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That child, Roy, appears briefly at the end of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade in He maintains a close relationship with Cecilia, his former teacher, and Lilina. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. If Lilina and Roy have an A level support at the end of the game, an ending is triggered in which Roy and Lilina marry. She becomes queen of a united Lycia.

En route to Araphen, news reached Roy that Araphen had already been attacked by a Bern army led by Brunnya and Narciandecimating the League's army. By the time he arrived, the bulk of Bern's army had already pulled out, leaving an occupational guard in Araphen; Roy defeated the occupation force, only to find a severely wounded Hector.

Even a warrior of Hector's talent had been overwhelmed by the raw power of dragonsBern's secret weapon, and with his last words Hector warned Roy of the dragons in Bern's service and entrusted him with the leadership of the Lycian army in his stead, then died from his wounds. Roy's next destination was Ostia, to recover a weapon capable of fighting dragons and protect Lilina.

On his way, he was forced to fight against traitorous Lycian forces who sought an alliance with Bern in light of the imminent collapse of the League. A rebellion led by the Ostian knights Debias and Legance had seized control of Ostia, allied with Bern and taken Lilina hostage, opposed only by an Ilian mercenary band under Hector's employ.

With the assistance of the Ilian mercenaries - ZelotsTrec and Noah - Roy challenged the rebellion and, for the first time in the city's history, successfully invaded Castle Ostia to defeat Legance and rescue Lilina.

His victory was short-lived, however, with the arrival of a Bern unit headed by Narcian, saved at the last minute only by the arrival of Cecilia and Perceval from Etruria, who placed Lycia under Etrurian protection and drove Narcian out.

The Western Isles expedition The Etrurian assistance came with a cost, with the Lycian army - now headed by Roy - indebted to them for their protection. On Etruria's orders, Roy's army was sent away from Lycia to the Western Islesan Etrurian colony, to fight the encroaching bandit infestation. Cecilia informed him that the decision to deploy Roy came not from the Etrurian king or military, but from the Isles' governor Arcardo and royal advisor Roartzwithout anyone else's involvement; Guinivere was left in Cecilia's care during Roy's campaign.

While initially determined to complete his set task as quickly as possible, as he progressed Roy instead learned of the abuse and enslavement of the people of the Isles at the hands of corrupt Etrurian governors, including Arcardo, all to fuel the Etrurian mining industry in the region. Roy elected to lead the army on a different mission in the Isles: Elphin of the resistance. At the Isles' capital, Jutes, Roy's army fought a Bernese unit as Arcardo fled the Isles, defeating a dragon left behind to defend the capital by the Bernese commander Flaer.

Of the Etrurian army, only Cecilia has escaped being forced to serve the Revolutionaries and even she was now cornered with Guinivere in a castle in Missur. Just like the other two GBA titles, the Arena can net you theoretically infinite money and experience.

Unlike the latter two however, support bonuses are actually added to characters whenever they challenge the arena. This results in much less defeats, and can even max the levels of characters incredibly early.

It's easy to see why the future arenas no longer do this. The Fire support affinity is one of the most sought after support affinities, providing a nice boost to attack, critical, hit, and evasion. Funnily enough it's one of Roy's few upsides, and why many advise you support him with someone right away. Her sprite portrait gives her a less flattering haircut, too.

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Just Here for Godzilla: People tend to play The Binding Blade for Roy alone outside Japanas the game otherwise tends to be criticized as being poorly designed and having an overly basic plot compared to the Jugdral games and its prequel.

Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Despite Roy being a Memetic Loser and having a Fan-Preferred Couple with Lilina, that has not stopped Roy from being shipped with literally all of his support partners and more. King Zephiel of Bern was once a cheerful, idealistic youth cruelly betrayed by his cruel father King Desmond. Faking his own deathZephiel killed his father, becoming disillusioned with humanity and helped to unseal the dragon tribe, including the Demon Dragon Idunn, to punish humanity for its sins.

Leading Bern in a war of seeming conquest, Zephiel instead intends to unleash Idunn, using the war as a clever front.

Even when cornered by the young hero Roy, Zephiel uses himself as bait to keep his plans going, unrepentant to the end. Lilina is often considered the one running the pants in the relations with Roy due to her immense magical power and being the daughter of Hector, who was widely known as a massive ass-kicker that she inherits his ass-kicking genes.

It also helps that Roy is often seen as a Tier-Induced Scrappy during the game's run, so Lilina is often the go-to character to carry the game between the two anyways once Roy hits Level 20 and has to wait until near end game when he gets the Binding Blade.

