Riker and troi relationship with god

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riker and troi relationship with god

Troi's relationship with Will Riker is perhaps the unhealthiest friendship/romance ever depicted on TV. He stood her up years prior, and now. Deanna had an intimately close relationship with Will Riker, occassionally Before they served together on the Enterprise-D, Troi taught Riker how to read her. Deanna Troi entered Will Riker's cabin and heard the sound of breathing . They first met at our Wedding and it was Deanna who caught the headband." .. "I hope the Gods of Betazed protect you both and keep your love.

But my soulmate supposition might also explain some of it, as well. She discovers a book in his quarters: Ode to Psyche, John Keats. Will; All my love, Deanna.

That may explain some of the familiar feelings we have. The Next Generation, Conundrum My mind runs rampant trying to figure out the backstory regarding her choosing to give him that specific book once upon a time. Someone who is becoming very important to me. Nothing will change between us, will it? Of course it will. All relationships are constantly changing. That much will always be true. The Next Generation, The Outcast The fact that Riker felt he needed to tell Troi about his relationship before doing anything drastic speaks volumes as to what Troi means to him.

As I noted above, it was this film that cemented my love for Deanna Troi. This blog has convinced my friend and fellow writer, Ashleyto begin watching TNG.

She has been hesitant at times, and who can blame her? It has been Ashley, and her newfound appreciation for my favorite show, that has really drawn my attention to the Imzadi relationship. They obviously love each other. They have great chemistry. So, why does it take these crazy kids seven seasons and into a third movie to finally get their act together? Because when influenced by the metaphasic radiation on the Baku planet, they set aside their silly hang ups and do the impossible: Insurrection I love this moment.

It is proof that they have loved each other for every moment of the series, but they were, perhaps, too afraid to fix their mistakes. The entire series is filled with these subtle Troi and Riker moments.

It is one of the reasons I continue to rewatch TNG above all the other series. They kept in touch, says Troi, but they didn't see each other again until they were both posted on the Enterprise two years later.

During TNG they flirted but maintained mostly professional relationship mostly, at Riker's idea. There were a number of episodes when she flirted with him or tried to be alone see Memory Alpha link above.

After Troi was assigned to the Enterprise-D inshe was reunited with Riker. Although they informed Captain Picard that they already knew each other, neither Riker nor Troi initially revealed the intimate nature of their former relationship. Troi seemed fairly eager to be alone with Riker and, while at Deneb IV's mysterious Farpoint station, she suggested that they explore the passages below the station together, an idea that Riker refused. Before he later endangered his own life to investigate why a spaceborne entity believed to be a ship was attacking Deneb IV, Troi expressed, in an outburst of emotion, her extreme fear that Riker could be hurt.

She soon managed to resume her former sense of calm, however, and returned to the Enterprise as Riker had ordered. Will was escorting Lwaxanna and Chandra back to their quarters. As the guests began to leave, to get some sleep, before the Wedding, Deanna stepped over to a group of three people. Beverley and Data nodded in agreement.

Chandra and I get along perfectly. I'm sure my Father would be proud to have you in his place. Didn't see you there.

riker and troi relationship with god

Be at my quarters at hours. Riker continued his walk to his quarters.

Deanna Troi

They gathered around the Replicator studying the various patterns. Mrs Troi walked in behind them carrying a box. We've already got our Maid of Honours' dresses. I've got it right here! I kept the dress in my cupboard after you came back.

She put the box down beside her and then went into her sleeping quarters. After a few moments she came back out. The dress had a fitted ivory bodice, decorated with sparkling diamonds.

The bodice fell into a heart shape above her breasts. The skirt of the dress was also ivory, but was made in a Very light material.

  • The One With The Counselor And The Commander

The skirt's material fell into small folds all around the dress and it swayed lightly around Deanna's ankles, as she walked. Deanna chuckled then twirled for them.

