Soraru and lon relationship

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soraru and lon relationship

Soraru and Lon | A Fire in Her Soul - by Gigglepud the first time he talked about it, and while they amended their relationship, there was still a. The next sad thing I have to share is that Soraru said Soralon collabs are probably over. Soraru had invited her to do collabs, but she turned. s board "Soraru vocaloid" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about See more. Lon, Soraru - Remote Control Vocaloid, Remote, Music Videos, Lens, Universe.

Mafumafu didn't know what to think. His best friend had just This relationship is moving to fast, I can't handle it! Mafu paused and realised what he just thought. Wait, there's no relationship, I'm going insane! Soraru took a few sips of the water, watching Mafu as he had an argument with himself.

You could always tell when the albino was thinking hard, for he made strange facial expressions and moved his hands around. Soraru coughed to get the other's attention, raising an eyebrow as to say, "Well? You're walking to fast! Mafu smiled brightly, "Sure!

They ventured the many stores in the mall. They were in a clothing store when Soraru had an idea. Let's try on each other's clothes. Why do you want to do that?

soraru and lon relationship

Do you have a screw loose? How can I get him to do it?

Have something to confess?

Soraru thought and thought, and finally came up with something, "Think of it as a contest. Whoever looks better is the winner. He was inspired to become an utaite by fellow utaite Gazelle and Shachou.

soraru and lon relationship

His favorite anime character is Eureka from Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN, often referring to her as his "wife". He likes to "troll" people on his Twitter, often using it to prank his friends. He likes to claim that he is only 17 years old even though he isn't.

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His blood type is O. Although many fans asked about his relationship with Lon, he always says that he has never met her in real life before. In SoraLon radio, they often pull jokes about it.

soraru and lon relationship

On Twitter and in namahousous, he likes to act as Lon's 'older brother' or sometimes 'father'. When he sings in a feminine voice, like in his "Usotsuki" cover, or edits his voice to sound female, he is referred to as "Soraruko" by fans.

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He is quite good at the acoustic guitar, and sometimes accompanies his singing in his namahousous. He was born in a coastal area of Miyagi prefecture, and currently lives in Yamagata prefecture. He said that his real name is quite long to the point where his name was cut off on a nationwide mock examcontaining 7 kanji characters altogether. He does not like spicy food and thinks that people who like spicy food are weird and masochists.

He is friends in real life with Remyu, kunkun and Mitea, with whom he attended college.

soraru and lon relationship

Mafumafu thinks he's a tsundere, since Soraru has blocked and muted Mafumafu many times on twitter. He is the oldest son in his family. He has 2 younger brothers and a little sister.