Sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

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sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

Her initial relationship with Duncan is marred by the revelation that she may be . Sydney and Vaughn weren't star-crossed, nor mismatched. They assisted greatly in the takedown of SD-6, and soon entered into a romantic relationship. However, after Sydney's two year disappearance Vaughn married. Sydney Anne Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner) is a fictional character and the primary focus Sydney was engaged to be married to her boyfriend Danny Hecht, but he was killed by SD-6 after Sydney Sydney and Vaughn continue to suppress their feelings for each other in light of Vaughn's relationship with Lauren.

Weiss tells Sydney that Sloane brokered a pardon with the CIA after she died, and he is now a consultant for the CIA, as well as running a world health organization. Sydney goes and sees Sloane and he already had the file of the person she was looking for, since he was expecting her. He suspects that she is working to get Jack free, and he says some other really creepy stuff about loving her as if she was his own daughter. And after this, she throws him onto the desk, and threatens him with a letter opener, asking him where she has been the last two years and that she knows he has something to do with it.

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She works with another one of her old contacts and finds where this man is, blows up his car and those inside of it, and retrieves the chip that she has been looking for.

When Sydney goes back to the CIA, it is a definite parallel to the pilot episode when she walks back into SD-6 with the Mueller device, in the pilot when she walked back in it was Dixon who was surprised to see her back and stands up to watch what will happen, but Weiss does it this time.

Lindsay is in the office, Sydney holds up the chip, which hold planes for a drone missile, and tells them that she has the plans for the drone and that if they want them back, the NSC has to release her father immediately. Lindsay tries to pull rank on her and asks if she really thinks she can threaten her. But Sydney is at a similar place she was after Danny dies emotionally; she feels that she has nothing to lose, even more now.

Back then she at least had some outside support from Will and Francie, but now she truly feels as if she has nothing. So she pulls out a mini torch and holds it next to the chip, and tells him yea h, I am going to threaten you. Vaughn starts to walk to meet her and they meet somewhere in the middle, and Vaughn smiles at her and tells here that he came by to see how you were.

She is not happy; she stares him down and finally asks if he is kidding her. He tells her that he just wanted to make sure that… but before he can finish, she becomes defensive Sydney. You came here to see how you are, because you know in your heart what you did. Consider that for one second…. Not after all you and I have seen. Vaughn, you and I live and breathe madness.

Every day on the job there is no rational thought. I can't even pretend to have a conversation about anything else with you. What it comes down to is faith. What I was hoping you would say is, 'Sydney, I gave up… I gave up on us.

I'm not gonna say, 'I understand,' I'm not gonna sympathize with you and tell you how hard it must be for you. But you want to know how I am?

Sydney & Vaughn + Lauren - Holding Her & Loving You

Vaughn, I am ripped apart! And not because I lost you If it had been me I would have waited I would have found the truth I wouldn't have given up on you!

sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

And now I realize It is the most heartbreaking speech in the world, because you can see exactly how much Vaughn no longer being her number one confidant is affecting her. She has such a hard time that some of the words you can barely hear because she is trying so hard to stay mad and not break into tears.

I do have to say that Vaughn is once again the perfect gentleman during this. He knows how badly she needs to vent right now, so he is going to stand there and take every word that she has for him. And while watching Sydney is hard, I almost find it harder to watch Vaughn as he sees it from her point of view.

And you can see how much he still loves her. And knowing what happened with Sydney I do have to say that honestly at this point, I probably feel worse for Vaughn. But I also know that she will get past her anger and they will move on. Back at the CIA, Jack has been freed is so excited to see him and Jack tells her thank you for freeing her. Then he tells her that he has to show her something, and they go to a basement looking location and he tells her that almost a year after her apparent death he was on an operation and he had been tracking a Russian diplomat Andrian Lazarey, and he had placed a hidden camera in his office.

sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

Will investigates Danny's death. Sydney discovers that Jack was involved in carrying out Sloane's orders. Parity - Sydney faces off with Anna Espinosa. Will uncovers something suspicious about Danny's death. Vaughn is removed as Sydney's handler, but she gets him promoted.

A Broken Heart - Vaughn and Sydney disagree about how much information to give SD-6, but she still turns to him when she needs someone.

Francie thinks Charlie is cheating on her. Jack is hiding something from Sydney.

sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

Doppelganger - Vaughn suspects that Jack is hiding another allegiance. Will meets a woman who may have information about Danny. Dixon inadvertently jeapordizes the lives of CIA agents.

Reckoning - Sydney goes undercover in a psychiatric institution to get closer to an assassin. Francie learns the real reason Charlie has been sneaking around. Will finds out who Kate really is. Marshall catches on to the CIA. Sydney thinks Jack was responsible for Laura's death. Color Blind - Sydney discovers Shepard's connection to her. Sloane is tipped off that there may be at least one mole at SD Jack comes clean about what really happened to Laura.

Time Will Tell - Sloane literally puts Sydney to the test to prove that she's not a double agent. Will's investigating takes him deeper. Sydney has more doubts about Jack's past affiliations. Mea Culpa - Sloane suspects Sydney of being the mole. Dixon's life is in danger. Will investigates Eloise's bug and gets a tape that may tell him what happened the night she was killed.

