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TJ may also have some romantic feelings for her (like Tobey) as seen in Cherish is the Word when he Tim often gives TJ very honest advice. show, Liz Breen, writer and associate producer of Wordgirl, has confirmed that they are a couple. Becky Botsford, Jackie Winchester and Tobey MCcallister go on a road trip "I've been thinking about it a while and what kind of a relationship do we really have? . really want to judge a person, but she followed the advice of her friends. what episode of wordgirl tobey and wordgirl - Google Search. Candice O' . Late Bus Drama by Silentyeller Word Girl, Girl Stuff, Drama, Relationships, Dramas.

Recondite Chapter Text Hey, readers! This might be a good time to mention that I haven't actually seen all the episodes of WordGirl. I think I've tracked down most of the really important episodes, but there's definitely stuff I'm missing, so if you notice any inconsistencies with the canon, please feel free to mention them along which the episode they pertain to.

I'll do my best to track them down and watch them to 'educate' myself.

P Recondite [rek-uh n-dahyt] — dealing with very profound, difficult, or abstruse subject matter. Captain Huggyface squealed in agreement from his perch on WordGirl's back as she flew high above the city. The city's future is at stake. She saw him ten years from now as a mad scientist not unlike the city's resident cheese-loving supervillain, only more destructive, and with a far less simple obsession.

Two-Brains without his weaknesses… It was a frightening thought, but it reminded her of the reason she was seeking out the double-minded professor right now.

He and Tobey had a lot in common. If anyone could help her figure out what to do about Tobey, it was Dr. Inside, she immediately recognized the white column of lab coat topped with an explosion of matching hair, hunched over a dilapidated workbench and muttering to himself.

He straightened suddenly, still facing away from her, and brandished a colorful gizmo that looked like a high-tech squirt gun. Now I just need to test it on one of the fish crackers from my aquarium heist! I wasn't expecting to run into you again until I surfaced for another cheese crime, but what the heck? I wouldn't mind a redo of that last battle. I'm not here to battle you!

Now either fight me or get outta here! Two-Brains raised an eyebrow at her, but instead of attacking again, he just sighed. WordGirl geared herself into high alert and lowered herself onto the comfortable albeit odd-smelling cushions. Huggy dismounted and plopped down at her side, glancing around suspiciously… or perhaps hungrily. So you want to keep Tobey from growing up to be the worst supervillain the city's ever seen, right?

It's not like future's set in stone. So how can you say I'm enabling Tobey? I'm the one stopping him most of the time. Two-Brains gave a bashful smile. What is Tobey after when he wrecks the city? The rest of the time? Reluctantly, she raked over her memories of her battles with Tobey, forcing herself to ignore all the anger and frustration on her end and instead focus on what Tobey had actually been after.

This was the one area where Tobey and Dr. Two-Brains were actually polar opposites. Although he deemed the statement a bit of an insult towards his manliness, he did give himself a pat on the back. It had seemed that his companion had let down her guard for the time being. It was now relevant towards success that he attack the issue now, God forbid failure. Taking his silence as some type of negative answer, she tried to make up for it by apologizing.

I didn't mean different as something bad, but…" "That's fine, you don't need to explain yourself to me," he waved it off. Her hand twitched like she was contemplating whether or not to attack him. Luckily, Tobey saw that and tried to justify his actions by chuckling a bit. Oh yes," he pretended to ponder," ever since I saw you bawling out your eyes at the park.

Inwardly, half of Tobey could hear himself cheer at the sudden influx of emotion; he was going to finally get some responses! The other half of Tobey was desperately wishing for a god out there to take pity on him; a guy did not want to die with a spoon sticking out from his forehead. Even if she did protest the sudden barging in on her personal life, she kind of found it sort of touching to see that at least one person was trying to comfort her. True, he still acted quite villainous at times, and he wasn't the best person to talk to when a personal tragedy occurs, Tobey seemed to be charitable to oblige for once.

Plus, his ice cream was to die for. No buildup, no nothing?

Gosh, you really don't want to beat around the bush for this insignificant matter, do you? He kind of felt bad for her. Then again, anyone who had seen Violet and Scoops together would have seen the two as a couple. In a manner that Tobey found oddly cute. If one were to look closely, they would see that moisture was gathering at the corners.

Discreetly, as to not reveal weakness, she dabbed at them hastily. Forgot about why I was under incarceration?

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In fact, the months when I was grounded got me thinking about that whole debacle with Wordgirl… and me. His plans to win her over, the failures that would result afterwards, and the inevitable punishment that would occur made his vision go red. Suddenly, he exhaled and smiled coolly at the girl that sat beside him. I guess I would have to apologize then, huh?

