Tony and elvira relationship quiz

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tony and elvira relationship quiz

Elvira Hancock is a fictional character in the American mob film Scarface, portrayed by She and Tony do not share a good relationship, with Elvira always complaining about Tony's constant swearing and obsession with money; Tony. of glamour — and danger. Take our quiz to see how much you remember abou . Tony Montana & Elvira Hancock (Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer) -- Scarface . Smart QuotesScarface Best relationship quote ever:). Find this Pin and more. Healthy Relationship Quiz, Relationship Quizzes, Relationship Problems Discover ideas about Healthy Relationship Quiz. Are you in a elvira Fernandes.

tony and elvira relationship quiz

Tony was sent to Bolivia to meet with one individual but he didn't go alone. The henchman of Frank Lopez, Omar Suarez, accompanied him and he became very upset when Tony started making deals that weren't authorized by Frank. Tony seemed unbothered by the uproar caused by Suarez and went ahead with making the deal. What was the name of the individual in Bolivia that made the deal with Tony?

Question 16 How did Sosa's men ultimately kill Omar Suarez?

tony and elvira relationship quiz

He didn't hesitate to express his anger and he decided to leave the meeting early in order to inform Frank on what was happening in Bolivia. Yet, Omar never got a chance to meet back up with Frank because Sosa's men took hold of him.

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How did Sosa's men ultimately kill Omar Suarez? Question 17 What was the name of this corrupt detective? Yet, that didn't exactly sit well with Lopez.

tony and elvira relationship quiz

One of the ways Lopez tried to hinder Tony Montana's new ventures into creating his own empire was by sending an individual to try and extort money from him. He was supposed to be a detective that was offering police protection in exchange for money. What was the name of this corrupt detective? Question 18 Who was the other woman at the club that caused Tony to act out?

The Colpmbian drug dealer Georgina Gina When Tony Montana is approached by the corrupt detective, Mel Bernstein, at the nightclub, he was much more brazen about his attraction towards Elvira Hancock.

While his previous interaction with her was also very flirtatious, there was a newfound boldness in his approach towards her that truly angered Frank Lopez. Yet, that wasn't the only woman at the club that caused a bit of a stir. Tony saw another woman at the club that was acting in a lewd manner. Who was the other woman at the club that caused Tony to act out? Question 19 Who was behind this assassination attempt? Mel Bernstein Frank Lopez Alberto the Shadow While at the supper nightclub, Tony had a number of interactions that didn't exactly put him in the best mood.

His relationship with Frank was as strained as ever, he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for with Elvira, and he ran into his sister while she was behaving badly with another man.

This sparks a massive public fight between the two, with Tony berating her for her intense drug usage, her depression, which he perceives as laziness, and her infertility. Elvira responds by throwing her glass at Tony, screaming at him, and attempting to physcially charge at him. Elvira collects herself, and tells Tony she is leaving him.

She leaves, and is never seen by Tony again. Reception and legacy[ edit ] Critic Roger Ebert wrote, "that [Montana] must have [Hancock] is clear, but what he intends to do with her is not; there is no romance between them, no joy [ Boyd labels her as "the token cultural symbol of Western male capitalist success". Pointing towards the lack of romance between Montana and Hancock, he notes that both are "travelling along parallel lines of toot". Inness compares her to Poppy in the Scarface and points out that though Montana and Hancock get married, this "hardly uplifts her character".

She terms her an "embittered drug addict with the self-esteem of an empty bullet casing" and a "complainer". Actress overcoming her skeptical tendencies". Retrieved August 19, — via Google News Archive. The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies: Archived from the original on October 27, Retrieved August 19, Pinterest Not only was Bauer authentically Cuban, but he understood the immigrant experience far more tangibly than his co-stars. Object Of Desire Remember that scene when Tony and Manny are sitting on the beach in Miami enjoying tropical cocktails and discussing off-color methods to pick up girls?

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But if they had, they definitely would have thought twice before ogling her. Pinterest Josephine Stello was one of fourteen children, born into a family of Italian immigrants. After finally seeing a screening of the film, she passed a message to her son, intended for a fellow Italian: And invirtuoso Brian De Palma was poised to venture into a very different realm: But there was a big problem. He insisted on making the film contemporary, and its characters Cubans.

To learn about their subjects would require research from writer Oliver Stone — and not all of it savory. Keep reading for more fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of Scarface!

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Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock had long before implemented the tradition of directors making cameos in their own films.

Not to be outdone, director Brian De Palma planted himself into Scarface. To find him, check out the mirrors in the Babylon Club. Why, the brains behind the whole operation, De Palma in the flesh. His resources were shockingly scarce. Cast member Steven Bauer helped him shape his accent, but Al had a special request for director of photography, John A. He had quit cold turkey, and poured the sickness and paranoia into his writing.

He stated the film was his revenge on addiction. Thought that was crazy? We all know how much the kingpin loved his arsenal of weapons. But to find his body language, Al looked beyond the bazookas, finding inspiration in a man who made a career from hand-to-hand combat: Getty Images As the actors tell it, Pacino was unsure about taking the role at first, but a conversation with De Niro sealed the deal.

Sometimes, a friendly push is all you need. However, Manny Ribera actor Steven Bauer was probably not surprised. He had prior insight from one wise sage: He prophesied that Hollywood would resent Scarface, because it was about them: His sobering prediction came true.

tony and elvira relationship quiz