Niketan and urvashi relationship test

Day 60 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Delnaaz's brother Bakhtiyar abuses Rajev, Urvashi - Entertainment

niketan and urvashi relationship test

After eviction Sapna said she would like to be friends with Karishma Kotak, Niketan Madhok, Urvashi Dholakia, Imam Siddique, and Aseem. Television actress Urvashi Dholakia joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Border-Gavaskar Trophy | 3rd Test | 26 - 30 Dec, .. Sana's cheap comments about your relation ship with Niketan,.. how you feel, In some time, Imam is seen complaining about the Karishma not performing her duties properly. Urvashi, Mink, Sapna, Rajev, Niketan stood up.

Bakhtiyar comes in and hugs his sister warmly. Bakhtiyar tells Delnaaz to stop being so gullible and step up and answer back to people instead of listening to them always.

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He also tells Niketan to grow a backbone and start owning up to situations. Bakhtiyar tells Imam that he is a pure entertainer and should stay that way and tells Vishal that he is a genuine guy.

Imam breaks down after Bakhtiyar appreciates him. Bakhtiyar tells Rajev to stop acting and lying to people about his attempts to apologize to Delnaaz post their split in Bakhtiyaar also said that Rajev has never come to their house between and To make things worse, Bakhtiyar told Rajev that his constant attempts of flirting with the likes of Sana, Karishma, Mink etc looks utterly cheap from outside.

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Almost as soon as Bakhtiyar leaves, Delnaaz breaks down and runs to her room. Sana and Aashka console her.

niketan and urvashi relationship test

An offended Rajev storms into the room, and justifies his side of the story. Aashka and Sana plead him to leave Delnaaz alone for a few minutes. When Rajev was almost at the door, Imam walked in and spoke to Rajev. Rajev flips and starts abusing Imam and tells him to stay away from his personal life. Rajev gets wild and threatens to hit him etc. Santosh, Vishal come in and pull Imam out of the scene. Imam tries to intervene yet again but the other housemates shut him up.

Urvashi goes on about how nobody has a right to point a finger at her family. The other housemates pacify her and try to calm her down. In sometime, Rajev is seen abusing Imam once again for coming in between him and Delnaaz. In sometime, the housemates are frozen again. Urvashi is seen lying frozen on her bed and her children enter the room. She gets extremely emotional and breaks down.

niketan and urvashi relationship test

I never thought I was winning. I thought I will be out in a couple of weeks. Nobody can preempt what would happen next. Public have their favourites, but it all boils down to who does what on the show. Unfortunately, people are fighting unnecessarily to get noticed. As about the current season, I know two-three people who have become extremely popular.

One is Arshi, the other is Hina Khan. I don't know Hina personally at all, whatever I have heard, she is spreading a lot of negativity. I also don't know Shilpa, but she has a strong chances of winning. It is difficult to put across a certain image in the show, as after few weeks, your true face is revealed. Aakhir kitni acting kar loge.

niketan and urvashi relationship test

Taali ek haath se nahi bajti. I was called a moti bhains in the spur of the moment, I also called somebody a name.

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But it wasn't body shaming. We didn't mean it, there wasn't any malice in our intentions. I was called manipulative bitch, selfish, all this is name calling, accusations and people have said this about me after coming out of the house. To each his own. It only shows your own character.

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There was an incident in my season where boys were put down for no reason. It is easy to pick on men. Itne feminism mein main believe nahi karti. I am a woman, if I see something wrong, I raise my voice even for the men.

niketan and urvashi relationship test

Urvashi Dholakia's winning moment in Bigg Boss 6. Like it happened with Niketan and me. We became friends when I couldn't stand him for the first few weeks. Then we became friends during a task. When you get to know a person, your perspective changes.

A lot can change in 24 or 48 hours. He is a sweet person and quite entertaining. About Akash Dadlaani, I would say, what is his attitude all about? There is no sportsman spirit in him. If you are in a race and you are lagging behind, will you quit running?