Rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

Belle's Happy Ending Was So Sad on Once Upon a Time -

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

Rumpelstiltskin as the Dark One and the beautiful Belle. citing real abusive relationships where the abused went back to the abuser sure cowardice is at the root of a lot of Rumpel's problems (afraid your wife will leave?. When it comes to relationships on Once Upon a Time, it goes without saying Rumple and Belle's Twisted and Sweet Romance Evolution . Only a True Once Upon a Time Fan Can Get a Perfect Score on This Trivia Quiz. Rumple and Belle's relationships has been built upon lies once she I have multiple other problems with the show, the unimaginative.

Will Rumpelstiltskin ever turn fully good? Rumpelstiltskin is known as the Dark One, which means he has dark magic and is the most dangerous villain in the series. After marrying Belle Emilie de RavinRumple changed his ways and became the man Belle knew he could become. Interestingly, he still had the dagger stating that he was the Dark One.

Can he ever get rid of the darkness fully and become the hero we all know he is? You read that right.

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There was one whole episode based on their love and how they found each other. Regina deserves happiness in the face of the many hardships she endured throughout the series Image via giphy Will Regina get her happy ending?

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

Ultimately, Regina is a kind-hearted person that deserves her happily ever after. What is happening in Storybrooke?

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

Henry is in a different cursed realm with his Regina, Rumple and the alternate universe. Although there are still characters living in Storybrooke day after day, fans have no idea what is happening to them. Who is the new mayor now that Regina is in a different realm? Is there still magic? Hopefully, the questions are answered before the series finale. How will the series end?

Their romance was equal parts adorable and frustrating, as they kept disappearing from the narrative over the course of the season. Part of it really comes down to the chemistry between Deniz Akdeniz and Karen David, who each left their own stamp on their roles. In the end, the pair were able to secure their happily ever after and save Agrabah from Jafar.

Honestly the chemistry in the live-action Aladdin movie should be just as good as this was. She forgot everything about Storybrooke, her family, and her unresolved romantic feelings.

bad romance part 2 - rumplestiltskin & belle (once upon a time)

It was just something that made a lot of sense. The issue was that Walsh was not that interesting and nothing more than a device to tease Zelena as the season 3B villain.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

You just have to wonder if people from the Enchanted Forest has some kind of homing beacon for others like them. Repeating themselves with a one-off character just seemed a bit cheap. Whether or not it worked is entirely up to the fans, yet the romance aspect of it was still strong.

Much like the first season needed a good grounding in Snow White and Charming, the seventh season needed the same in Henry and Cinderella. For the most part, it worked. West and Alison Fernandez created a believable and grounded sort of romance for their characters.

We definitely wish that we could have seen more of the couple after the show was cancelled. The romance between Cora and Rumple was a strictly for one episode only, but it felt like one episode too much. There could have been other reasons than an ill-fated romance for Cora to rip out her own heart. It feels like something should have carried over, ripped out heart or no. The pair had a sweet and heartwarming bond that survived even into the Curse.

More than that, it was the first LGBT romance in the show that was given due attention and allowed to grow over the season. It blossomed into a sweet and loving relationship between two women who accepted each other and encouraged the best in the other.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

It was only fitting that this pair was officially engaged by the end of the season. After having a full life together, Belle collapses in the house she and Rumple share.

9 Questions That Should Be Answered Before 'Once Upon a Time' Ends

He brings her to the couch where she tells him to seek out The Guardian. Alice, Tilly in this world, has stopped taking her pills. She accosts Victoria Belfrey in her car, accusing her of bringing them all to this fake neighborhood in Seattle. For whatever reason, maybe having something to do with her time in Wonderland, Alice can see through the curse.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship questions

Belfrey pressures him to drug Tilly, who takes him to her hideout to try to jog his true memory. Here, we get our second saddest death of the episode. Leave Chip out of this, what did he ever do to you?!

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That near-death experience gives him the slightest glimpse of Belle, and he remembers everything. I almost cheered, if not for the fact that I was alone on my couch and that would have been weird. It answered all our questions about Detective Weaver and took it somewhere really exciting. The more important part of the story involves Belfrey getting even pettier.

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After Jacinda saved the community garden, Belfrey forbids her from even taking Lucy trick-or-treating.