made friends: Several years later did he ran again into Mavis and she thanked him for his help. Not beliving what he said did she ran off back to the guild. He explained to her that immortality had driven him mad at the beginning and that he still wanted to die. But he also comforted her as they both had enough time to do whatever they want.

He told her that he used his time to create the Etherious and build up a nation, which led to the Alvarez Empire and with him as Emperor.

He also added that he he only lives to see his brother, but also wants to destroy him. His head began to hurt and he cried because of his confusion.

zeref and mavis relationship quotes

Mavis then said that they would find a way together, and realized that he had fallen in love with Mavis. Unfortunatley, during their kiss has the Ankhseram's Curse stole Mavis life force: Zeref then brought Mavis body back to Fairy Tail and returned her to Precht, stating that Mavis will never wake up.

He then returned back to his empire to continuing building it up, while he regretted that he had fallen in love.

zeref and mavis relationship quotes

But Zeref would not make his move until the age had ended and isolated himself on Tenrou Island, maybe to be near at Mavis side: He still looks like a young man, probably not even 18 years old. Zeref has short, black hair, and pure black eyes.