Shinji and kaworu relationship quotes

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shinji and kaworu relationship quotes

Little is known of Kaworu's motivations for representing an idealized friend to Shinji Ikari, although his interest in. Here are 20 valid reasons why the relationship between Kaworu and Shinji can be viewed as a romantic one. Reason 1: In the movie poster for. Shinji Ikari: Kaworu, but why? Kaworu Nagisa: It is my destiny to live forever, though my survival will bring destruction to the human race. However, it is.

What are you, stupid?


And now's my chance! No, none of this is the real me! Help me, Kaji, help me! A sound effect of a train approaching and passing plays. Why are you there, damn you?! You don't do anything! You won't help me! You won't even hold me! Why won't you look at me? I'm going to live by my own! But do you love me?

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I won't rely on anyone! But do you really love me? I can live by my own! The screen flashes the phrases for one frame each: My mind is being eaten away Kaji-san, it's unravelling my mind! What do I do? It's defiling my mind! Myself and an EVA.

shinji and kaworu relationship quotes

No, I sense somebody other than myself. Are you one of the beings we call the Angels?

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Don't you want to become one with me? Hmm, but you shall. I will share part of my mind with you. Let me share with you these emotions.

Do you feel this pain? You don't want to be by yourself, correct? We are many but you are alone. You hate it don't you? That is what it is to be lonely? That is what your mind is. It is what fills your soul. You are that sorrow. Singing brings us joy. It is the highest point in the culture that Lilims have created. Hello, you weren't waiting here for me were you? No, Uh-well, not really waiting anyway. So what are you doing for the rest of the day? Well, usually when tests are over I'll just take a shower and go home.

But I really don't want to go home these days. The fact that you have a place where you can return, home, will lead you to happiness. That is a good fact. I want to talk to you some more. May I come with you? To the shower I mean. Or do you mean no? Are you that afraid of other people?

shinji and kaworu relationship quotes

Man cannot erase this sadness, because all men are fundamentally alone. I have to go to bed. I think you have your own room that they gave you I mean!

You know pain is something man must endure in his heart, and since the heart feels pain so easily some believe life is pain. You are delicate like glass, especially your heart.

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Yes, and worth earning my empathy. I'm saying I love you. It was intended to enact the scenario we had created. However, it appears to have become dominated by single cellued individuals.

Kaworu Is an Idealized Version of Shinji

We must take it back into our own dominion. You will take responsibility for betraying Seele. The Lance Of Longinus, which would have impeded the realization of our plan, is now gone forever.

The last angel shall soon appear and with its destruction our wishes may be born. Soon, Yui; please have patience. Why am I here? Why am I still alive? In what way are he and I alike? What did you want to say to me?

So much has happened since I came here. Before this I lived with my teacher. It was calm and boring in those days. There was really nothing I had to do. Did you hate dealing with people? I think I may have been born just to meet you, Shinji Ikari. Humans cannot create from nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding on to something. Humans are not gods. But there is one man trying to obtain the power of god. There is a man, who is not one of us, who seeks to re-open Pandora's Box.

There is a man attempting to close the box before the hope at the bottom appears. Hope exists in as many forms as there are people.

For the human heart is the only place where hope exists. However our hope is becoming substantiated. That is Lilith the progenitor of mankind. The false successors from the black moon. And also Adam, progenitor of the angels, who are the true successors of the lost white moon. His salvaged soul exists only within you. Yet his resurrected body exists within Ikari.

So he also is the same as me. And that is why we entrust you with our wish. Did they plan for him to attack Terminal Dogma, or was that his own plan? We do know that once the attack commenced they wanted Unit to defeat him [11] Was this their plan all along, or was it because his foray into the bowels of Nerv was a betrayal? Although Kaworu was sent by Seele for a specific purpose, he also has his own agenda. See Theory and Analysis: Kaworu's Agenda for an in-depth discussion.

Unlike the Angels who came before him, but like Rei, Kaworu has a Lilin body, with no visible physical difference from a regular human except for very pale skin, light grey hair and red irises. Tabris is the only Angel to infiltrate Terminal Dogma. Kaworu's human body is a vessel for the salvaged soul of Adam itself, and wields all of the power that comes with it. He is in effect Adam reborn as a human. Field is described by the Magi as the strongest yet encountered until it is surpassed by Rei's.

Kaworu is observed using it for levitation, to control Evaas a massive barrier that prevents the Command Center from receiving wave transmissions, and, evidently to bypass the LCL Plant's locking mechanism. By being both the First Angel Adam, whose body and soul were separated in Second Impact and the Seventeenth and final Angel, he is in effect both the first and the last of his kind. Kaworu is "born from Adam," and describes Adam as "our the Angels' Mother.

The answer is pretty obvious - he trusts Kaworu. If you think about it, although Shinji obviously had some issues all along, he was relatively level headed until he was forced to kill Kaworu. Everything finally catches up on him and he just loses it in a downwards spiral of despair.

And we get a nice little collage of Kaworu clips. Notice that the angel statue is headless too? And Shinji is an emotional wreck at this stage.

In the climax of The End of Evangelion, after Rei fuses with Lilith and becomes a living God, she takes on the image of the person each individual cares about most before they are deconstructed into LCL. Misato who was dead at this point, Asuka who was believed to be dead, Rei herself, his mother… anyone! But the fact is, it appeared as Kaworu because he cares about him. And it sure as hell works, since he finally calmed down and stopped screaming.

Giant, naked Kaworu obviously did some good! You might disagree, but I think that they both represent a different type of love. When Kaworu and Shinji are piloting Eva 13 at the end of Evangelion 3. Did you know that Kaworu is amazing? Shinji sure as hell does!