Yoshimori and tokine relationship counseling

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yoshimori and tokine relationship counseling

[Archive] Interview with Tokine and Yoshimori Anime Fan Fiction. (Laughs) Actually, even when his relationships lasted only a date or two, I've always been impressed by the way . Y: He once gave me some sage advice. She doesn't understand their relationship as an only child. Yoshimori . Tokine wants to ask her grandmother for advice, but Yoshimori insists that they handle it . Over time, Yoshimori's feelings toward Tokine develop into a rather obvious crush. Yoshimori built and maintained a strong relationship with the Yukimura heir, Yoshimori continued to ignore all advice until he was nine years old, when.

As the spy tries to make his way to report back to his leader, he is sacrificed due to the side effects of the potion. Shigemori and Tokiko see the damage done to the forest. Yoshimori confesses his plan to put a seal on the site to Tokine. After hearing about a new transfer student, Yurina becomes suspicious. Yurina tries to inform a half-asleep Yoshimori about the matter, but to no avail. The transfer, named Gen Shishiothen encounters this Yoshimori and punches him in the face.

As it is revealed to be a cloned shikigami, the real Yoshimori senses Gen during his nap on the roof, trying to locate his presence. Yoshimori and Tokine find claw marks on the wall outside along with the remains of the shikigami.

Gen later finds Mino, already aware of his supernatural powers. Yoshimori, shocked to see Gen destroy some of his crow shikigami, chases him to the roof. However, when Yoshimori puts up a barrier, Gen slashes it with his clawed hand. Gen pays a visit to Shuji in order to talk to Shigemori. Meanwhile, Shigemori is seen talking to a retired university scientist professor, named Heisuke Matsudoto speculate about the skin of the spy ayakashi.

As Shigemori arrives home, he is disappointed that Gen was sent without any consent with or news from the Urakai.

Yoshimori continues to fight Yoki until they are interrupted by the arrival of Tokiko, Shigemori, and two Shadow Organization operatives, Hakudo and Odo.

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Odo throws a giant fireball at Yoki, creating an explosion. Yomi is heartbroken, but Yoshimori is able to retrieve a piece of Yoki's horn, and both are surprised when Yoki regenerates into a tiny form. Yomi then realizes she hated Tokio because he reminded her of her own weakness, and apologizes to Tokine for insulting him. Yomi tells Tokine where to find her shakujo, and is taken away by Hakudo and Odo.

Tokine tells Yoshimori to deal with Yurina. Sensing approaching Ayakashi, Yoshimori places Yurina beneath the tree and surrounds her with a Kekkai for her own protection. Tokine questions the wisdom of this, but Yoshimori assumes it will be fine since normal people can't see Ayakashi, unaware that this doesn't apply to Yurina. Yurina stares in shock at the approaching swarm of Ayakashi.

The Kekkaishi attack the swarm, with Yoshimori using his usual overly large Kekkai to destroy several Ayakashi at once, while Tokine prefers smaller, individual Kekkai for each Ayakashi.

Yoshimori notices Madarao Protecting Yurina eating smaller, drunken Ayakashi and tells him to stop, Tokine doing the same with Hakubi.

Yoshimori grows impatient and surrounds all but the very top of the tree with a huge Kekkai. The remaining Ayakashi are drawn to the exposed top of the tree, where Yoshimori surrounds them with another large Kekkai and destroys them all at once. Yoshimori dispels the Kekkai around Yurina, unable to understand why she freaks out at his approach. Tokine tries to calm her down, but Yurina is afraid of her as well. Madarao sniffs Yurina to confirm his suspicion: Yoshimori desperately apologizes to Yurina.

He tries to explain things, and as he talks, Yurina realizes that he actually has a normal side, which she hadn't seen until then. Afterward, Yoshimori asks Yurina to keep what she saw a secret.

Yurina agrees, saying no one would believe her. Yoshimori spots the Ayakashi first, but it moves swiftly away from him.

yoshimori and tokine relationship counseling

Tokine climbs a tree to get a better view, and estimates where Hiwatari is headed. As it emerges into the open, Tokine traps it within a Kekkai.

Hiwatari breaks free by firing an ice shard and escapes. Tokine notes she was hoping to stop Hiwatari before it got to a dangerous place: Hiwatari dives into the pool and freezes over the entire surface. Yoshimori tries to drive Hiwatari out, learning in the process that it reacts when provoked. Tokine insists that he is wasting his strength, but wishes she had enough strength to waste. When Hiwatari finally emerges, Tokine throws a kunai at it. Enraged, Hiwatari shoots a wide beam of ice at her.

