Richard gutierrez and angel locsin relationship

Angel Locsin on relationship status with Neil Arce

richard gutierrez and angel locsin relationship

Angel Locsin says she and Neil Arce are very much happy dating. on returning to 'La Luna Sangre,' working again with Richard Gutierrez). If you do not know that Richard Gutierrez has Sarah Lahbati as girlfriend, you would think that he and Angel still have something going on. A quick look into the dating history of actor Richard Gutierrez relationships, especially when working on a lot of projects together. Angel Locsin – Richard starred with her in a number of projects while he was still in GMA 7.

Now, the two are ready to take on mature roles in The Promise The onscreen romance between the two is undeniable—prompting movie producers to tap their wide fan base and churn out romantic movies that herald the concept of true love. But even more interesting is the off-screen relationship of Richard and Angel—many will attest to the unusual closeness shared by the two while shooting their scenes together.

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Fans continue to clamor for their idols, calling them the "ultimate love team" even though the two have been seeing different people in real life. Angel was then committed to Oyo Sotto they broke up last December while Richard is still with his Australian-based girlfriend Georgina Wilson. In fact, it's the real life friendship that fuels the onscreen and off-screen chemistry between Richard and Angel.

Their strong bond took root when they played fraternal twins in the youth-oriented show Click and continued during their tandem as half-avians, half-humans in the GMA-7 fantaserye Mulawin.

As Angel and Richard matured, so did their roles.

richard gutierrez and angel locsin relationship

In The Promise, the two are cast as young adults who are passionately in love with each other, leading them to portray their first-ever love scene on the big screen. Director Mike Tuviera himself said that he lost track on how many times Angel and Richard lip-locked for the movie. As late as June of last year, Patrick Garcia had expressed his interest in the young actress.

Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

And back then, Jen denied that there was anything going on only saying that she was open to his courtship. To their credit, the courtship was both long and kept out of the spotlight.

The couple came out about their relationship early this year, much to the thrill of their fans. Despite the outing, Jennylyn made a statement that she wishes to keep her private life separate from her public life. Jennylyn's newest show Super Twins airs in February. Patrick is not listed as one of her co-stars, but it's too early to tell if he will be brought on later in the season.

Angel Locsin on relationship status with Neil Arce

Iza Calzado - Dingdong Dantes This is not the first time that the duo have worked together. Iza and Dingdong first thrilled fans on Encantadia where a dream sequence brought the warrior Ybarro to the sleeping Princess Amihan.

The scene was brief and Ybarro's character ultimately continued his love team with Princess Alena played by real life love Karylle. But it was enough to captivate audiences and prove that the pair had a tangible on-screen chemistry.

Their next project put them together as an love team in the hit movie Eternity. Playing opposite each other as Crisanto and Milagros, the pair made fans sigh and swoon.

richard gutierrez and angel locsin relationship

On Atlantika, they continue to bring on the thrill followers of their on-cam love team. As the lost Princess Amaya and the dashing Senturion Aquano, Iza and Dingdong bring romance to new heights by going below the surface.

richard gutierrez and angel locsin relationship

Even underwater you can see the sparks fly.