Ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

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ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

The lady with power and charisma is Jayalalitha Jayaram, who has loyal Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR. I would say it is apparent that MGR had a relationship with Jayalalitha in their the other part a major one was dominated by 'M.G. Ramachandran' (qv) as I had . It is due to this fact Bharat Ratna misjon.infoandran sought the assistance of eminent .. the individual) studied the relationship and importance of money in man's material life. Marx called the attainment of this goal "communism" .. Ramachandran in the lead role, with Jayalalitha, MN Nambiar.

But MGR strongly recommended Karunanidhi's name and through his influence over party workers got him elected to the post. Karunanidhi, however, threatened by MGR's popularity, cleverly excluded him when he formed the cabinet and made him the treasurer of the DMK party.

She would go for an hour and come back. When it was complete, the entire film industry turned up for the house-warming function except for MGR.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

Everyone was surprised at his absence because rumours about their liaison abounded. Anandan said, 'Next morning she had to go to Kashmir for shooting.

She boards the plane and finds MGR in the next seat!

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

The two locations were 40 miles apart. But after reaching Kashmir MGR took her along with him and would send her to her shooting location 40 miles away.

The Company that kept Her

Jayalalithaa could have had no say in the matter. If MGR says something, it had to be done. He started controlling all her activities including the clothes she wore. He even took control over her finances and she had to depend on his good mood for its release.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

She felt stifled and wanted to break free. A major clash occurred between the two when she refused to go with him to Singapore. Anandan narrated, 'She used to give solo dance performances and also prepare dance dramas. She had prepared a very ambitious dance drama named Kaveri Thantha Kalaichchelvi, which was so popular that she had invitations to perform it from all over the world. She made plans for a world trip and gave dates to everyone.

Everything was finalized and even the advance money received. At that time there was a world Tamil conference organized in Singapore. MGR was the chief guest, and he asked Jayalalithaa to go with him, suggesting that she could proceed on her world trip from there. Jayalalithaa refused, even though MGR was then the chief minister. MGR insisted that she go with him and defied her to go on the world trip without his permission. She was so upset and so angry that she cancelled the entire trip and paid all the artistes their dues.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

She even dissolved the dance troupe. Khurana, the Governor, who then invited Janaki to form the government.

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Janaki was sworn in as the chief minister on January 7, She was required to prove her majority on the floor by January On that day there was absolute pandemonium in the Assembly on account of the Speaker showing open support to Janaki's side. Several members angrily protested against this open flouting of rules.

Suddenly some goondas entered the house and started beating up the pro-Jayalalithaa group and the Congress MLAs. During the rampage someone alerted the police. For the first time in the history of the Tamil Nadu Assembly, the police entered the legislative house and lathicharged MLAs. In the midst of all this fracas, the Speaker announced that the confidence motion was won by the government.

When Jayalalithaa was informed about the rumpus in the Assembly she knew there was no time to waste. She issued a statement that democracy had been murdered and appealed to the Governor to dismiss Janaki's ministry immediately. The Governor in turn sent his report to the Centre, recommending that the situation in Tamil Nadu demanded the dismissal of the government and the proclamation of emergency. The Centre accepted the Governor's recommendation. The turning point that Jayalalithaa was hoping for had come sooner than she had expected.

Jayalalithaa, who had distanced herself from her only brother, her relatives and friends, now declared that Sasikala was her udanpiravaa sagothari, a sister "though not born from the same womb". Party workers believed that Sasikala and her entourage at Poes Garden had erected an iron curtain that kept them away from their "thalaivi ". They felt their requests for appointments and their personal letters no longer reached her.

She had stopped coming to the party office, and stopped meeting the district secretaries who would inform her of ground realities. What was it about Sasikala that made the aloof and reserved Jayalalithaa trust her so completely? Jayalalithaa had longed for a normal life of marriage and children, which she was not destined to have.

Now at least there was a friend who heard her woes with sympathy. Who did not question her actions. Who did not argue with her. Who had taken on the responsibility of running her house and who did not advise her on matters of state. It was annoying, therefore, when people said that Sasikala was behind her many political decisions.

It was not only an insult to her as the chief minister but also utter rubbish. In a lengthy interview to The Hindu, after her humiliating defeat, and after Sasikala had been dramatically arrested by the Karunanidhi government and sent to jail for violations of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act FERAJayalalithaa categorically denied the allegations and staunchly defended her friend. People must understand that a politician also needs someone to look after his or her home.

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A male politician has a wife at home and a woman politician has a husband or brother to take care of her personal matters. I have no one. It is only because Sasikala stepped in to take care of my household that I was able to devote my full attention to politics.

So at that time Sasikala and Natarajan offered to help. So I accepted their help in good faith. They both came to live here. They also brought in the Grey Cats security personnel for her personal safety. Natarajan was given charge of handling her finances.

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In Jayalalithaa's own words, "But very soon Natarajan overstepped his limits and I did not like his high-handed ways and interference. So I asked him to leave my house. But Sasikala opted to stay with me. This was one full year before I became the chief minister. Natarajan has not stepped into this house again.

Sasikala has sacrificed her whole life in order to be with me and give me moral support and take care of me.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship goals

In fact, there was an occasion when she saved my life. It is because of her that I am alive and was able to lead the party to a tremendous victory in A letter supposedly written by Jayalalithaa to her personal physician about it was leaked to the press. The doctor and Jayalalithaa both denied that there was any such letter.

But the DMK leaders often employed this weapon to malign her. When asked about this by Simi Garewal in her chat show, Jayalalithaa said she just ignored such stupid allegations.