It begans to charge a large ice shard, but Tokine is unable to move because her feet are frozen to the ground. Yoshimori jumps in front of her and forms a Kekkai around them, but Tokine says that won't work, and tells him to follow her lead. Hiwatari is hit by the shard and defeated. Yoshimori insists on carrying Tokine home on his back, and she reluctantly lets him.

Tokine inwardly notes she would never have been able to defeat Hiwatari alone, and wonders what will happen if Yoshimori ever learns to control his strength. Both Yoshimori and Tokine are determined to train and get stronger. Tokine practices at home by forming many small Kekkai piled on top of each other.

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Yoshimori has already subdued Nagao's friends Uhosuke and Honetaro. A fourth Ayakashi, a powerful wolf named Kouyaemerges and frees the others. Kouya knows Madarao as Ginro, [18] and Madarao admits they are old friends, but parted ways long ago. Kouya is willing to forgive Madarao, but hates humans. Kouya transforms, and in order to fight him evenly, Madarao asks Yoshimori to remove his collar. Yoshimori does, allowing Madarao to transform to his true state. Tokine warns Yoshimori it was dangerous to remove Madarao's seal, and Yoshimori asks her to watch Uhosuke and his friends.

Tokine wonders if Hakubi is similar to Kouya and Madarao, but Hakubi says they shouldn't get involved.

Tokine on standby Tokine gives the beads to Yoshimori and tells him to reseal Madarao quickly. Hakubi warns him that Madarao might die without it. While Yoshimori struggles with repairing the collar, Tokine notices Madarao howling in pain. Hakubi says it feels like your body is being split in two.

He adds that it hurts even more since Yoshimori isn't used to using Nenshi. Hakubi grows frustrated, asks Tokine for a favor, and flies up to Yoshimori, giving him the last bead. Hakubi explains that the seal is a burden, and Karasumori is both boosting and restraining Madarao's power at the same time, so the pain for him is maddening.

Hakubi guides Yoshimori through reconnecting the Nenshi. Madarao begins to thrash wildly, and Tokine distracts him with a Kekkai, allowing Yoshimori to complete the seal.

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The excess power flies away, and Madarao is returned to his smaller spirit form, though is completely exhausted. Shigemori and Tokiko arrive immediately after, and Shigemori yells at Yoshimori for removing Madarao's seal. Then he sees the damage to the school and becomes even more furious. The Kekkaishi and their Shikigami begin repairing all the damage, with everyone annoyed at Yoshimori for causing it. She goes to the Sumimura Home to ask for help, but Yoshimori is the only one available.

Tokine reluctantly accepts his help. Yoshimori at first thinks she is describing an Ayakashi, but soon realizes that it is only a common cockroach. Tokine says her mother usually takes care of cockroaches, but is away at a hot spring with a friend. Tokine leads Yoshimori to the kitchen and orders him to get started.

The cockroach soon appears, but Tokine latches onto Yoshimori in fear, causing him to miss as he tries to catch it with a Kekkai. Tokine tells him to use some other method that won't be as messy. Yoshimori creates tiny Shikigami to draw out the cockroach and sends them around the kitchen. The cockroach emerges, but Tokine shoves Yoshimori in fear, causing him to fall on the cockroach. When he sits up, the dead cockroach falls off of his shirt, exposing its abdomen, terrifying Tokine even more.

For three days afterward, Tokine refuses to speak to or come anywhere near Yoshimori. She finally approaches him at Karasumori and apologizes, giving him a brand new shirt before running away. Yoshimori forces Madarao to search, anyway, and they soon spot the spider-like Ayakashi perched on the side of the school.

Yoshimori Examining Sasorigama's shell collapses a Kekkai around it, but is shocked when the Ayakashi remains, totally undamaged. Yoshimori repeats the process, causing the Ayakshi to fall to the ground. Tokine examines the Ayakashi and determines it to only be a shell.

She inwardly worries that an Ayakashi so resistant to Metsu might get even stronger at Karasumori, during which Yoshimori manages to destroy the shell after five Metsu. Tokine is annoyed because she didn't get to examine the shell further.

Yoshimori points out that they would never find the actual Ayakashi if they left the shell around, since both have the same smell. He grabs Madarao and rushes off to continue the search. Tokine asks Hakubi if he can distinguish between the scent of the shell and that of the Ayakashi. Hakubi agrees there may be some distinction, but that it will be difficult. Neither notices that they are being watched from a nearby tree by a mysterious man. Tokine and Hakubi later spot the man fighting the Ayakashi Sasorigama.

Sasorigama is confident that Kekkaijutsu is useless against its armored shell, but the man remains calm as he targets one of Sasorigama's sickles with a Kekkai. Though the sickle survives the Metsu, it is cracked, which shocks Sasorigama. Sasorigama rushes to attack the man, who reacts by surrounding the sickle with several Kekkai and collapsing them all at once, destroying the sickle.

