Wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

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wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

There are few thinkpieces about Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating subverting If more men of African descent were portrayed like Wes Gibbons' .. other folks' race but don't police their own god damned genitals in relation. Wesley "Wes" Gibbins, born as Christophe Edmond, was one of the main characters of How to Get The Mahoneys then hire Annalise Keating to serve as Charles's lawyer. .. Rebecca Sutter: Rebecca and Wes' relationship started off as rocky at first. He wanted a dog someday, but not from the breeder at the pound. Annalise wears a wig because she had cancer at some point in the past. the dog biting back, you haven't seen anything yet. The Flash Forwards This also explains why he wanted to break off their relationship. Wes is a Keating, but he's Sam's son, not Annalise's. In episode 9, we find out the body was Wes Gibbins.

Those scratch marks have been featured too many times, and Rebecca spent several episodes mentioning the guy. Since he was a law student too, maybe he was in Annalise's class at some point. Confirmed, his name is Rudy Walters and Rebecca was involved in getting him stuck at a psychiatric ward.

Wes and Laurel meet him in 1x Annalise will defend her students, while Bonnie and Asher prosecute them Annalise because she wants to make sure Wes stays on her side so that the stuff he's discovered about her life like the affair don't come out, and Bonnie because she wants to get back at Annalise. And Asher because he's crushing on Bonnie. Bonnie reluctantly helps Annalise defend them while Asher remains clueless.

While pretending to have a drug problem, Connor will develop a drug problem He'll have to get some stuff in his system and learn lingo and everything in order to be able to seem like an addict in therapy, but along they way will become the mask. The second half of season 1 will flash forward to the students on trial Jossed. WES has a lot more to do with the initial murder that we think All this case rely on one enormous coincidence: Maybe, he did not take this flat by accident Annalise killed Lila and Nate is on to her She felt obligated to defend Rebecca.

She is desperate to prove Sam guilty even though she has shown signs of obviously missing him. Nate told her a straight up lie about what the evidence he found about Sam's involvement with the murder because he knew she would use the information to pin it on Sam. This also explains why he wanted to break off their relationship. She knows exactly how to get away with murder.

Frank killed Lila, and it would seem he did so on Sam's orders. Asher will accidentally shoot Annalise Asher will finally figure out everything that's been going on around him, more or lessand will start carrying a gun to protect himself. They'll be some kind of confrontation about what he knows at the adopted kids house while he, Wes and Annalise are there - and that he's been a mole, passion in info to the DA under threat of blackmail from the DA because of something in his past.

Something in his past that Annalise already knows. Annalise will try and tell him they're not going to hurt him or anything, but - paranoid - he'll pull the gun attempting to leave. Asher, really panicked now, will run off and Wes will chase after him, which is why there's the shot of him running through the woods.

Asher doesn't do that, but he does murder Sinclair, which kind of leads up to that. The Hapstall mansion hides a huge secret that someone very influential wants covered up. Two wealthy people are killed and their adoptive children are accused of the crime.

The key witness against them is the children's aunt, and the moment a hole appears in her testimony, she's killed too. This crime is also pinned on the children, but it's quickly discovered that the police planted evidence to make that case.

Regardless, should the children be put away, the house would be abandoned, likely seized by the police. And the flash-forwards show that when the case is obviously still unresolved two months later, the lead prosecutor is killed and the children's defense attorney mortally wounded at the mansion. Given the level of conspiracy involved, it's obvious that whoever is pulling the strings has a lot of clout, either by way of money or position.

Wes is Annalise's son Jossed. Christophe isn't Wes Christophe is the name of Annalise's baby. She gives birth to him, is too terrified of being a mother, and sells him to Wes' mother Rose.

After Rose's death, Wes and Christophe are separated and placed in different homes. That's why the show doesn't explicitly say that Wes and Christophe are the same person. As far as Wes knows, Christophe was his adopted baby brother that he hasn't seen or heard from since his mother died, and that's how he confirms that Annalise knew him.

