Relationship ups and downs tumblr overlays

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relationship ups and downs tumblr overlays

“A strong relationship NEEDS falling IN LOVE MANY TIMES ALWAYS bossmauirn. through ups and misjon.infog on and never letting go. this is so us!. Chart Overlay Series mysticaltaurus: “Sun in your Partner's House of struggles with many traumatic ups and downs, and the occasional They may also attract Scorpio/Pluto types in relationships, even stalkers at times. The ups and downs of life (gif) What fresh hell is this? All the feelings in Twitter Header Trippy, Twitter Headers, Header Tumblr, Overlays Tumblr, Tumblr Png.

Once they are set on something, it can take them a long time to let go and move along. They are doomed to repeat this pattern of only finding value in themselves through their possessions until they learn self-love and self-worth. When boredom strikes, they look to a new direction.

For this reason, it is difficult for them to settle down completely. Gemini Venusians require intellectual stimulation, unpredictable fun, and a good bit of freedom and adventure to remain in a stable relationship.

They can be entirely superficial and can seem emotionally immature due to their tendency to run from their more serious feelings. They need someone with patience, intelligence, and broad humor to guide and stimulate them.

The thing about Cancer Venusians is that they expect everyone to automatically know how they feel even if they do not express their feelings aloud. They expect others to share the same intuition they have and become irritable or upset when their feelings are ignored. They are an emotional paradox never truly understanding that not everyone is as in tune to their feelings as they are. This can lead to arguments, miscommunication, disagreements, isolation, and emotional breakdowns.

Like Taurus Venusians, they are also sensual beings that require comfort and security, so they can seem overbearing to those who are not as in touch with their feelings and their sense of empathy.

  • See, that’s what the app is perfect for.
  • See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

For this reason, their dark side can emerge in the form of egotism and laziness. They harbor high expectations but if immature or underdeveloped, they will not give the love and acknowledgement they receive.

Leo Venusians could even produce dramatic stories or theatrical outbursts for attention. Attention makes them feel valued but not always will they see that others need recognition, as well. A developed Venus in Leo will realize that by giving attention and love to their partner and to their friends, they will receive healthy boosts of self-confidence and attention from doing so instead of expecting others to do all the work for them.

You cannot expect a meal to come to you all the time. You must hunt for it. Virgos are detail-oriented, helpful, and insightful. Aries moons should be in relationships with people who have planets that fall in their 1st house. It fulfills their need for competition, confrontation, validation, camaraderie, openness, excitement, liveliness, and encouragement. Taurus moons should be in relationships with people who have planets that fall in their 2nd house.

It fulfills their need for indulgence, pampering, leisure, homemaking, patience, dependability, shared values, and pragmatism. Gemini moons should be in relationships with people who have planets that fall in their 3rd house.

It fulfills their need for intrigue, conversation, humor, silliness, teasing, communication, wit, a mental bond, and gossip. Cancer moons should be in relationships with people who have planets that fall in their 4th house.

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This placement actually plays well if you guys are around each other physically, as you guys feel very comfortable with each other. Your sun in their fourth It may feel like a deep and meaningful connection, almost an instant attraction. The sun person always wants to protect and defend the house person, as the house person is deeply sensitive towards them.

You both can be emotional dependent on each other, as it lets out the youthful aura in the house person. Regardless there is a strong connection between you two. Both of you are active together and perhaps risky, always having fun in life. You guys may want children, and this can be challenged if the sun is harshly aspected. Both of you may be jealous and possessive but this is more shown from the sun person.

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Nonetheless you both have romance boiling between each other with a zest of fun. It screams fire, just like the sign ruling this house. Your sun in their sixth With this overlay, you have to be careful not to give too much servitude to each other as it can go unbalanced, as one can do too much.

You guys may be critical of each other. The sun person can help their health a lot, as their efforts in work too. Difficult aspects can make many of these things a burden, like being completely criticized and overly watched over.

Almost like being babied, yet this placement works between with flowing aspects between personal planets. Your sun in their seventh You both have traits that you both admire in each other, yet balance each other out in the areas you guys lack in.

This placement indicates respect, admiration, romance, support, and a strong connection between each other.

relationship ups and downs tumblr overlays

This placement is great for not only partnerships, but business too. The match can also go downhill and have lots of resentment and more. The sun person is deeply, deeply attracted to the house person that it often feels magnetizing.

relationship ups and downs tumblr overlays