Spirit - Jack attempts to save Sydney from torture and murder for being a mole. Will's interest is piqued when he hears about SD Vaughn totally likes Sydney. The Confession - Just as Sydney starts to actually like Jack, Vaughn uncovers evidence that he might not be such a good guy and wants to report him.

Hassan is finally captured. Jack reveals that there's more to Laura than Sydney thought. Sydney and Jack are left to save the day. Will worries that he's in too deep in his investigation.

sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

McNeil's daughter wants Will's help. Sloane gives Marshall the finger. Will is still on the trail of SD Sydney discovers that Charlie isn't as great as Francie thinks he is. Page 47 - Vaughn asks Sydney to use Emily to get something from Sloane. A kidnapped Will is ordered to drop his investigation. Rambaldi has a frightening connection to Sydney. Sloane thinks someone he trusts is working with the enemy.

He also thinks he knows who the Man is. Sydney discovers that Rambaldi's work may provide information about a weapon of mass destruction. She also realizes that Irina might not be so dead after all. Masquerade - Sydney encounters an ex and has to confront the harsh way their relationship ended. Barnett to deal with his feelings about Irina.

Francie and Will are suspicious about Sydney's life. Snowman - Sloane isn't so sure he can trust Noah. Jack is uncomfortable when Sydney uncovers more information on Irina.

Francie and Will confront Sydney. Khasinau is in danger. Will realizes that Jack was behind his kidnapping and gets his help to figure out what's going on. Emily knows about SD-6, which leaves Sloane in a pickle. Dixon becomes suspicious of Sydney. Will gets himself in trouble. Jack finally takes matters into his own hands regarding Haladki. Sydney comes face-to-face with a familiar device.

She also comes face-to-face with her mother. Syd also has no idea where Vaughn is. Dixon tries to decide what to do about Sydney. Will's life takes a drastic turn thanks to his digging. Trust Me - Sydney isn't sure how to read Irina. Sloane joins the Alliance. Vaughn isn't happy about Irina's return. Cipher - Sydney goes up against Sark. Jack has his first conversation with Irina in almost 20 years.

Sloane is either crazy or being haunted. Dead Drop - Jack takes a major risk in an effort to show Sydney that she can't trust Irina. A woman suggests that Will write about SD-6 again. Sark and Sydney face off again. The Indicator - A mission to track down weapons leads Sydney to recover disturbing memories from her childhood.

Vaughn is suspicious of Jack. Sloane comes clean to Jack about Emily. Salvation - The Mueller device may have left Sydney and Vaughn with lasting effects. Sloane gets a little crazier. Vaughn gets some help from Will. Sydney fights for Jack and Irina. She also has to rely on information from Irina.

Romancing Alias - Sydney & Vaughn: An Overview of Season Three, and Some Other Thoughts…

Will's research turns up some interesting information. Passage, Part 1 - The Bristows head off on a mission together. Sloane brings Sark into the SD-6 fold. Emily may be alive. Passage, Part 2 - Jack and Sydney question Irina's loyalties in the midst of danger.

Sloane admits to the Alliance that he may not have successfully carried out their orders. Sydney, Will, and Francie play mini golf. The Abduction - Marshall gets to go on his first mission.

Jack clashes with an Alliance counterintelligence agent. Francie is suspicious of Sydney and Will. Alice just won't go away. A Higher Echelon - Even though his life is in danger, Marshall tries to use his skills to stay ahead. Ariana suspects that Jack has something to do with what happened to Emily.

Sydney finally admits that she likes Vaughn. The Getaway - Vaughn and Sydney attempt romance on a mission.

sydney and vaughn relationship timeline

Jack goes to Irina for help with finding out who's blackmailing Sloane. Not that it matters, since Emily is alive. Phase One - A missing Sloane is replaced by a new director who targets Jack and Sydney as double agents. Sydney and Vaughn share a long-awaited kiss. Francie is killed by someone who looks remarkably like her. Double Agent - Sydney isn't sure how much she can trust an agent who has been doubled.

Vaughn and Sydney are happy that they can have a relationship and Sydney doesn't have to hide her secret agent status anymore. Allison has no problems ingratiated herself in Francie's life. A Free Agent - Sydney debates leaving spying behind. Season 2 In the season 1 finale, Vaughn was stuck in the water from the destroyed Rambaldi device.

He is captured by the enemy and as he is almost killed, Sydney comes to the rescue and helps him escape from Khasinuau. Sydney and Vaughn almost kiss but they can't.

Weiss is later shot by Irina Derevko and Vaughn tells him that he'll be ok. Vaughn tells Sydney how he got out of the water. Will, desperate for a job since no one will hire him with his faked criminal record, meets with Vaughn to ask for any job.

While Vaughn cannot give him a CIA job due to the said criminal record, he uses his discretionary fund to pay Will to research aptitude tests given to first graders in the US to see if questions from Project Christmas were added to these tests. Vaughn finds out that Jack set up Irina Derevko and he tells Jack that if he does tells Sydney he will.

He hugs Sydney at the end. Afterwards, the CIA learns that prolonged exposure to the red-ball Rambaldi device can lead to death, so Vaughn and Sydney are tested for exposure. Turns out that Sydney is not sick but he is. Sydney saves him and while he is recovering in the hospital, Sydney meets Alice Williams. Vaughn talks to her about Alice. Vaughn is later worried about Sydney with her parents. He goes and saves her before being killed.