Wes is a Keating, but he's Sam's son, not Annalise's. Sam, known for preying on naive women, knocked up Wes's mother. Something goes wrong, and her baby and Wes's mom end up dead. Also, drama from accidental Patricide. Worth noting that Alfred Enoch himself is biracial. Jossed, except for one detail: Wes does have a white biological father. Frank was involved with the car crash that killed Annalise's baby The woman he'd spent the night with worked for the Mahoney family.

While Annalise was trying to convince Eve to come forward about Rose's involvement with the Mahoney case, Wallace Mahoney was meeting with Frank and gave him two options: After Annalise left, Frank called and told Wallace Mahoney where she was going This could also mean that Sam knew Frank's part in Annalise's accident, and that's what he meant by 'You owe me' when he ordered Frank to kill Lila. Frank was bribed with the suitcase full of cash to plant a bug in Annalise's room.

As soon as Wallace Mahoney was told that Annalise was going straight to the feds, he tells his employee to 'take care of it.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

And Sam finds out after Frank tearfully confesses to his part, and convinces him to keep quiet. Frank is responsible for killing Wallace Mahoney. Feeling guilty for inadvertently causing Annalise to lose her son in the car crash, Frank decided to kill Mahoney for revenge. He confesses to Bonnie, who was secretly taping the whole thing. The identity of the person stalking Annalise and setting her house on fire My money's on the person Wallace Mahoney was speaking to.

The person heard Wes confess to being his son, the words 'Annalise Keating' followed by a gunshot, and has decided to carry out a vendetta against Annalise in lieu of any real evidence tying her to the murder. The body in the house is Rebecca's. All Word of God has had to say about the identity of the body is that it was someone "integral to the show".

Wes Gibbins (HTGAWM) is important.

Well, the spoilered character was pretty integral to the first two seasons. Frank will end up planting her body in the house before setting it on fire, knowing the fire would draw attention to the house, cause them to find the body, and bring all of Annalise and the Keating Five's dirty secrets to light, all as revenge for her trying to have him killed or for some other slight she commits toward him before the flashbacks and flash-forwards catch up with one another.

Episode 5 confirms that while the body was unidentified, it was a male. The body on the house is the body of the stalker. The fire was the way to hide the body. In episode 9, we find out the body was Wes Gibbins.

The body in the house is Wes insert more letters to make the name look longer. It's just so obvious but no one wants to admit it. Wes is shown to be alive at that point. Annalise Keatingthe professor, takes her students to her current client to hear her story, tasking them to come up with a better defense than she already has. That night, Wes tries to think of ideas, but is interrupted by the blaring music from next door.

He meets his neighbor, Rebeccaand asks for her to turn down the music. She refuses and slams the door in his face. Wes returns to his apartment and notices the scratch marks in the walls from the last law student who lived in that apartment. As the class presents their ideas, Wes goes through his list, scratching them off one by one as they're all taken. He presents last, but manages to make it to the next round. After witnessing Michaela show off her skills and finding a vital piece of evidence that helps Annalise's case, Wes decides to step up his game, soon coming up with an idea.

He hurries over to Annalise's office, but finds her getting ready to have sex with Nate Lahey. The professor and Wes step out of the room, the latter presents his idea, but Annalise doesn't think it's good enough. Wes is later seen returning to his apartment. He witnesses Rebecca arguing with a man by the name of Griffin O'Reilly.

After he leaves, Wes tries to comfort Rebecca, but she slams the door in his face. Wes later speaks with a man named Samand discovers him to be Annalise's husband, ultimately learning that the professor is having an affair. He promises to keep it to himself, however.

That night, Rebecca drops off a bottle of whiskey as an apology for the way she's treated him. Wes continues to attend court, watching the case be won with the help of Nate. Back in the lecture room, Annalise announces the winners of the competition; ConnorAsherMichaela, Laurel and Wes, ensuring them all positions in her firm. She takes her chosen students to visit Max St.

She tasks them with coming up with something to help win the case. When they head back to the office, Annalise takes Wes aside to give him a personal task for the case. Wes heads home and is looking over the arrest report he just scored, and there is a knock at the door. His neighbor asks if she can use his shower, because his isn't working. He lets her in and she drops her towel and catches him staring.

