Raylan and boyd relationship questions

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raylan and boyd relationship questions

Raylan accepts that Boyd is smart, and I think he's amused by how . a lot can be said regarding the Batman/Joker relationship the some people brought up. I thought that the scene in S06E12 with Raylan and Boyd trading. Despite his shaky relationship with Boyd Crowder, Raylan comes to the The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That Must Be Answered Before. But this is Harlan, where the questions might be simple but the But given the complexities of Boyd and Raylan's relationship, I have to.

I ask a lot of questions. We can do it. Well, it starts with a very basic idea for me which is, "How do I still enjoy going to work? If a movie is a marathon, television is a race to the death. Everybody wants to be liked, and everybody therefore just does what works.

How do you keep that character interesting?

'Justified' series finale review: 'We dug coal together'

I read an interview that you and Walton did where you described Raylan and Boyd's relationship as the crux of the show. They're not really together for the first four episodes, but then their stories start to overlap.

Can you talk more about their dynamic and how it's constantly shifting? There are no goodbyes for characters you don't care about, no sendoffs for characters about whom there's nothing more to say. No customary wave to the cast. Wynn Duffy, as much as we loved him, is barely even mentioned. What else is there to say after that trailer scene from "Fugitive Number One"?

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Even Markham, a villain who earned his place in Harlan's criminal hierarchy, is dispatched quickly by Boyd because, well, we had other things to accomplish this week. This episode belonged to Raylan, Boyd and Ava.

raylan and boyd relationship questions

Raylan was ready to murder Boyd last week, and he goes so far as to hand Boyd a loaded gun here, hoping to have their last showdown. Raylan ultimately saves himself, refusing to shoot an unarmed man. But given the complexities of Boyd and Raylan's relationship, I have to wonder: Sure, Boyd taunts Raylan that he'll kill Ava if he ever gets out of prison, but by refusing to engage in that gunfight, he spares him the weight of taking one more life. Hell, he saves him from having to find out if he's still fast enough to finish this fight.

The series' lead has always had the benefit of a terribly expressive face, and Olyphant makes sure you know every muscle fiber in his body is involved in this decision.

He's not quite sure he won't shoot Boyd. He knows he wants too.

raylan and boyd relationship questions

He knows he shouldn't, and that strain is evident. And as for that final scene? The line has always been an admission and sidestep at the same time.

It's his answer to Ava way back in the pilot, when he shoots Boyd but won't leave him to die.

Raylan & Boyd ::: hunt you down

Yes, Raylan's lying to Boyd. But in a way, he's sparing him too. If we know anything about the "Justified" universe, we know Boyd will get out of prison some day. He's already cycled back into the street preacher skin he wore after his last release from prison in Season 1.

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At least this way, Raylan is sparing him the weight of killing Ava which he might do or pursuing her to the ends of the earth upon her release which he will most certainly do.

So Raylan does the honorable thing by Ava. He leaves Harlan alive, and in a way, he helps them do the same. Do we buy what Boyd's selling?

Do Raylan and Boyd Still Have Some Sort of Friendship? : justified

FX "Any man can walk toward temptation, but it takes a real man to walk away from it. And when I say walk, I mean keep on walking! Walk in the other direction! Get me behind me, Devil! But how much do we believe the words that are coming out of his mouth, versus simply enjoying his lyrical lunacy? Is Boyd a changed man, authentically repeating an earlier phase of his life?

Or is Con Man Crowder alive and well in his church beyond the bars? Never forget what Boyd said to Raylan in the Bennet barn: But appearances are often deceiving — more often than not, in fact, in the curious case of Boyd Crowder. FX The late Mags Bennett's legacy is not her own bloodline, but the daughter she always wished she'd had: She made it out of the finale alive, but will she make it out of Harlan alive?

Or will Loretta stay put, plant roots the way Avery Markham wanted, but never could have achieved as an out-of-town carpet-bagger? Truth be told, we'll never know. Like so many other characters, Loretta's future remains a mystery; we don't see her in the four-years-later scenes, and all we can do is wonder about her future, just as we wonder about the future of Harlan County. Is Constable Bob OK? FX Patton Oswalt's fan-favorite character was seriously wounded in the penultimate episode, and there wasn't a single word mentioned about him in the finale.

So, what's the scoop? Did he survive his injuries, or succumb to them? File this one under the list of things we'll never truly know; but I choose to believe Bob's still patrolling the backroads of Harlan, Death Star-sized ballsier than ever.

So, that's really it for Bobby Quarles? FX I might be the only man on Earth who still cares about the ambiguous fate of the season three villain, but I can't deny my feelings. One last Quarles callback, be it a cameo appearance on the show or an off-screen mention, would have made the final season of "Justified" for me.

Instead, we'll just have to wonder if getting his arm lopped off by Limehouse was enough to put Quarles down for good. I choose to believe he's locked away in some padded cell somewhere.