Renesmee and edward relationship marketing

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renesmee and edward relationship marketing

twilight Edward From Twilight, Twilight Jacob And Renesmee, Rosalie Twilight, Jasper Twilight, . Marriage Quote by Martin Luther- wooden sign- NEW size. Mar 2, played her character Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's daughter Renesmee​ in the final ​Twilight ​films, ​Breaking Dawn ​parts 1 and 2​. May 27, As vampire/human hybrid babies apparently do, your Twilight faves Edward and Bella's child Renesmee Cullen grew fast, from a creepy CGI.

He knows that the Volturi will hunt him down and destroy us if they knew he was aware and had no plans on becoming one. The Volturi made a small exception for my mother because my family told them that they were planning on turning her.

Plus they knew it was true by seeing my Aunt Alice's predictions. The Leader of the Volturi can see your every thought in life if he touches you.

He creeps me out. He came to visit a few times to study my development. I'm glad I can keep him from my thoughts. My grandmother Rene on the other hand learned about my existence when I was much older. They kept me a secret because they thought it was too dangerous for her to know about me until they were absolutely sure that she could handle it.

Grandma Rene is very care free and holding on to her youth. Sometimes it seems like she wants to be a teenager more than a woman in her mid forties. Sadly she was recently divorced from her husband Phil. He was cheating on her with a younger woman that he got pregnant.

I know that this has damaged her self-esteem. I'm counting down the days until she ask to be turned into a vampire. She already spoke to my mother about the idea a few years ago. I think she's serious about going through with it someday soon. If so, she would have to be monitored for years to make sure she doesn't want to hunt for human blood. My mother was not the norm when she was a newborn vampire. She had no cravings to kill and easily adjusted to drinking animal blood. And then there's Jacob.

He's not related to me biologically… but he is a part of our family. His abilities are great strength and rejuvenation. Even in human form, Jacob is much stronger than a human and his senses are much keener. It wouldn't kill him if he got hit by a bus; he would eventually heal. When Jacob's a werewolf, he's as strong as a vampire and can command his pack to do anything he wants with a simple thought. That's because he is the leader of the pack… or Alpha Wolf. Nevertheless, I love my interesting family.

I got a feeling it's about to get more interesting if Grandma Rene is going to be a newborn for a few years. Hide your wife… Hide your kids. I quickly changed into a pair of jean shorts and a fancy purple top that Aunt Alice gave me.

I ran a comb through my curly windswept hair and put it in a ponytail to make it a little neater. While I was looking in the dresser mirror, I stared at my face. I wonder if Jacob finds me attractive? I blew a kiss and flirted with my eyes. I looked and felt silly.

Oh this is so frustrating. I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I do. Jacob would probably freak out if he thought that I was attracted to him. I don't want to make our friendship weird. I looked in my closet for a pair of purple shoes. I had every color. It looks like they were rearranged to match the order of colors of the rainbow. Aunt Alice must have reorganized them. I can't keep her out of my closet.

She's either adding things I never picked out or trying to kidnap my band T-shirts so I can't find them. She must have an aversion against comfortable clothes. I don't feel like dressing like I'm on the run way every day. I like to look and feel comfortable. This top is a stretch for me though. It's so girly; it shows a little of my cleavage and has a fancy print. Subconsciously I hope it makes Jacob's eyes pop out. I flew down the steps and headed to the kitchen.

I didn't see my father or Aunt Rosalie along the way. Jacob and Grandma were sitting at the table. Jacob was guzzling down a large glass of apple juice. Grandma was shaking her head in amazement. Thank you so much! And don't ever feel awkward to eat here. You're always invited, even if no one verbally invited you.

I want you to feel at home when you are here. We consider you a part of our family. You can consider this your second home. Jacob glanced at my top. I didn't know if he was smiling because he really liked the way I looked today or if it was his normal cheerfulness. But I really do like this top too.

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He said to tell you to have a good time tonight. And I'm not sure where Rosalie went. Grandma walked over and opened the stainless steel refrigerator door. Jacob looked down on the floor.

