Marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

Considerations for Marketing Distance Education Courses in Health . Marketing distance learning programs and courses: A relationship marketing strategy. A ranking of the best bachelor's in marketing online degree programs. For more general information regarding online learning, visit our ranking of the top with sample courses like Promotional Strategy, Marketing Research and Analysis , . Marketing for Sustainable Business, Customer Relationship Management, and. Marketing Strategies for Distance Learning Programs: A Theoretical . management of a relationship-type marketing strategy. A number of .. also become a crucial issue when distance learning courses become globalized.

It requires concerted efforts to extend this to DOL and devise differentially appropriate strategies and mechanisms to bring DOL at par, as also to make it reach an array of stakeholders.

In a networked community of practitioners, what is crucial is a strict peer review of what is being promoted.

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

It has been argued that relationship marketing RM Shaik, ; Helgesen, is of great significance to distance and online education. This can be addressed from the point of view of development of sustainable strategies towards creation of need based student values. Conceptual frameworks and research modeling need to be developed to address this issue in a continuum ranging from promotion and recruitment, through successful completion, to relationship marketing.

Marketing here though should not be viewed from the perspective of any market, rather from the viewpoint of lifelong learning. It is of crucial importance, if DOL is based on learner-centric models, that student satisfaction surveys are undertaken continuously, the results are put in the institutional public domain, and that the survey results are formatively built into institutional decision-making.

A part of student satisfaction and relationship management is survey of job market and the first destination of graduates. This kind of marketing research provides valuable information on reorienting the curricular programmes, courses and knowledge-skill strategies to suit both the graduates and the employers.

However, an extension of such a strategy may include marketing and promotion of non-market oriented educational programmes and resources which are crucial to community, socio-economic, and national development.

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In most countries, resources deployed for education and training are generally limited or less compared to other sectors of national investment. In most of the instances, distance education is allocated less, and the distance teaching institutions are required to generate most of their resources on their own. Marketing of distance education shall not only contribute to economy of scale but also attract additional resources through outsourcing, research grants, endowments, philanthropic donations, collaboration and networking.

This encompasses a wide range of DOL practices—courses and programmes, technologies, procedures, benchmarks, and best practices for graduates and alumni, teachers, and allied functionaries. The present volume is a welcome addition to this initiative.

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

Economics of distance and online learning. Mega-universities and knowledge media.

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Mega-schools, technology and teachers. Marketing strategies in open distance learning and education. Planning for open and flexible learning. Marketing for higher education: A relationship marketing approach. What could be better than that?

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

Perhaps place an opt-in form on your site which offers a free ebook or ask customers to sign up for the list in exchange for the opportunity to purchase your course at a significant discount upon launch. Be creative with this one. Offer a Free Mini-Course to Subscribers This is similar to the lead magnet strategies mentioned above, but I wanted to discuss this idea separately as it actually creates a mini marketing funnel. And it can also help you gauge interest in your course without creating all of your content first.

The idea here is to create a short introductory course or a sneak preview of a larger course and offer access to your email subscribers.

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

Secondly, you can solicit testimonials from these initial students. These testimonials can then be added to both your sales page and your email campaign. And when it comes to selling online courses at a premium price, testimonials are gold.

However, there are probable dozens and sometimes even hundreds of long-tail search terms in your niche that are not so competitive. Sure they may not have 20, searches per month, but landing on the first page of the search results for these terms sometimes requires little more than having a few of those words sprinkled throughout a blog post on your site.

And having an affiliate program has another benefit. There are very likely authorities in your niche who have a much bigger following than you do. These authorities are always looking for two things: Your affiliate program may meet both of these needs for them and get you in front of a lot of eyes.

Develop Relationships with Authorities in Your Niche Since we just talked about authorities in your niche, another strategy which has worked very well for us in the past is to start developing relationships with these people early on.

marketing distance learning programs and courses a relationship strategy

Mentioning them on social media is a great example. Another great tactic is to offer to write a guest post for their site.

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Many regular bloggers are happy to receive a short break from publishing and welcome guests posts. Contact them with an idea for an article and see what they say. And the best part is that content stays there for future readers and search engines to pick up, all linking back to your sales page.

Participate in Social Media Groups Getting engaged with other people through niche-related Facebook or LinkedIn groups is not only sort of fun, but eventually people will start wondering who this incredibly intelligent, handsome person in the group who offers earth-shattering insight into every conversation.

But please, do make your conversation valuable and insightful. Why not chime in during these as well and get your name and course out there for others to see? PPC Advertising Pay-per-click advertising is a bit different than the strategies mentioned above. While most of those require brainpower and hard work, PPC ads require a budget.