Wes and the other students are watching the news about the co-ed murder on campus. Wes discovers a discrepancy on the arrest report he got from the police station for Maxwell, and Annalise uses his findings to discredit the police on the scene of the crime. Wes arrives at home, and hears his neighbor Rebecca screaming, police drag her down the stairs in handcuffs. He yells at her to not say anything to the police. They have to drive slow as there is a massive gang of drunk people going to the bonfire.

Wes tries to call Rebecca but she's not picking up.

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Connor comes up with scenarios of what could have happened to her. Wes is confident that Rebecca went to the Annalise's. Wes tells Connor that Sam killed Lila so that's why Rebecca is going over there as she is trying to prove it.

Connor thinks that its a joke. Wes tells him to believe him and drive faster. Laurel is confused as why would Annalise represent Rebecca if she knew Sam was involved.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

Wes says that he would go to the police if she did. Connor laughs and says that he blackmailed Annalise. Laurel tells Connor to shut up and aks Wes if he thinks Sam killed Lila.

Connor's car arrives and everyone gets out and runs to the house. Inside, Michaela is trying to calm Sam down but he is not backing down. He tells Rebecca that if she doesn't come out, he's coming in.

Rebecca is still waiting for all of the files to download. Wes, Connor and Laurel arrive in the room and tell him to stop. Sam tells them all to get out of his house. Wes tells him that once he has let Rebecca go, they will leave. Sam informs then that she took his laptop and asks them what she is trying to get. Wes tells him to calm down again and he backs away from the door. Wes walks up to it and tells Rebecca that she can come out.

She tells him to give her a second. She then opens the door. Sam asks her what she did. Rebecca claims to have done nothing and that she didnt find anything. Wes tells Sam that they will leave now. Sam tells them to go as he is not going to do anything. Wes and Rebecca walk to the door when they are tackled to the floor. Sam tries to reach for the memory stick and grabs it. Wes tries to stop him but Sam hits him in the face.

Wes has him pinned down and gets Laurel to get the stick off of Sam.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

Sam breaks free and they all run out of the bedroom door. He comes at Michaela so he pushes him over the landing. He falls onto the ground floor. Everyone stares at the body. Connor doesn't see the point as Sam's dead. He tells Michaela that she killed him. Michaela argues her point and says that he was coming at them. Connor says that he was alive until she shoved him over the railings.

Michaela says that she was protecting Laurel. Connor says that they are both responsible then. Laurel says that becuase they were all there, they are all at fault. Laurel tells him that Rebecca was stealing private information off of Sam's computer which is a felony and they all helped her.

Connor tells her that no prosecutor would do that as they were all protecting themselves.

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Laurel says that they broke into his house and that Sam was defending himself. Michaela quietly says that she was only there to turn in the trophy. Michaela says that she wasn't a part of their plan. Connor corrects her as there wasn't a plan and that it was all her Rebecca. Rebecca speaks up and says that she didn't ask for anyones help. Connor tells her that she can thank her boyfriend for that. Michaela thinks they should be calling an ambulance.

Connor corrects her again and says that they need to call the police. Wes speaks up and tells them all that no one knows that they are there. Laurel reminds them that Annalise could be back any minute. Wes tells them that that's why they should leave. Michaela asks him if he wants to run. Wes clarifies by saying that "he fell after drinking too much. Wes tells her that Rebecca can' but Michaela doesn't care about Rebecca at that moment, she only cares about her future.

Wes reminds her that she killed Sam, that they all killed him. Everyone stops talking as Sam is strangling Rebecca. Michaela freaks out and tells everyone to do something and to get him off of her. Wes grabs the trophy and hits Sam round the head with it.

Sam falls to the ground, dead. Rebecca's face is covered in blood. Everyone stares at her. Wes drops the trophy. Rebecca is leant against a beam. Wes asks her if she is ok. She looks up at him and Wes tells her that they need to clean her up and get her out of there.

