Mukhtar abbas naqvi and ashok singhal relationship tips

Mukhar Abbas Naqvi and Ashok Singhal Relationship

Two important aspects stand out in connection with this: To guide, direct, supervise and coordinate the activities of the affiliated unions. vii. To assist the. We provide our expert advice when it is not required and when no one is in BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi; “Ban skirts as school Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Ashok Singhal “All sex outside marriage including live-in-relationship should be declared illegal and punishable. BJP Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the party will decide and Later in Allahabad, Singhal said the organisation will not violate its is known to share an uneasy relationship with Modi over the chief Ashok Gehlot wins Rajasthan CM race against Sachin Pilot, say India Tv Contest Hints.

Other appropriate amenities xiii. Expeditious enforcement and appropriate amendment of existing labour legislation in their interest and xiv. Enactment of new labour laws from time to time in consultation with the labour representatives.

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Labour Research Centre, Universities etc. For sound health of workers and society BMS has been against the use of any type of drugs, liquor, alcohol and smoking. National Labour Day India has a heritage of thousands of year where the dignity of labour as well as those of labourers was well established.

The dire need of the hour is to re-establish the same - the Dignity of Labour by observing our own labour day.

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As also, most of the Nations have their National Labour Day. National Labour Day was rediscovered to be on Vishwakarma Jayanti, Vishwakarmabeing the first craftsman — artisan, sculptor, and engineer - and in fact the traditional symbol of hard labour.

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This falls on Kanya Sankranti of each year. While functioning since it has given to the labour movement new slogans benefiting its ideology: Bharat Mata Ki Jai We will work in the interest of the country and will take full wage for the work done Desh ki hit me kam karenge, kam ki lenge poore dham The sacrifice, penance and martyrdom are identification of BMS BMS ki kya pehchan, Tyag, Tapasya aur Balidan Understand the value of Capital and Labour is equal and same Paise aur pasine ki kimmat samjo ek samaan.

Workers unite the world Mazdooron duniya ko ek karo Industrialise the nation, Nationalise the Labour, Labourise the Industry Rashtra Udyogikaran, Sharamik ka Rashtriyakaran, Udyog ka Mazdoorikaran Bonus to all wage earners — as deferred wage Sabi Vetanbogiyonko der se diya hua vetan ki roop me bonus Stop discrimination.

Income-ratio should be one and ten. Aay ka anupath Ek aur Dus ho New trends in the trade union movement BMS has contributed quite a few new ideas which have virtually become trend setters. The non-political nature of BMS has now gained currency and has become acceptable not only in India but also abroad.

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BMS doesn't believe in class concept and rejects the class theory propounded by Marx. Instead its struggle and fight is against the injustice on workers from whatever quarters. Being non-political, its attitude towards any democratically elected government is governed by the principle of "Responsive Co-operation".

BMS idea of "Labourisation" of Industries — a stage where workers would collectively own and manage the industrial units has initiated a national debate on it.

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At the same time it has suggested some positive alternatives. It has vigorously condemned the abject surrender to the conditionality of the IMF and WB as that would amount to giving up our sovereignty. It has offered to cooperate in turning the loss making PSUs profitable where practicable, it has agreed to induce the workers to take up their unit to run them on sound lines.

To curb excessive profiteering, which is the main culprit behind price rise; it has suggested that the Government should take steps to make the consumer aware of the cost of production of each product to daily use. She later withdrew the remark after coming under fire from the opposition, but the damage had been done. He added that those involved in conversion and cow slaughter must be punished with death, though ghar vapsi, the process of converting minority communities to Hinduism, is not equivalent to conversion.

It is the economically backward and often destitute people who became targets of these campaigns. Groups situated on the lower rungs of the caste structure agreed to go through shuddhi rituals for material gratification, aspiring for social dignity and equality.

What is significant is that ghar vapsi was defended by some members of the ruling party. Laws banning cow slaughter already exist in many States, but the blanket ban imposed in Maharashtra and then Haryana further indicate the creeping in of Hindutva in the Indian body politic.

The ban extended to bulls and bullocks with utter disregard for the dietary needs of a large section of the impoverished citizenry and the already distressed agrarian economy.

A slow but sure strategy All this has been happening in a context of low intensity violence against minorities. Attacks against Christians and Muslims have gone up, and they have been reported from all across the country. The impact of these skirmishes in terms of the spread of religious intolerance is the same as that of religious riots.

The problem of such localised attacks is that Hindutva moves forward, minorities voices are marginalised and social hatred spreads, but the political order escapes the blame for dividing people.

The Sangh Parivar is doing this in its own typical way by using the strategy of a death by a thousand cuts.