Edward and Renesmee - My Little Girl

I love donuts with icing," I blurted out. And do you know how to make corn bread? I may not eat food anymore… but I pretty much know how to make most dishes. The Food Network stays on a lot around here. Plus I also cook for Renesmee You know Renesmee is a great cook too. I hit him in the arm. Grandma chuckled as she started to rinse the dish off. I have to show you something before we leave. This room was originally a den, but Grandfather changed it into a place where we could paint and make all sorts of things.

I actually was born in this room, so I have a special connection with it. Aunt Alice uses one corner to sew clothes. She can make enough clothes to fill a boutique in fifteen minutes. But she donates most clothes to Forks' homeless shelters and high school students that need prom dresses. For the past two years, I've volunteered my talent by drawing pictures for the seniors at the retirement home and painting murals for local schools and hospitals. My isle was in the corner next to the window wall.

It was covered with a white tarp. I reached over the isle to tug at the tarp. It fell to the ground. I kept my eyes on Jacob to see his expression. It was worth it. It looks like a photo," he said amazed. I smiled ear to ear as I watched his expression. I drew a picture of Jacob from his head to his torso with the forest behind him.

On the far left corner I drew a reddish brown wolf howling on top of a bolder. Only my family, his family, and pack member's will know that the wolf is actually Jacob. You're not gonna cry on me are ya? I'm touched that you like it so much. Thank you so much. Oh this felt so good. I closed my eyes and inhaled. Jacob did not smell to me as he did with the rest of my family.

He had a musky smell that I was use to. Shape shifters have a distinct smell that most vampires find repulsive. On the other hand vampires smell different from humans. They have a sweeter smell. Since Jacob is around so much, my family has gotten use to his scent. I got lost in his hug and held on longer than he did. Once he noticed that I didn't let go he hugged me again.

His bare chest was pressed against my face making my cheek feel hot. All I could think about was how close his body was to me. The moisture of his skin mixed with mine. The heat from his biceps that encaged me made my body tingle in appreciation of his touch. Last night I dreamed that he kissed my neck. I have no idea of what that feels like. I assume it would tickle in a different way than being tickled by fingers. The people on TV react in odd ways when someone kisses their neck… or any other part of their body other than their cheek or forehead.

I've never been intimate with anyone… so I have no clue. He's still a virgin also.

renesmee and edward relationship marketing

But I have no idea if he's kissed anyone; he hasn't told me that he has or hasn't. It would be hard to believe that he hasn't.

There are a few women in his tribe that can't keep their eyes off of him. I can now honestly see why. He is noticeably more handsome than most men.

These were the most dragged out seconds of my day. I wish I had the power to stop time. Then I could stay in his arms… this close to his warm body for hours. He kissed the top of my head; his designated spot since I could remember and we pulled away from each other.

I really wanted the hug to last longer… but that would have been odd. If I didn't know any better it felt like the room slightly turned. I never felt dizzy before, only heard about it. I was caught off guard a bit because of how my body felt. I was tingly all over and especially in between my legs. My eyes looked at the crook of his neck for a split second and wondered what it taste like This is so wrong. Jacob is my best friend… I shouldn't feel this way… but I do.

We arrived at First beach. The moon was already high in the sky casting a glow on the water and on the large white beached trees. The air was cool and the smell of the ocean was cleansing. The majority of the wolf pack was there. I was hoping that we could be alone, but Seth spotted us from far away and whistled for us to join them.

Paul and Embry were play wrestling in the sand only a few yards away from the bon fire. The Quileute tribe was the closest interactions I had with other humans. Well humans and shape shifters. My family would take me to other countries for vacations, but they were limited to explore only in the night. The direct sunlight makes my families skin sparkle like a disco ball.

Since it's cloudy in Washington for the majority of the time, they can blend in without being recognized as something supernatural. Since I'm half human, my skin doesn't have the same reaction to sunlight. So Jacob and I would spend the day's together while on vacation. This summer we went to Disney Land.

