Olivia and fitz relationship season 3

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olivia and fitz relationship season 3

"Fitz and Olivia are always intertwined in very odd and new ways," In theory, that would free Fitz up for Liv, at least for a private relationship. How many times have Olivia and Fitz broken up? . Actual breakup #1 (season 2 , episode 3): The second season begins David, a jealous Fitz questions Olivia about her relationship with ex-fiance Edison (Norm Lewis). October 5, pm. Facebook For example: Eli could've just said, "Fitz sucks; quit your job, Olivia" in the video, below: Abby was Olivia's righthand woman in season one, but their relationship deteriorated as the show continued.

Breakup 2 season 2, episode The romance is off again: Olivia discovers the truth about that Supreme Court justice.

olivia and fitz relationship season 3

Best breakup excuse ever? Makeup 3 season 3, episode 8: After weeks of Olivia ignoring his calls, Fitz sends a chopper to pick her up. The pretense for the trip: Fitz wants to talk about her father, the commander of a deadly mercenary group a real piece of work.

olivia and fitz relationship season 3

Breakup 4 season 3 finale: Fitz moves forward with the divorce—until Olivia convinces him to stay with Mellie. Makeup 4 season 4 finale: Amazingly, that sticks for a good chunk of season five. The divorce is happening, and the country has somehow accepted his relationship with Olivia.

Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Are Olivia and Fitz Together Now?

Neither, of course, wants to get married in this way. Also, it would be way too easy.

olivia and fitz relationship season 3

Breakup 5 season 5, episode 9: Yes, Mellie is running for president! Nothing absurd about that plotline!

olivia and fitz relationship season 3

Little happens for the couple beyond a fantasy sequence in episode 10offering a glimpse of what a Fitz-Olivia marriage might look like.

And then, in the last scene of the last episode, Olivia rushes out to kiss Fitz goodbye as he officially leaves the White House.

  • Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Are Olivia and Fitz Together Now?

Will season 7 reopen the door to happily ever after for Olivia and Fitz? Olivia goes to Fitz and asks him about it, but he refuses to respond. Determined to find out the truth about Operation Remington, the firm investigates Rowan and learns that a passenger was removed from the flight by a Federal Marshall just prior to take off.

Quinn starts to hang out with Charlie, who sets her up to kill a security guard who was an eye-witness to the Federal Marshall's removal of the passenger. As a result of Quinn's inadvertent murder, Huck tortures her and she leaves the firm. It's revealed that Maya was the passenger who didn't get on the plane, and that she has been imprisoned by Rowan for the last 20 years. She manages to break free and Olivia Is shocked when her "dead" mother contacts her.

Olivia manages to arrange a flight to Hong Kong with Maya on it, but after she leaves Olivia figures out that Maya really is a terrorist by the name Marie Wallace.

Scandal Final Season: Before Season 7 Premiere, How Many Times Have Olivia and Fitz Broken Up?

Meanwhile, Fitz faces problems when Congresswoman Josephine "Josie" Marcus is in the running to win the Democratic Party primary against Senator Samuel Reston and become the first female president of the United States. Cyrus tries his best to find dirt on Marcus in order to ruin her campaign, but fails. After Olivia finds out that Fitz shot down the plane which killed her mother, she declines the offer of being the campaign manager for Fitz's re-election and becomes the manager for Josephine Marcus'.

olivia and fitz relationship season 3

After an incident with Marcus' sister, Josephine backs out of her campaign. Cyrus discovers that Sally plans to run against Fitz as an Independent when she hires Leo Bergen to be her campaign manager. He tries to blackmail her by having James flirt with her husband, Daniel Douglas.

'Scandal' Season 3 — Olivia Forces Fitz to Meet With Her

However, James figures out Cyrus' plan, and sleeps with Daniel devastating Cyrus. When Sally finds out about this, she becomes furious and kills her husband.