Nichkhun and victoria relationship goals

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nichkhun and victoria relationship goals

KhunToria. Even tho this was a 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria = KhunToria Victoria. More information YongSeo (we got married Sweet potato couple). Explore Thúy Ngọc Phạm's board "Khuntoria couple" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Wgm couples, Nichkhun victoria and Victoria song. Nichkhun was part of it with a girl. (that I now . more "relationship goals" then you. Some of the Khuntoria (2PM Nichkhun & F(x) Victoria).

Kangta sunbae from H. Your favorite nickname for yourself?

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Your favorite music genre? Korean drama OSTs Q Your favorite ice cream flavor? Green Tea flavor Q What do you usually do on holidays? Watch Korean dramas in the dormitory Q What lifestyle habits do you have? Making breakfast for the f x members Q Which member are you close with?

nichkhun and victoria relationship goals

What items do you carry with you when you leave home? Handphone and wallet Q What is your best dish?

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Fried rice, sweet and sour porkmapo tofu Q What do you need before taking bath? Hair tie, headband Q What is one thing you have to do when you go on trip? In fact she made face at SM concert in if I'm not wrong and the shippers know she didn't like it. Because she didn't need or want it. Vic never really used the WGM or Khun or cheer for the shippers delusion even she initial gained attention because of it.

She had many successful dramas after which stabilized her name and popularity. She only talked about Khun and WGM when she was asked. She has built her career as an actress without asking any support from the ship or the shippers. Your example with twilight doesn't really work here. Khuntoria never said they were dating and everyone knows WGM is a show.

It's not their fault that some shippers are delusional when the other couple obvious used that relationship for their movie promotion. You are the weird one for acting like delusional shippers are the victim when they caused many damage and attacked Vic's costars through out the years.

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If they stop stan her because of their non-existence ship being destroyed then let's it be. I'm sure Vic is fine with that since she never care about that ship after the show. WGM is their work and they own the popularity and benefit for their hard work. Like they go together so well that anything they do justifies that they should be together. In Filipino, there's a word called Kilig.

nichkhun and victoria relationship goals

It's like feeling cringey, but in a good way. Like it's almost impossible not to feel that way. Everyone experiences it differently, but I experience it to the extreme, as in I'm screaming and have a huge smile on my face at the same time.

I'm a sucker for a good romance, and all this show does to me is deliver all the possibile fantasies and love stories I can think off, and show the couples I love doing it. I can't help but react to what they're giving me because it's goals. Withdrawal For me, it's an absurd feeling I feel for a long time.