Now confident that his plan will work, the man surrounds Sasorigama's entire body with five Kekkai. Sasorigama pleads for its life, but the man destroys it and collects the fragments with Tenketsu, just as Yoshimori and Madarao arrive. Tokine is glad to see the man, but Yoshimori is annoyed.

The man brings out Kurohime and introduces her. Yoshimori demands to know why he is here, and the man replies that Yoshimori has made no progress in three years. He is finally revealed to be Masamori Sumimura, oldest son of the Sumimura Family. Tokine asks if Masamori is coming as well, which angers Yoshimori, so he runs ahead.

Tokine tells Yoshimori to stop wasting his power and help her examine the trees. Yoshimori fears the forest will continue to spread, but Tokine points out that they couldn't destroy the trees one by one fast enough.

In an attempt to learn more, Tokine surrounds a lower portion of a tree with a Kekkai and destroys it. The tree falls, and while the stump instantly regrows, the top half does not. Hakubi realizes they must target the roots, but Tokine adds that they don't know how deep the roots go. She mentions that her grandmother told her that there is a low-intensity Kekkai around the school that alerts them of intruders, but it should also prevent Ayakashi from going any deeper than one meter below ground.

Hakubi corrects her, saying that if Ayakashi get too close to Karasumori, they are swallowed up. Yoshimori shows Tokine a large, spiked pod hanging from a tree branch. Madarao smells a strong poison and urges Yoshimori to destroy the pod at once. Yoshimori does so, and Tokine asks Hakubi if he can sense the roots. Hakubi says the roots are stretching out around them, and Tokine notices that the tree branches are connecting as well. Tokine suggests that they call for help since there are too many uncertainties, but Yoshimori refuses, not wanting to accept Masamori's help.

Hakubi agrees with Tokine, though he admits he doesn't like Masamori. Yoshimori suggests that he could surround the entire forest and then burn it, which would prevent the fire from reaching the school. Tokine finally agrees to help him. Tokine starts a fire in the forest. Yoshimori attempts to enclose the entire forest in a Kekkai. It takes considerable effort, but Yoshimori succeeds. Tokine uses a small Kekkai to create a hole in the top of Yoshimori's Kekkai. Air rushes into the hole, starting a large explosion.

The Kekkai gradually grows unstable. Tokine quickly uses Tenketsu to collect the flaming debris, and once the Kekkai fails, Yoshimori does the same. The forest is destroyed, but remaining clean-up job is too massive, so Tokine insists on calling for help. Tokiko, Shigemori, Masamori, and Toshimori all show up to help. Shigemori yells at Yoshimori, and Masamori lectures him on being so reckless, though is inwardly amazed that Yoshimori isn't even tired from his efforts.

Tokine is impressed by how many Shikigami Masamori can create. Yoshimori becomes jealous, and Tokiko drags Tokine away, scolding her for talking to a Sumimura. The next night at Kararsumori, when Tokine arrives, Yoshimori immediately tells her he doesn't know where Masamori is. Tokine asks why he hates Masamori, and Yoshimori simply calls him a jerk.

yoshimori and tokine relationship counseling

Tokine disagrees, saying Masamori is a brother worthy of respect. Yoshimori goes off to sulk, something Tokine notices he's always done when Masamori is mentioned. She doesn't understand their relationship as an only child. Yoshimori wonders why Masamori is not the Legitimate Successor, and Tokine warns him to never say that in front of Masamori.

Yoshimori asks what Tokine thinks of Karasumori, and she says despite growing up there, she feels she understands it less and less recently. The next night, Tokine is disappointed when she learns that Masamori has left, since she planned to ask him to teach her more techniques, which upsets Yoshimori.

She decides not to say any more, knowing it will upset Yoshimori further. Tokine spots the creature in the lunch room and quickly runs after it, but loses sight of it when she bumps into a student.

She wonders why she didn't sense it. Finding nothing Tokine examines Lord Uro's moss else unusual in the high school section, Tokine wants to check the junior high section, but wonders if she can rely on Yoshimori.

She is about to create some Shikigami when Yurina Kanda spots her. Yurina eagerly reintroduces herself and offers to go get Yoshimori, but Tokine declines. Tokine asks if Yurina has seen anything strange, and Yurina mentions seeing both Gen-san and the creature wearing a kimono. Yurina leads Tokine to where she saw the creature sitting on the school gate.

Tokine finds moss in that spot, and realizes she can track the creature by looking for more moss growing around the school. At home, Tokine is concerned that she was never able to find the creature again, and Tokiko tells her that it was probably Lord Uro. Tokine is surprised that she knows about it, and Tokiko explains that Lord Uro is like a nature god.

She guesses that his bed has broken again. Yoshimori reports it as a success, but is vague on the details.