Jacob keeps a framed picture of us in Mickey Mouse ears on his dresser in his bedroom. I have numerous of pictures from that trip.

One of my favorites was Jacob showing off dancing at the club we went to one night. Jacob loves to joke around a lot… but a 6 foot 6 man break dancing just looks wrong. It took me forever to stop laughing.

We had so much fun that week. I hope we could go there again sometime soon; maybe ditch the parents this time. It would be nice to only be with Jacob.

He may find it weird though. It would be like going on vacation with just your sister. He sees me as only his best friend. I wish that he could see me in another light. I seriously doubt that I could trust another man like I trust him. He would be perfect for me.

We're so much alike. It would be wrong for us to not be together. We're misfits in this world. Not to degrade us or anything… just not the norm… like all human. Ok… I shouldn't say misfits… Just special. Because we do fit… we just fit better in our little secluded world… a world that I could never see living without him.

The Quileute's are comfortable with supernatural. They have a few members including Jacob that aren't aging. As long as a pack member phases into a werewolf, their aging is stopped.

Jacob stopped aging when he was sixteen; around nine and a half years ago. Yet he's built like a grown man who goes to the gym every day.

renesmee and edward relationship marketing

I scanned the area and noticed that I was the only female in the group. Great, a bunch of testosterone junkies. Leah sometimes joins the pack at the beach. She's my best girlfriend, but I haven't seen her in a few weeks. I usually talk to her on a weekly basis and texed her daily, but she's become distant within the last month.

I also spend around five nights with her every month when I get my period. I used to spend that time over Grandpa Charlie's house… But it's more fun to go to La push as I'm quarantined.

I don't mind that much if it makes my family feel more comfortable. My parents are not bothered by my cycle at all. That just shows that their extra clingy… or maybe it's just a form of their unconditional love? The wolf pack feels like my extended family, well they are my extended family. Leah's younger brother Seth is the closest to our family besides Jacob.

renesmee and edward relationship marketing

Sometimes it seems like he's attached to my father's hip. I guess he looks up to my father; like an older brother or uncle.

The most mature members are Sam, Quil, and Embry. Sam was the former alpha pack leader before Jacob took over years ago. Jacob could have been the pack leader as soon as he phased at sixteen because of his birthrights, but he didn't want the responsibility and let Sam continue to lead the pack. Embry is Sam's half brother. Embry and Sam recently found out that they were brothers a few years ago through a blood test.

Sam's father finally agreed to the testing. For years there was a question of who Embry's father was since the shape shifter trait is inherited only in the Quileute tribe. His mother was from another tribe and moved here when she was pregnant. It was rumored that Jacob's or Quil's dad could also be Embry's father.

I knew from reading Jacob's fathers mind that he never cheated on his wife Sara. He loved her more than life. I knew I intruded in his thoughts, but I had to know. Jacob didn't bite my head off because he had to know also. I never met Jacob's mother because she died before I was born. I've seen pictures of her around Jacob's house… and she was extremely beautiful.

renesmee and edward relationship marketing

I mean stunning; which explains why Jacob is so gorgeous. Quil is Jacob's 2nd cousin. They act more like brothers than cousins though. Well since some brothers don't get along… I should say they are extremely close.

renesmee and edward relationship marketing

Collin and Brady are the youngest and the silliest. I have to admit that they matured a bit within the last few years. Jared is lighthearted who always places bets on everything. He's the best hunter since his vision is sharper than the other pack members. And then there's Paul. I don't care too much for him. He's very cocky and has a bad temper. Unfortunately he's Jacob's brother in law. He married his older sister Rachel a few years ago.

On a few occasions Jacob and Paul had a few heated words because of the way he treats me sometimes. I don't think he likes me that well. He always makes me feel uncomfortable, but I'm purposely extra nice to him to make him mad, or simply see his prejudice ways. All his life he grew up hearing stories of murderous vampires and how his ancestors protected his tribe for centuries.

Well all of them did. It seems like Paul is the only one that has hard time accepting the truce between my family and the Quileute's.

