Numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

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numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

on-again/off-again semi-relationship with Amita he's probably going to have a problem with a man he. This is my first Numb3rs story and it's been floating around my head since the Season Three finale. . "I mean Charlie you're not in trouble or anything are you? " . "Amita." Larry whispered looking at Charles in wonderment. "You see for the last six years I've been in a committed relationship with. Amita Ramanujan, Ph.D., is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Numb3rs, played by She and Charlie have had a romantic relationship of sorts throughout the series. She is having problems accepting her role as a professor, especially in the view that she was a student only recently at the same university.

He'd scoped out the driver of the SUV and Don would swear the guy was government. And knowing Charlie that meant NSA. Don relented in his usual way saying nothing but climbing into the SUV without another word. When all the passengers were inside at last Charlie climbed into the front seat so that he could speak to everyone in the car.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

Waiting until the car was moving Charlie nervously ran his fingers through his hair and cleared his throat. I hope I can get it all done before we arrive so I'm going to ask you to please, please not interrupt until I'm done. Charlie's obvious distress bringing the womans empathetic nature out while putting her curiosity on hold.

As you know I've consulted for the NSA for a while now. I left out a few details. Details, Don that I couldn't share at the time. It was actually ten years ago and it wasn't so that I could help them but rather they were protecting me. I mean I was apart of so many different projects sometimes I have trouble remembering them all. I wasn't publishing my work or anything. The NSA agents intercepted them before they could even get to my office.

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I was injected with an organic tracking device that is undetectable by anything other then an NSA satellite that monitors, where I am at all times, as well as my heart rate and other indicators of distress or trouble. I never know where they are or even who they are but I've been assured their always around. God, Don sometimes it was just easier for me to block it all out and continue on as if nothing had changed.

Her own interests in Physics as well as Probability Theory made her the perfect mole as well as her appearance being so unassuming that she would never be perceived as a threat. Megan put her hand over her mouth to hide the grin on her face as Alan's ramblings reminded her so much of Charlie at the moment she was afraid she would laugh out loud.

Don was also looking amused though rolling his eyes as well at his fathers never-ending desire for his sons to get married and have kids. Totally takes the pressure off me to settle down, seems like you've taken care of that for me. Charlie tried to smile but it came out as more of a grimace as he whispered so softly the rest of the car had to strain to hear him quietly utter, "I'm afraid it's still up to you to provide grandchildren, Don.

Alan sat back looking stunned as Don continued to squeeze his brothers shoulder. You're my brother I want you to be happy and well it it's a guy that makes you happy I'm not, I mean I hope you didn't think. I always thought she knew, or at least suspected. She was always so perceptive of people and what they were going through. Don's so much like her in that way. It seemed that the CID was becoming aware that they had a mole within their operation working for enemy government's.

Charlie paused as the black SUV exited from the highway indicating they weren't far from their destination and Charlie needed to speak up if he wanted to finish before they arrived. He was about to be discharged from the army so to keep him viable as an asset Bob had recruited him to the NSA.

We spent six months working together on the data and collecting information. Megan smiled as she discreetly took Larry's hand grateful for her own opportunity to find someone to love. David sat back and listened to Charlie as the pain over his partners betrayal once more consumed his chest making it feel like a hundred pound weight was pressing down on him.

There were over 28 moles working for the same government that were placed through various branches of the US law enforcement agencies. One mole so highly placed that any endeavor to halt the infiltration would be in danger of being uncovered and the agents life forfeit. All contact was cut off and until the operation succeeded or failed no help or information was to be provided.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

Charlie nodded before once more picking up his story. I don't think either of us realized how long term it was going to be. The car remained quite for what seemed like an eternity till a high pitched, what could only be called a squeal, erupted from Megan as she threw her arms around Larry and began to laugh and sob at the whole time. David looked at Charlie with shock and disbelief. His emotion fluctuating wildly between happy, hurt, confusion, relief. Penfield, she stated she had no time for a serious relationship because of her graduate work on astrophysics.

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She assured Charlie that her interest in Penfield was only of the intellectual nature. At times, she has felt that her work has been subsumed by Charlie's research. Amita's professional career further created a conflict for her following an offer for a three-year assistant professorship at Harvard University. At the close of season two, she had not decided if she would accept the position, or remain in California and apply for a similar position through CalSci.

With the start of season three, she decided to take the CalSci position and kindle a romance with Charlie. However, Amita said that it would be arrogant for Charlie to think that she only stayed for him. She is having problems accepting her role as a professor, especially in the view that she was a student only recently at the same university where she now holds a faculty position.

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Larry Fleinhardt advised her in recreating her image of herself, for only then would other professors accept her as a colleague. Finch said harsh words to Amita about her needing to act like a professor and be more than Charlie's assistant and even stated that she dresses like a kid. Mildred disapproved of her dating her former thesis adviser. This caused her to doubt her relationship with Charlie, but he took it to the next step in kissing her in his garage and she did not hesitate.

Finch saw this, Charlie and Amita were temporarily shocked. In "End of Watch", she nearly quit chairing the curriculum committee, as their colleagues remarked on their relationship.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

Amita understood Charlie's sentiments over Larry's leave of absence to the International Space Station and could discern that Eppes had never been in a situation where he was not able to get what he wanted. Megan Reeves said it was nice that she worked well with Charlie. Also, the two women were proud to see Charlie help Larry accomplish his dream. Though she said she loves Charlie, Amita did not want him to meet her father, as Mr.

Ramanujan always had the expectation that she would only date men born in India. She joked that it would be fine once Charlie won the Fields Medalwhich she believes he has the potential to earn.

Despite this concern, Charlie has asked her to move in with him, and she is agreeable to the plan. Charlie's ideal situation would be for them to live together in his house and his father to move into a condo; however, the details of the arrangement are yet to be determined.

When Charlie finally meets Amita's parents, Tapti and Sanjay Ramanujan, they are very rude to him, dismissing him, at times completely ignoring him, and talking about another man for their daughter.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship problems

Eventually, though, they warm to Charlie and accept him. In the season 5 finale, " Angels and Devils ", Charlie proposes to Amita at the end of the episode after she had been kidnapped at gunpoint in front of him by the leader of a cult. After Don and the rest of team get her home safely, Charlie proposes to her saying that he has learned this past year 5th season that life turns on a dime and he doesn't want the things that matter Amita to disappear because he waited to see what could happen.

Her response is not heard as the episode ends, but it is implied in the first episode of season 6, Charlie and Amita announce to Alan and Don, Charlie's father and brother, that they have decided to get married.