Rebecca looks back at the body and agrees. Wes removes his jacket and tells everyone to get ready to leave. Wes picks up Rebecca and carries her up stares where he washes off the blood. Back down stares, Connor, Laurel and Michaela are silently freaking out.

Connor goes to the kitchen to throw up. Once he has got most of it off, he says that its enough until they get her out of there and washes the blood down the sink. Rebecca puts her shirt back on when Connor shouts for them to hurry up. Rebecca stares at Wes and says "thank-you" and Wes kisses her and tells her that everything's going to be alight. Rebecca is sitting in a chair when Wes wraps a blanket around her. Connor enters and demands that Michaela stand up and not cower in a corner moping.

She just sits there. Connor gets a bit more violent but Laurel shouts for him to stop. Laurel crouches down beside her and tells her softly that they need to leave. Michaela is still not listening so Laurel says that everything is going to be ok. Wes tells him that she will be fine.

Connor disagrees and says that Michaela is broken as she doesn't know how to handle it. Rebecca buts in and says that know one knows how to handle it.

Connor quickly tells Michaela to get up again when Wes reveals that he has a plan. Laurel and Connor are to take Michaela to the woods while Wes will get Rebecca out of there. Connor is worried as Wes wants them to split up. Wes reminds Connor that Rebecca shouldn't be at the house. Just them, Asher knocks on the front door and shouts to see if anyone is inside. Everyone inside freezes but Connor goes to investigate. Asher shouts that he can see Connor's car in the driveway and carries on banging on the door.

Michaela whispers that its all her fault. Connor agrees with her. Asher continues to shout through the door and demands that Michaela give him back the trophy that she stole. Laurel sees Asher moving round to the windows and tells everyone to get down and hide. Connor lays down beside the body and tells the corpse that he is so so screwed.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship with god

Rebecca suggests that they trick him into stepping in the blood. Laurel agrees but Wes doesn't as he wasn't a part of it. Laurel listens closely as she doesn't hear Asher anymore and goes to check. Michaela appears and reveals that she texted him claiming to be at the library. Wes tells her that he will be back as he has to take care of the body and to not do anything until he's back.

Rebecca just sits on the bed staring at the floor. Wes continues telling her that even if someone knocks, not to answer it unless she knows its him. Rebecca tells him that Sam wanted to kill her and that she had no other choice.

Wes tells her to stop it. Rebecca stands up and says that her trial is in a couple of days and she is most likely to go down for it so she is offering to take the blame. She tells Wes that she will kill herself if Wes gets convicted for Sam's murder. Rebecca puts her hands around Wes' neck and tells him to let her help for once. Wes tells her that the only way for her to help is that she should stay in the room and not leave.

A horn snaps Wes out of his vision and the man tells him to get out of the middle of the road. Wes stares at him for a moment, then decides to go back for the trophy. Once in the house, he walks over to Sam's body and picks up the trophy. He then stares at Sam's body and says that he is sorry.

Michaela gets nervous and says that they Wes and Rebecca could have gone to the police and pined it all on them. Connor tells her that everything is going to be fine. Michaela is persistant and says that its all her fault. Laurel buts in and says that its all of their fault and that they are all to balme. Michaela goes to call her boyfriend but Connor speaks sense to her as she can barely form a sentence.

He opens his backpack and reveals a bloody trophy that he went back for. Michaela tells him to go and put it back but Laurel says that it was a good idea taking the murder weapon. She says that they should clean it and put it back after they bury the body.

Michaela and Connor disagree because they will have to drag the body through town in the busiest night of the year. In addition, if they get the body out of the house unseen, the ground in the woods is frozen. Laurel says that they will have to dig all night if they have to. They all start shouting at each other but Wes tells them all to stop and suggests that they decide by flipping a coin to see whether to get the body or leave it where it is. Wes grabs his things off of the ground and tells them all to go.

She seems confused with the plan. She doesn't know what they are going to do with the body once they have it. Wes says that they will burn it.

Michaela tells Wes that a body doesn't just burn, they need an incinerator. Wes says that the flames will get rid of their DNA and Connor says that the bonfire will cover the smoke. Laurel has an idea. They can go to the bonfire and use it for their alibi.