There was a hidden message in those eyes, pleading for actually some hope to be left for him in the world. It was a sight so uncharacteristically heartrending that Becky answered without hesitation. People, especially criminals, always deserve a second chance. This was going to be hard for him, but he knew that it would be far more beneficial to move on now rather than later. With vigor that was often associated with his asking to date Wordgirl, he turned to Becky and grinned.

I'll pick you up next Saturday for ice cream. Why was he asking her out all of a sudden? The boy she had come to fall in love had rejected her today. Now, it seemed that life was going to pair her up with this insolent child who just wanted an excuse to get out of the house and get ice cream!

Yet, she knew that it would be hypocritical to say no and be done with it. The teen would reject him on Saturday, when they were still…friends. She couldn't explain the coldness that seemed to envelope her body just then. Inside the vehicle were two young adults, looking very much in love and quite worried. You see these two had an appointment to keep and that included going to the girl's parent's house for… but I'm getting ahead of myself. Tobey was twenty-five and he had a girlfriend of seven years, his long love, Becky Botsford.

After their ice cream "date" a few years back, they decided to hang more and more often, resulting in the two to become closer than ever before. Of course, the unlikely duo had their fair share of arguments, but it was resolved in the end. For example, the car that Tobey was currently driving was a result of a petty quarrel that the two had engaged in. While Tobey favored his old car to drive back to their childhood home, Becky refused, saying that it was a death trap on wheels.

That got the blonde genius upset because it was the pride of his life! He worked on her for several months before deeming her presentable and ready to showcase her metal beauty to the rest of the world. Slightly jealous—and amused—of the car's princess treatment, Becky stated that he probably would get married to a hunk of metal and that would be VERY pathetic. Arrogance clouded his mind as he defended his ability to be better than other people… Apparently he wasn't that bright when it comes to his girlfriend and her feelings.

A terrible verbal brawl erupted between the two as they argued the pros and cons of giving away the baby of the family and replacing her something far less inferior. In the end, they grudgingly agreed that they would buy a new car and Tobey could modify it to his heart's desire. She was agitated as well by visiting her family this year, Tobey in tow. This was going to be the first time Becky dreaded to see her family.

Why was she so dang panicky all of a sudden? Well, it had something to do with a new comeuppance in her and Tobey's relationship. A change that Becky thought her parents might approve of. Just try not to eat too much of the Super Duper Stroganoff of Epicness," Becky muttered hastily as she inwardly shuddered. This is a special occasion after all. Besides, I would love to consume some of mom's lasagna…" she groaned as her stomach growled from the nutritious images that had filtered into her head.

Slyly, he curled his hand around hers to keep their conversation casual. She's a horrible definition for the best," Tobey faked a moan. Talk about messing around, huh? Sure enough, they were miraculously parked in front of Becky's former residence.

The windows were lit in a hearty glow, quite common when they were around the jolly family. Turning back to her, a cute undignified, pout was set on his face. Obviously, he was going to back out of this arrangement. We were really getting somewhere with our little chat," he whined.

Due to Becky's death glare that caused him to shake his boots various times, he cut the engine. The blonde sighed as he analyzed all the outcomes that could transpire during the family get together. Becky slapped his head again for even more stimulus. With gentleman like grace, Tobey swiftly made his way to his girlfriend's side and held out her door for her. They hooked arms as they strode onto the porch and rang the doorbell.

He glared ferociously at her as he tapped his shoes in a disconcerted manner. And Tobey too," the last part was said a little less enthusiastically than the rest of the greeting, but at least there was none of the malice that Tim usually displayed around the inventor. Specifically at her left hand. On her ring finger. With a gold band and a diamond. After this episode, there is, quite literally, only one Steve because McClean, while showing up for silent background cameos, is never mentioned again.

It's shown in one episode that Raul Demiglasse, a chef who challenged others' cooking skills on his TV show, used onion flakes to make his opponents cry. Word Girl is considered a genius by the other characters - although she is pretty smart, the truth is that everyone else in the show is an idiot with a few exceptions, like the Narrator to one degree or another the less dumb often manipulate the stupider ones.

The fact the populace is so easily tricked often frustrates the heroine. And this becomes a plot-point in the Big Damn Movie. Pretty Princess's magic horse. Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Tobey feigns a British accent unless and until he is speaking to his mother. There's also Guy Rich, who spoke with a southern accent until he revealed himself to be an ordinary person, not the affluent man he lead everyone to believe he was. Big can be an example for this at certain points of the series.

They are always cooking up schemes and trying to get away with crime together. The Butcher in "Ch-ch-ch-change Day," wearing nothing but an obviously fake mustache. That, and WordGirl herself to a degree. In "Oh What a Tangled Knot You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy", the titular villain uses these combined with his impression skills to pretend to be his fellow villains and commit crimes.

Being as stupid as the populus is, they actually believe him to be said villains. WordGirl's home planet is called "Lexicon", a linguistics term that basically means "vocabulary". The Password Is Always Swordfish: