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Peta Wilson thought she'd left the Toronto set of "La Femme Nikita" in May for the "Roy (DuPuis, who plays Michael) was a joy to work with as a director. for "at- risk" youngsters, some of Wilson's goals aren't in acting at all. . "We were told there might be a couple of movies-of-the-week from the show. IT'S ALMOST AS IF PETA WILSON HAS been preparing since age 12 Nervous about carrying the lead in a series, Wilson asked costar Roy Dupuis, who Of course other goals, like marriage (“I'd love to live in a villa and. The Australian newcomer Peta Wilson brings an animal sensuality to the part of this He still has the same goal, the love he feels for Nikita since nearly the That's why it's so interesting to play those scenes because their relationship is.

Wouldn't I like to know that, too! At the moment, I'm on vacation. I have a production company I just formed, and producing a movie called "Guns in the Night. I'm developing a few things for roles that I want to do.

There were a few movie offers, but I'd rather have a holiday than do crap. I'm going to do some small parts in my friends' movies.

They've been trying to get their stuff done for a couple of years. I may do a big movie at the end of my hiatus. RoseBud35 wants to know: Will there be a serious romance between Michael and Nikita in the future, or will it remain an unacknowledged attraction? You'll have to keep watching. I have no idea. There is so much tension between Michael and Nikita at the moment.

Something has to happen.

A Day With Roy Dupuis

There's always a calm before the storm, right? So be aware of the calm between those two. It's a question for the executive producer. And another from RoseBud Peta, I love the show. Did you see the French or American movies, and how much of your character is based on them?

We based the character on the French film, but there are rules and regulations of what can be seen on TV. It varies a lot because of the medium, because some things can and can't be said. But it is based on the French film. Sheresocr would like to know: How many days do you work a year? I mean, it's going to change next year.

I worked something like hours. It was a lot. A little too much for an Australian. We like a little more balance. My average day was 16 hours. Sometimes I work 19 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 9 months.

Femme Fatale

Glassdoll wants to know: How has becoming such a big star affected your family life? Well, my family is in Australia, and they're down to earth people.


I love my family, and they love me. There's a lot of support from them. It's not affecting them because I'm really grounded. I never thought about that. All of this attention, even with your question, feels like it's part of the job. But I'm appreciative of all the fans, because it's doing great for me.

Lennie asks this question: How do you keep in shape for your show? It's very hard to have a romantic life, I'll say that. You have only 7 hours off. Lennie -- yoga, kick boxing, I work out at my lunch hours. I do some stretching and skipping. The hours I work in the scenes that I'm in, I'm burning calories. I do as much of the stunts that they left me, and I lift heavy guns. But I work out every day in some form or another. I'm not working out at present. I'm on a little break.

LDrummerG would like to know: What is the funniest or strangest thing that has happened on the set? Roy does a lot of that on purpose. He goofs around a lot.

There's been things where I've slipped when running in on a scene. Roy does a few. There was a good moment once. We were sitting around the Section table, and it was the episode "Treason. And the boys all let their chairs down. There was a line that went, "He likes tall blondes. They caught it on film. There was a goof at 1 in the morning, and we had these weird infrared goggles on in degree weather.

We were running around in the bush with guns. We had to hide behind a tree. I couldn't see a thing and ran into Michael -- a stiff character -- and he knocked another person over. It was like a domino effect because everyone fell. There was an episode of "War" where someone said "This could be it. We break into this song after some guy stuck the gun in his mouth. We broke into a rendition of "The Flintstones," but it's "The Section We're the Section" sung to the tune of "Flintstones.

There's been some serious accidents. I've had a concussion when I hit my head on a tree. But the crew fools around all day long. When I'm not shooting, I walk around with a video camera filming the crew.

The things that go on! Vikingred would like to know: What type of acting roles do you see for yourself in the future? Well, my favorite actors are Gena Rowlands and Jessica Lange. I like to do comedy. I want to do very honest roles, and I feel like I'm a brave actress who will try or do anything. I like to play women who are very interesting. I don't see myself in conventional roles. I don't think people will buy that. I'm developing scripts with my production company.

One character is an alcoholic who stuffs mattresses for a living, drives around in a Pinto, and listens to Sonic Youth. Good scripts are good. This question comes from Modeljame: If you could play any stage role, what would it be and why?

That's a hard question. All stage roles are great. I'd like to play Cymbeline. It's just a great Shakespearean piece. It's definitely a challenge. Characters that haven't been seen yet. There are some great writers -- Noel Coward. My taste is so "all over the place. We'll see what comes to me, what I get. I'm just thinking of what I want to do next. Jimbon would like to know: What qualities do you like best about your character? Nikita -- she was like I was 7 or 8 years ago. I don't know whether that answers your question.

I look at her qualities. And she has a certain naivete that is very warm. She has a naivete in this modern world and the world that she's from. She has a vulnerability, like an animal. Like an innocent animal.

Chipwitch sends this question: Peta, "LFN" presents such a bleak picture of the battle over good and evil. Do any of the stories ever get to you? Look at the stuff they subject me to. Emotionally, the truth is, if my character doesn't go there and I don't make it believable, then the audience isn't going to buy it. So sometimes I have to go to strange places to pull myself to make it real. Only a little prep at night. I get very little sleep, maybe 6 hours every night.

I think "Mercy" got to me. Not having anything outside of the series as a life. It's very bizarre -- many times I'm in synch with the character. It will affect my mood. The makeup artists will tell me a week later, saying that I was really out there or was not feeling well. That means I took on the character's state of mind. Working that quickly as an actor, you have to be very emotionally open. I also don't like having to shoot people.

Nikita doesn't like it. It doesn't feel very nice. JMardin would like to find out: Do you answer fan mail? If so, what's an address for it? Call -- that's the phone number, and they could give you the rest of the address. To be honest, I don't write long letters to people.

But I do answer fan mail. I'm very grateful to have people like the show and like me. And another from MWatson What kind of books do you like to read, and do you have any favorite authors?

I read all kinds of book. At the moment, I have "Asylum," the new Tennessee Williams biography. One of my favorites is "Catcher in the Rye. I read history books. I'm curious about the ancient Greeks. I like theosophy books. I have the Shakespearean sonnets that I read.

I always carry a dictionary. I'm reading a book called "Mad Cows" by Kathy Latte, which is a possible film for me. I have a copy of "Acting: The First Six Lessons.

I just read for stimulation. I like photographic books, so I read them a lot too. I read it to relax. It's nice to be taken off to another world. Shalom wrote a good book called "When Nietzche Wept.

I'm reading Freud's "Women" right now. I read according to characters -- what they might read and what they might get off on. I like a bit of everything. I was reading cookbooks today because I was cooking dinner tonight. I like Sherlock Holmes mysteries, especially when I was younger. In the series finale, he sacrifices himself to achieve these goals.

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Seasons 1—4 Special guest star: Season 5 Blank-faced, often emotionless and coldly efficient, Michael Samuelle is a former radical student activist whose protest group sparked the Paris Riots of Not long after being sent to prison, he is recruited into Section One.

He graduates nine months early directly as a level 3 operative. He becomes one of their most successful and respected operatives. A few years later, however, the apparent death of his wife, Simone—a fellow Section operative whom he married against the wishes of Operations and Madeline, affects him greatly but not enough to grant cancellation.

He completely shuts down emotionally, becoming almost an automaton. It is not until Nikita enters the organization that he begins to open up emotionally once again. Simone is revealed to still be alive early in the first season and sacrifices her life to exact revenge on her abductor for her years of imprisonment and torture.

This time Michael has Nikita to fall back on. Complicating their often difficult relationship is Michael's "blood cover" marriage to Elena Vacek, the daughter of a fearsome terrorist that Section One has pursued for decades.

His son, Adam, is a product of that union. After ten years in section, he is a level 5 field operative and team leader and is most likely to succeed Operations.

He is quite accurate with firearms, almost never missing a shot, especially while performing acrobatics. He is sent to a suicide mission by Nikita when she evaluates the staff for Center.

Accountable only to Oversight. A Vietnam veteranformer Lieutenant Paul L. Wolfe was recruited into Section One against his will just before the fall of Saigon. A shrewd and driven man, Operations eventually topples the founder and head of Section One, Adrian, seizing control of the organization himself.

While giving lip service to the aims of Section — the eradication of terrorists and the protection of the innocent — Operations uses Section One as his own power base, gaining considerable control over dictators in many regions of the globe.

This lust for power brings him into direct conflict with George, head of Oversight, who on many levels despises him, and even Adrian returns from her forced retirement to mount an unsuccessful coup attempt against Operations. He is also distrustful of Nikita, and even attempts to kill her on a number of occasions, but is grudgingly forced to accept her success at completing Section missions. The same is also true of Operations' relationship to Michael, when he discovers Michael's romantic involvement with Nikita.

Operations and Madeline make for an effective partnership, though it includes a brief romance that sometimes causes complications. Operations dies attempting to rescue Michael's son, who has been kidnapped by the Collective. Operations is then replaced by Nikita. Season 5 Level 9, executive strategist, second-in-command, chief tactician, and psychologist for Section One. Madeline is Operations's closest ally and confidante. The ultimate personification of Section One's ideals, she is cold and efficient in the execution of her duties, which often involve using torture to extract information from captured terrorist subjects.

A master manipulator, she knows the psyche of each Section operative inside and out, and can push the right buttons to get what she wants from each one each time. This brings her into constant conflict with Nikita, whose independent spirit she grudgingly admires, but overall, views as a threat to her control within the organization. Madeline's "Type One Directive" against Michael's and Nikita's romantic partnership will kick off a chain of events that even Madeline is unable to predict, events that will force her to make a fateful choice that will have major repercussions on the future of Section One.

She commits suicide at the end of season four. He had to be a little off reality. Is he real or not? This is hard to carry all the time. This is why there is an economy of movement in his gestures. I decided to strip them all away to portray this weight of perfection. Dupuis attributes his ability to decipher a character to instinct. This instinct often guides him in the creation of the character he is portraying.

Nonetheless, he still gives serious thought beforehand to the qualities that will eventually define each personage. Now there is an emphasis on under-reality and intimacy. In that type of film, something has to happen between two people. It almost looks like improvisation.

Dupuis is going for truth in his private life as well. She gave me a lot in life. Then on the 26th of December my father died. This was a big surprise. What used to be outside of you is now inside of you. For example, he makes an analogy between his life and the on-going renovations at the s farmhouse where he lives: