Power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship trust

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power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship trust

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is the Power Rangers season that tells the story of the fight Shane doesn't come to trust Hunter or Blake until the incident with Toxipod. When Lothor comes back in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Tori temporarily .. Marah and Kapri are sisters and the nieces of Lothor by marriage. PRNS: A rocky relationship develops between Tori and Blake as they Power Rangers Ninja Storm and all related characters are the property of BVE. all the responsibility than truly trust that Dustin and I have his back. Read Chapter 10!! from the story A Power Rangers Ninjas Storm Fan Fiction by Will Blake finally tell Tori how he feels about her and take any risks. So I hope you like this chapter and trust me you will. thank you for all your votes on my all he had to do was ask her on a date and their relationship would go from there. +.

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Turning to her boyfriend, "I just came by to let you know my dad has a big business meeting Friday to attend and he won't be able to make it for dinner.

I got to go though, I'm suppose to be meeting a delivery guy for surf board supplies at my shop. Isn't the race Saturday at noon, too? This is a race for nationals. You can't be in two places at once. And this will probably come as a shocker. Shane simply threw his friend a dirty look back.

The boys continued to argue with each other until Kelly came by and told them she was closing up shop. Bradley Residence The two brothers were walking to their apartment when Blake spoke up. I need to win the race. The money I would make for winning has to be used for a down payment on the ring.

How do you have it, if you haven't bought'n it already? I didn't start one until we got to Blue Bay Harbor. Living with sensei prior, I never needed one. Even so, all my money went into my bike. The only reason I have it is because I know Mr. Toffer, the town jeweler. I explained to him that I wanted to propose to Tori while her father was in town — it would be perfect.

Plus, I used to clean his windows and display cases in his store and vacuums inside to pick up some extra cash, so he trusts me to pay him. But he wants the money Monday and her father is only going to be in town Saturday. I need this money so I can give him that down payment. What the hell am I gonna do? Hunter watched his brother drag his feet through the apartment and to his room.

He felt so bad for him. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Friday Night Blake walked into Storm Chargers to see the store dark, except where the few lights over the couches hung.

I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. Tori doesn't know a thing. I told her my big race is next weekend. He pulled up a chair next the thunder ninja. Well there's no way we can stop the race, but we may be able to stop her dad. Hanson is loaded, he's a CEO for a big corporation.

I'm sure by now that any and all transportation is first class. First class flights, boats, and car services, a.

List of Power Rangers Ninja Storm characters

Tori loathes her mother. I don't think they've spoken in years. But then he busted up his knee in a competition and went all corporate America. He taught her how to surf, and they still do, but it seems they tend to do that less and less now a days. So any and all time that she and her father spend is precious and valued. One thing I know, is he is really critical about who Tori hangs with.

He's kind of a hard ass. I'm surprised me and Waldo over here passed. The red ninja continued with all seriousness. The men huddled close, like they were calling a football play.

Three hours, two pizza boxes, and a case of soda later they hammered out all the details. I thought I was strong, intelligent, and fearless.

I thought having a Wind Morpher on my wrist meant I was worthy And Blake rode in on his bike like some fairy tale knight on a white horse, and risked his life to save mine. Or so I thought. How could I be so stupid?

He'd seen me sunbathing alone, all dark and moody, and decided to cheer me up. Seriously, if he'd swung by to say "hi" like a week ago, I'd be hanging on his every word. Now I can't even get his name straight. No, that's not it Then, out of nowhere, a shadow falls over me. I try to mask it by grabbing my sunglasses, and sliding them on my nose before I look up.

The last thing I want to do is make eye contact with Blake. He's standing with his back to the sun, wearing trunks and an open Hawaiian shirt. Despite his smile, in my eyes he's a deadly viper, ready to strike at any moment. Standing at his shoulder is the taller, grimmer Hunter, looking just as out of place in his "normal" clothes.

How did I not see the ice in their eyes before? Or their rigid stances? How the hell did they dupe me so completely? Blake's stare cuts into I think his name is Will. There's a threatening chill in those dark eyes, and for a split second I think the bastard has come to pick a fight. When he says "alone," he means to get rid of my companion. I'm sure Hunter's not going anywhere.

After all, Hunter and Blake are brothers Each other, and no one else. I don't like the idea of being outnumbered, but it's not like Phil will be any help if this degrades into a fight.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship trust

I don't want to get the poor guy hurt, and I am capable of defending myself if necessary. I turn to him, pulling off my sunglasses. Since I'm not quite sure what his name is, I decide to skirt around it. His jaw tightens as he casts a quick, measuring glance toward Blake. Even he can tell something was off with them! Sheesh, some Ninja I turned out to be I don't know what made me do that. I guess I rationalized that a little affection would distract him enough to just do as I said.

And if he had any concerns that Blake might be competition, the kiss would give him some reassurance that he wasn't being blatantly dismissed. I toss a little wave to Dill Then, all cheer is gone in a wink as I stand up and face the guy that wiped his boots with me like I was a doormat before marching into my home base to kidnap my mentor.