When my family first visited here a long time ago, they made an agreement to not fight with each other because my family's life style did not include killing humans to feed. The only blood that we drink is animal blood.

All of the other pack members have accepted my family, even fought beside them against other vampires. Paul acts cordial around my family but saves the attitude for me when I'm just with them.

He wouldn't dare act that way in front of my father. My dad would rip his head off… literally. Well I guess every family has their special relative that is hard to get along with or has issues. And the Quileute tribe seems to be an extended family for me because we hang around each other so much.

We continued to walk at a normal pace even though we saw Seth getting impatient that we were not walking faster. I haven't seen her in awhile," I asked. She's just going through something now. She hasn't phased in awhile, so no one really knows what's going on with her.

I have to go see her to make sure she's ok. This is not like her to not return my calls and her text doesn't say much anymore. Paul had Embry pined on the ground with his forearm pressed against his neck. Embry was laughing and gasping for air at the same time. Paul got off of Embry with a smug look on his face. Embry leaped off of the ground and started brushing off the sand. Jared yelled, "Pay up guys!

A multiple of "Heys" and "What's ups" murmured in unison. I waved Hi to everyone. Seth reached his arm out to show me an empty spot on the log. Jacob sat beside me forcing Quil to scoot over. Quil almost lost his balance on the log as Jacob playfully nudged him.

It seemed like Paul wasn't in a good mood tonight. It's very rare to find him in one. Jacob told me that he does joke and play around when I'm not there. I don't see how Jacob's sister Rachel can put up with Paul… unless he's a totally different person in private. Jacob gave Paul a look as if to say cut it out. I turned to Seth, "Seth, my dad said that you started learning how to play the keyboard.

I didn't know that. Your Dad said that he would help me learn my keys. I caught a glance of Paul smirking and looking disgusted in my peripheral vision. He doesn't like the fact that Seth is so close with my father. They have a unique bond since they fought side by side years ago. My father looks at Seth as a younger brother; and Seth thinks it's great.

I wish that Paul could have an open mind like Seth, and judge us for how we treat them and not simply what we are. I know that other vampires have put his tribe in danger before, and he's bred to kill us.

Sometimes I believe that the only reason Paul doesn't take a swipe at me is because of the verdict Jacob commanded to not harm any of the Cullen's. Since Jacob is the Alpha male now, all of the pack members have to obey him; even if they don't want to.

They are not physically capable of disobeying any command that Jacob makes. Leah was the second in command last year, but stepped down for Quil so she could get a break.

I have to make sure I no longer sound like I'm tone deaf… unless you wanna hear chop sticks? Jacob and I both chuckled. After we finished laughing, Jacob gazed at me longer than usual… like he was thinking about something. He looked so beautiful. My thoughts drifted off to the contours of his face; mostly his lips. I imagined what it would be like to kiss him and what his tongue would feel like inside my mouth.

His mouth looked so inviting. All of a sudden, a chill went through my body and my heart started pounding. My ears started to burn. Then I felt a tugging sensation inside me. What is happening to me? I started to panic just a little. My expression must have caused him concern.


I started breathing quickly. My reaction must have frightened him. We had the attention of Seth and Quil. Quil leaned over on the log to get a better look of what was going on. That only got the attention of Paul and the others. Everyone stopped their personal conversations and was focused on us. I figured if I got up and ran home full speed, I could make it there in around twenty seconds. But it wouldn't help that Jacob would be on my heels and capable of stopping me in my tracks.

I was too embarrassed to have to explain anything. I glanced at Seth and Quil. They had a concerned look on their face. Paul was already standing with his head tilted trying to figure out what was going on. This must be a panic attack I thought to myself.

Where's Uncle Jasper when you need him. Jacob put both of his hands on my shoulders. Jacob's hand ripped my top as I darted away from the beach. I heard a growl accompanied with the sound of shredded clothes. I ran as quickly as I could. I was too mortified to stop. I heard Jacob's paws beat the grown with a deep flutter.