And so, at times, Lilina is often seen as a Violently Protective Girlfriend in canon, she's actually much more meek. Roy, due to being seen as the worst Lord in the series statwise and characterization-wise.

This is starting to die out after the results of Heroes' poll, however. The scene where Zephiel wipes the floor with Cecilia is verging on this, with jokes about Zephiel kicking her ass in ridiculous ways becoming increasingly popular.

But there is a workaround! Marcus can then get killed, freeing Lilina's Support slot, as long as Roy isn't taken. Fans takes Marcus' death this way as his S Support with Lilina, giving his life so she can finally confess and marry Roy.

Zephiel definitely crosses it when he remorselessly had his forces trounce Hector, the man who saved his life 20 years earlier, in an unexpected surprise attack, not even recognizing about how the former saved his life, and then letting him rot in the dungeon to die by his wounds. Narcian crossed it when he used his lieutenant, Flaer as cannon fodder to escape the Lycian Alliance.

The stinging crack of a Critical Hit landing, so long as it's your unit's attack and not the enemy's. Bonus points if it coincides with the sound of a killing blow. The klang of an enemy's attack bouncing off your unit for zero damage. Roy's promotion is probably supposed to be epic.

It just turns out cheesyconsidering his sprite-set is the same in both classes and literally all that's changed is the position of the sword. Merlinus is grumpy and bitter for good reason, but many fans found him to be an asshole who took up way too much screen time before the real meat of the plot kicked in.

Gameplay-wise, he takes up a spot on your roster rather than the game asking if you want to deploy him, and if his HP reaches zero at any point you lose all the items he was holding for you. Luckily, unlike in FE7, you don't have to bring him out to send items. In recent years, he has also started earning a lot of ire for being seemingly the reason most of the cast particularly Lilina gets shafted, due to him being Roy's adviser and the just about only person he interacts in the story with, whereas fans feel other characters such as Lilina, Marcus, Klein, Cecilia, Perceval, and Douglas were more deserving of his role while characters like Elffin and Guinivere both who occasionally chime in could use a little more screen time.

Though it helps characters' fighting abilities, those of us who like shipping will get frustrated about characters having only one love interest and sharing that interest with another person in support conversations. It distracts from the game a little too much and it takes a very long time to get the supports done. Made worse by the fact that only Roy has any paired endings. Bolting, Berserk, and other long-range spells, more so in this game than in any other game; nearly every chapter in the second half has several mages with Bolting hidden behind walls or swarms of enemies.

As if none of this is really happening. If Lyn was here, she'd probably smack him and say that he's thinking far too much.

Like, I'm looking at them. Roy and Lilina, I mean, and something about it just feels… nostalgic.

I remember Uther's stories of his old friends Tristan and Eliza and even something about a lover named Eiry or something. And of course, don't forget about Mark, that bastard. Not exactly the most logical thinker. But ultimately, it reminds me of when we were kids. Of course minus all the romantic tension and everything. It's about time too! Ever since that day, Lilina has only ever been 'Roy this, Roy that'! Nothing against your boy, Eliwood, but let's just say that didn't do him any favors!

Anymore of that, and I'm sure I would've objected! You know you love him! There's truly no one better for your little girl after all! In all honesty, the whole tirade made very little sense to Eliwood. Hector was a phenomena to him, even after all these decades of friendship.

Sure, he understood him better than most people, but there are times where he felt he needed a multitude of dictionaries to translate his thoughts. Have you ever drank this often, Eliwood? I'm positive you never really held your liquor down that well.

Ever since my illness passed, I've needed some down time for the post war effort. Roy has been helping when he could but I couldn't bring myself to make him do all the work when I was beginning to become able. I'm still on my first one. It even looked untouched if it weren't for the melted ice. The party was beginning to come to its end and he mentioned that he wanted to meet with Generals Douglas, Perceval, and Cecilia before they start heading back to Etruria.

Eliwood had to admit he was feeling rather tired himself and even felt his eyelids closing. Maybe just one more drink. The marquess felt his face grow a little hot in embarrassment, wondering if Roy had heard that exchange between him and Hector about his recently developed drinking problem. Of course he did, you idiot! That's why he stopped you in the first place!

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I suppose you're right. Marcus will take you back. Though I'd wish you'd trust me a little with a simple walk to my quarters. I'm sure Marcus would be relieved if he brought you back personally as well. Once Marcus finishes up, I'll let him lead me back to my room.