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A right royal affair

Amruta Fadnavis: Amruta Fadnavis is a social activist and banker as well as Her marriage to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. The BJP has appointed Devendra Fadnavis as the man to lead the new his aunt Shobhatai Fadnavis was a Shiv Sena-BJP government. I love to dance and to draw and to create something new in this life. situation be fadnavis and devendra relationship shobha fadnavis

These women shot to fame after marriage! Nov 13, Amruta Fadnavis is a social activist and banker as well as a singer.

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During his Chief Ministership in Uttar Pradesh and consequent election campaign, Dimple often made appearances at public rallies and helped in the party's campaign. Sharmila Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are amongst the Political world's top power couples.

Sharmila can often be seen supporting the MNS leader at various public events and functions. Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar's love story blossomed at an airport.

Anjali Mehta, who was a medical student then, ran after year old Sachin when she saw him at the airport. She had gone to pick up her mother, something which she totally forgot upon seeing the young cricket. There has definitely been no turning back for this Mumbai couple. Kiran Rao's connection with Bollywood began with her work as an assistant director. Inshe married one of Bollywood's biggest celebs, Aamir Khan. The couple immediately shot to the industry's top power couples list.

Usha Mittal is married to steel tycoon and one of the world's richest people, Lakshmi Mittal.

I used to call him sir, have never demanded his time: Amruta Fadnavis

Anusha Bhagat's love story became a bestselling novel after her author-husband Chetan Bhagat penned it down. She is photographed here after casting her vote along with herhusband. Ritika Sajdeh worked as a sports manager when she met one of Team India's leading batsmen Rohit Sharma.

John Abraham got into a relationship with investment banker and financial consultant Priya Runchal. Yasmeen Premji is married to Wipro founder, Azim Premji.

After her marriage, Yasmin has regularly engaged in Philanthropic work. She has even penned a couple of novels. That her declared net worth hovers around 25 lakhs, also says something. Can her modest beginnings be exploited to condone her atrocious public abuse? Will anybody offer similar concessions to someone who comes from a less deprived background?

This is yet another example of the politics of convenience and opportunism.

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  • A right royal affair
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Sure, she is an elected representative of the people and nobody can take that away from her. But did she have to be inducted into the government and given a ministerial berth she is clearly not qualified for? And if she has been placed there, either she should shape up and fit the bill, or, if she crosses all limits of decency as she didshe must be sacked. She is someone who delivers religious sermons through story telling.

She also describes herself as a social worker. It is precisely this kind of arrogant justification of blatant wrong doing that is worrying voters. If the Sadhvi gets away with this and still hangs on to her position, it will encourage others to follow suit, test the waters of tolerance and see if they too are honourably exonerated by the powers that be.

Parliamentary conduct and language be damned, we have witnessed disgraceful scenes of hoolganism indulged in by all the parties at some point of the other. The disturbing trend has to stop and strong disciplinary action taken against those who misbehave and break laws of civil conduct — within and outside the Parliament. People like her, irrespective of which religious group they represent, deserve to be ostracized and shunned. If she had been asked to step down, it would have sent the right signal across party lines and perhaps, deterred future hater mongers from making such inflammatory comments.

But will we ever show such sense and take necessary steps in advance? That leaves the Bewildered Indian who wonders what went wrong… when… why. We remained silent when we ought to have spoken up. Most were pleasant — very pleasant. I was back on the West Coast after a fairly long break. The flight to Los Angeles seemed never ending — well, over sixteen hours cooped up inside an airplane is almost as bad as being strapped into an MRI machine for sixteen minutes - and equally claustrophobic.

At the time of writing, several cities across America are burning, in what threatens to be a major polarizing moment in race relations — uneasy and troubling at the best of times. We, in India, are in exactly the same situation, and for the same reasons. We refuse to give our demon a name.

In place of race we have religion.

Fadnavis and devendra relationship shobha fadnavis

And I am talking about desi Americans, too. Most are so frighteningly insular in their outlook, one wonders whether they have any other real interests and objectives beyond making money the primary reason most of them immigrated to America more than thirty years ago. Yes, they are vaguely curious about Narendra Modi and his government. But if you think the Madison Square Garden extravaganza impressed these folks, forget it.

They took pains to point out it was precision staged by well-heeled BJP supporters in America, who efficiently managed the gushy Indian media coverage of the hoopla. If anything, Indians stick to other Indians, and largely mind their own business. Their prosperity is evident and visible, more on the West Coast than elsewhere. These are the wealthy techies who have done spectacularly well in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Like the other Asians. Their idea of India is nebulous at best. And the only connect is via grand- parents they may meet once in two years. Are they friends with White kids? How do the several Indian communities living in America respond to the Ferguson saga? Do they experience the same level of outrage as African Americans demonstrating on the streets? The thing is, we are as racist if not more so than anybody else. Not coloured — even though that is the category they technically fit into. And that is how they are seen.

This is how it goes.