We've got to get you to the Holodeck in half an hour. Picard spoke from in front of him. They had decided to have an outside wedding. It had been up to Will to choose the location. He smiled as he thought of the surprised look Deanna's face would have, as she entered the Holodeck and found herself at Janara Falls. The guests stood and he looked to the entrance of the Holodeck. The moment you've waited for.

riker and troi relationship with god

Then Data walked in and on his arm was Deanna Troi. Her hair was styled back into the thick ringlets she used to wear, held back by the traditional Betazoid, white gauze headband.

He looked to her dress, it was extremely flattering and reminded Will of the old Ballgowns from Earth. He blinked and looked at it again.

riker and troi relationship with god

It's the dress she bought for our wedding on Risa! Data stood beside Riker and took Deanna's hand in his own. He placed it on top of Will's hand and then sat next to Chandra.

Will and Deanna stared at each other for a moment and then turned to face Picard. Each of you must now make your vows to one another, which we will all bare witness to. Picard turned back to Riker. To love and to cherish…" "To have and to hold. To love and cherish…" "For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health…" "For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health…" "Until death us do part. I, Deanna Troi, take thee, William Thomas Riker, to be my lawfully wedded husband…" "I, Deanna Troi, take thee, William Thomas Riker, to be my lawfully wedded husband…" "To have and to hold, to honour and obey…" "To have and to hold, to honour and obey…" "For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…" "For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…" "Until death us do part.

They turned back to face Picard, once more. You may now kiss the bride. As the guests cheered and applauded, Will kissed the new Mrs William.

They turned to face the crowd and there was even more applause. Again, the glasses of champagne were being passed around. It was now time for the speeches.

riker and troi relationship with god

Worf, as Best man, was first. He stood and everyone was silent. The short story is that I realised that I could never love her as much as Will Riker did. My honour and pride came before love, but for him his love for Deanna Troi was more important to him than anything. I knew they belonged together, so when I left I was slightly annoyed to find out that they had not become lovers again. I hope the couple have many years of glory and honour as husband and wife.

Worf looked over at Deanna Troi; she nodded at him and smiled. Chandra and Beverley stood next. Chandra spoke first, "I've known Deanna since we were five years old and in that time she's been like a sister to me.

It was at my wedding that Will Riker and Deanna Troi met. There's a tradition on Betazed, which involves the throwing of the gauze headband that the bride wears. It is much like the Earth custom of the throwing of the Bouquet.

Although catching the bouquet signifies the next women to be married, the catching of the headband signifies that their lasting lover is at the wedding. It was Deanna Troi who caught my headband and it is, the only word I can think of is spooky, it is spooky to see that they have been brought together after all these years and that they were given several chances to rekindle their love.

This couple is a symbol that there is such a thing as true and everlasting love. Congratulations to you both.

The One With The Counselor And The Commander | The Prolific Trek

It has been a strenuous twelve years that I've known Will and Deanna, and to be honest I was about to have them abandoned on a desolate planet, alone together, to see if that would help them get together again. I have spent so many sleepless nights concocting plans to get these two love birds to see clearly, I'm glad to say, that I can now sleep peacefully at last.

Next Kyle Riker stood. Here's a bit of fatherly advice; you've found yourself a beautiful and intelligent women to make your wife, but remember that she can be your bestest friend or your worst enemy.

riker and troi relationship with god

You treat her like a lady and you'll be fine. Your mother would've been proud and I know she would have adored Deanna.

Deanna Troi: 15 Things Paramount Doesn't Want You to Know

In your mother's name and in mine, I pray that you have many happy years together and that those years are not cut short through tragedy. I know like, Will's mother, that your father, Deanna, would have absolutely adored Will, as they are very much alike.

A bit of motherly advice for you Will, watch yourself in a few years to come. You know how Betazoid women are when they enter the 'Phase'. Thankfully the courtship period is over for both of you. Two of my senior staff have married and there will hopefully be a family too. I want you both to know that I still won't have any children on my Bridge! They applauded once more, but louder this time, as Will Riker stood. I have to say that I have never been so scared in all my life, I'm telling you, that Borgs, Cardassians and Romulans are no way near as frightening as getting married!

I want to thank Worf for being a great Best Man.