I stare in surprise as Blake watches Dill leave through narrow eyes. Maybe I'm imagining things, but his stance seems even more rigid, his arms folding over his chest. That totally fake smile is gone, leaving an expressionless mask in its wake. For a split second, I consider the possibility that Blake is actually But that would assume he actually gives a damn about me as a person, that I'm not just another step on the staircase to revenge.

He's probably just pressing Dill's face to memory, storing that blurb of info into his "Tori File" for future reference. Just more data to use against me in case he wants to screw with my mind again. And suddenly, I have a flash of insight. I had meant the motocross race Kelly sponsored them in Blake takes a breath before turning to give his brother a glare.

Apparently these two communicate without words often, for Hunter gets the message. His lips merely tighten as he backs off, leaving Blake and me alone.

Well, as alone as two people standing in the middle of a crowded beach can be. Too bad we're not really alone I'm just itching to drive my fist into his nose. But I don't want to draw any attention, and to be honest Motodrone[ edit ] Motodrone was originally Perry, a motorcycle expert who was conducting an experiment to create a new generation of motorcycle. Unfortunately, there was an accident and he became the scorpion -like cyborg Motodrone.

Motodrone was later rebuilt and revived by Lothor by transferring the soul of a Kelzak. Motodrone then fought the Power Rangers under the command of Lothor. Vexacus wielded a jagged sword and a fan blade, and could summon a giant "land shark" mecha.

On some occasions, he would use monsters that are Phantom Beast-themed. He first comes to Earth hunting an alien - a Carminian - who can give her powers to someone when she dies. He fails in his attempt to capture these powers, and ends up stranded when his ship is shot down after being defeated by Shane Clarke with his Red Wind Battlizer. An alternate dimension that Goldwinger sends Tori to on Vexacus' orders had that dimension's Vexacus as a good guy.

He is among those who help Lothor fight the evil Ninja Rangers. However, the final two-parter revealed he had been deliberately been set up by Lothor to destroy all the generals in order to overload the Abyss of Evil; Marah and Kapri, who had been in on Lothor's plan, arranged for Vexacus' destruction in battle with the Rangers taking the Thunder Megazord with him.

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He was brought to life accidentally during a battle between Camthe Green Samurai Ranger, and Motodronedue to Motodrone's reanimated energy. He joined Lothor 's army where Lothor gave Shimazu the power of speech and unleashed three creatures called Wolfblades.

Though the Rangers defeated him, he remained a part of Lothor's army for the remainder of the series. An alternate dimension that Goldwinger sent Tori to had Shimazu as a good guy. He later teamed up with Marah and Kapri, who at the time seemed to be masterminds, having concealed their genius.

They used him to try to destroy the Rangers in their Zords. However, after the Zords were destroyed by the Rangers, Marah and Kapri destroyed him, having been working for Lothor throughout. His name may be derived from the Shimazu clan. Marah and Kapri[ edit ] Marah and Kapri are sisters and the nieces of Lothor by marriage. Exactly who Lothor marries to gain this relation is never made clear. All is known is that their parents allowed them to stay with Lothor during his quest for power.

Though they are both stereotypically foolish, Marah who has black hair and bug-looking headress is rather more ditzy than Kapri.

power rangers ninja storm tori and blake relationship trust

Kapri who has pink hairon the other hand, is meaner and more scornful especially of Marah. Marah and Kapri constantly tried to prove to their uncle that they were evil enough to be in his army, and frequently showed each other up and the other generals in order to do so. Most often, Lothor considered them pests at best. Kapri used Lothor's PAM Personal Alien Manager to summon monstrous warriors from across the galaxy, and also to increase them to massive size with the Scroll of Empowerment.

On one occasion, Marah was apparently kicked out of Lothor's army when her old friend Beevil upstaged her. In the end, however, it was revealed to be part of a deception to make Beevil more powerful.

Beevil was destroyed, but Lothor and the other villains nonetheless congratulated Marah for betraying Dustin. Marah appeared to be regretful of it, though she claimed she was indeed evil. An alternate dimension that Goldwinger sent Tori to had that dimension's Marah and Kapri working as hippies.

They even help Mayor Lothor fight the evil Ninja Rangers. After the Ninja Rangers were defeated and made to renounce their evil ways, Marah and Kapri suggested to Tori to return to her dimension the same way that she came into their dimension. It appeared that they were masterminds, merely hiding behind their ignorance, but this was soon revealed to be a ploy by Lothor himself.

He was using them to destroy all of his own generals, and add their power to the Abyss of Evil, which would overflow and destroy the world. When their usefulness was at its end, though, Lothor betrayed them too and left them aboard the Dark Ship as it was about to explode.

This led to them helping to free the captive Ninja Students and paved the way for their redemption. When they begin training at the Wind Ninja Academy, Marah was seen in a ninja suit with an orange stripe presumably meaning fire and Kapri in a similar one with a pink stripe presumably meaning ice.

They show their true colors in helping free both Sensei Watanabe and the Ninja Students. Both Kapri and Marah share a bonding moment with Cam, while Lothor watches on in disgust after realizing he had been duped. This leads to him and Mesogog to fight against one another. She can project ice frost, control her sword while attacking her enemies, and can blow her enemies away with her breath.