Shilpa shetty and shmita relationship quizzes

38 and single but Shamita Shetty won't settle for just anyone, here's why

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship quizzes

Just like Shilpa Shetty, her sister Shamita has become an undivided victim of Indian couple who died in Yosemite took risks for photos. Ke Hua Bro." Her sister and actress Shilpa Shetty says that Shamita Shetty. General Knowledge Quiz: Can You Score Over 30? Most Can't!. Bollywood celebs like Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra, Shamita Shetty, Richa Chadda, Ali Fazal and many more. NOW PLAYING: Relationships.

I do know one thing — while success has a lot to do with hard work, luck also plays an important role. I look at having a sister, who was already established in the industry, in a positive way. Having her backing always helped. When Shilpa came into the industry, she had to learn from her own mistakes.

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I, on the other hand, luckily could see and learn from those. What is the kind of cinema you want to be part of?

I would like to do something like crossover films. I understand the industry has changed today — there is an influx of new talent.

I know they may not come to me to play the lead role. There is so much inside me that I have not been able to explore.

I was very close to my Dad as I grew up with him more than mom as she was travelling with my sister. Nothing prepares you for something like that in life. Death is inevitable, people have to eventually go, but you are never prepared. It was hard for me, but I am a little better now. After Dad passed away, all the focus shifted on me. My mom said I want you to find a partner and settle down. As days passes by there were no news about their state of relationship. She has commented that she was single and enjoying her happy life.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship quizzes

So their relationship was very much hidden from the media sources. Her Ideal Man Her ideal man should have a lot of taste regarding the interior design.

I am single and that’s annoying: Shamita Shetty

He must be able to admire her work and encourage her in every steps she takes to achieve in her career. Eventhough she has left the film industry she is still towards her passion. Her ideal man should be able to guide her and accept her as she is without expecting any changes.

She expects a supportive and loving companion who can travel a smooth journey throughout her life. How She Thinks Marriage As of now she has not planned for any marriage proposals.

38 and single but Shamita Shetty won't settle for just anyone, here's why

Since she has just entered in to her passionate world of interior designs she feels that she has to travel more in order to reach her destiny in the career.

Until then she has no idea about the marriage.

shilpa shetty and shmita relationship quizzes

She feels that the marriage might become an obstacle in establishing her dreams so she wants to move safer and loves to settle only after she become contented of her career growth. Her Ideal Dating Plan Shamita has been rumored of dating. But actually she could not find time to date anyone. She has fallen in love at the shooting spots but has not gone on dating as preplanned.

She loves to travel a lot and she likes to admire the natural beauty along with her date. As of now she has no big interest in her personal life. She is still in the phase of nurturing her passion without looking behind her interest in dating. Anyways she will find time in near future to think about dating and get settled in life as soon as possible. She loves to shop and have fun irrespective of the surroundings. Her fans were worried when she left the industry but still appreciated her decision in pursuing her passion.

Since she used to get caught in gossips her fans were waiting to know about the real stance of her relationship status. As days pass by they started to concentrate in her debut without much caring about her personal affairs.