I'm pretty sure that Jacob didn't stop me because he was being cautious; he didn't want to chance hurting me by accident. I was so upset that I misjudged hundred of branches.

I didn't even care. They struck my face but felt like feathers. I saw the light from the three story window that covered the entire rear side of the house. My father was at the back yard in a split second crouched ready to pounce.

It dawned on me in the next second that my father would most likely kill whatever I was running from. He looked at my panicked face. At this time it was only panicked because of the poor choice I made to call him. He then looked behind me and saw Jacob as a werewolf chasing me. His eye twitched; most likely due to assessing who was chasing me trying to understand.

He looked at me again and noticed my ripped top. My father leaped over me and tackled Jacob to the ground. My father caught him by his hair on his back and pulled him back to the ground. Jacob yelped in pain. Uncle Emmet and Aunt Rosalie appeared at the sliding glass door. Aunt Rosalie had a slight smile on her face.

Uncle Emmett looked confused as if he didn't know whether to jump in to help my father or to stop him. Jacob didn't do anything. Grandma suddenly appeared and gripped my father's arms restraining him.

She looked at Uncle Emmet as if to say a little help here. My father did not struggle. Uncle Emmet dashed in between Jacob and my father and Grandma with his arms stretched. Jacob's rib cage was expanding in and out as he was breathing hard.

His eyes were squinted. He looked like he was in pain. He continued, "I'm reluctant to ask but require explanation or else I will have to graciously apologize to my mother for tossing her to kill him. I quickly tried to explain. That would ruin most stories about them since an inability to defeat them would make it pointless to fight.

However, Meyer wrote her vampires as if they are nearly impossible to kill. Sunlight doesn't burn them, it simply makes them glow. They can kill each other, but it's almost impossible for a human to kill them. Why haven't these vampires taken over the world?

Can the Volturi really keep them in line? Without any obvious vulnerabilities, these creatures don't seem to have a lot at stake, and that makes the story less interesting. She's weighed the risks, which will include giving up her family and losing her chance to be a mother, and she's chosen to move forward anyway. This is the one thing she does that takes real guts even if it's not the best choice. Unfortunately, Meyer undoes all of it. For Bella, there are no real sacrifices.

She gets to have a child while also keeping her friends and family close if she chooses to. All she supposedly gave up in her quest for love is given back to her, removing all the stakes. Meyer broke the exact rules she set up just to make sure Bella didn't suffer. She can see a variety of possibilities, but they could change. This is less an amazing power than it is being able to sit down and view a situation's outcome from many perspectives.

Somehow, Alice's ability ensures the Cullens live the high life since she makes stock market predictions. The problem is, the stock market is extremely unpredictable, and Alice can't exactly see the set future. How does she ever make any money? Guessing which way things might go when it comes to stocks is what everyone does, and most people can't live off the money they make from this attempt.

He's probably been around plenty of human blood, and so far he hasn't managed to attack anyone. However, one minute with Bella after she gets a cut is enough to drive him insane. He almost attacks her. This is not logical. If Jasper has such little control, he should be attacking people constantly. Instead, it's Bella's blood alone he can't resist.

Twilight: First pic of Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee

The attack was used as a plot device to send Edward away in New Moon, but it was a lazy approach since it doesn't line up with anything else we know about Jasper and vampires who live around humans. As Business Insider reports, author E. James based her popular Fifty Shades of Grey series on Twilight, and those who know the content of her books should find that very disturbing.

Christian Grey is a controlling partner to the innocent Ana, but thankfully that's where the similarities end. While Meyer even went so far as to have Bella remain a virgin until marriage, Fifty Shades of Grey is full of disturbing images of behavior that would put Edward off. Still, the fact that these series have a connection is too much for many readers to even think about. Edward is afraid he is going to kill Bella, and he has a right to be concerned.

Though he has the ability to enjoy togetherness more than a human, Edward also possesses the strength to seriously harm Bella. Even being careful doesn't keep her from having bruises after they are intimate.