Mad hatter and alice relationship marketing

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mad hatter and alice relationship marketing

This was especially true of his relationship with Alice. blossomed into the caterpillar at the hookah and Humpty Dumpty and the Mad Hatter. The relationship is at arm's length - the meeting at the tea party is a bit frosty and he provokes with his strange way of expressing himself and riddles. She is a bit. 'Alice in Wonderland' was subject to a striking marketing campaign, using which encourages the audience to build a 'relationship' with their favourites and Cleverly, it was chosen that Johnny Depp's character, the Mad Hatter should be.

If he turned himself inside out, turned the world inside out with his powerful imagination, in order to avoid them? He was not alone in his obsession. The era seemed to breed a certain type of neurasthenic man who had a well-developed and intellectually complicated disdain for overt physicality and who found himself drawn to pre-teens.

He also fell under the spell of Alice, among other young girls he encountered. One particular street urchin whom he glimpsed in Italy made a big impression on him. It is one of the paradoxes of Victorian culture that the sentimentality, the frilly, sugar-sweet view of the child often coexisted with darker sexual urges; that they fed each other, and the squeamishness about sex led to a perverse attraction to anything innocent and pure.

Children were safe, and in their safety, certain thoughts - dirty, sensual thoughts - were allowed to flourish. It is almost impossible to claim that Dodgson was drawn to little girls on a purely spiritual plane.

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His deep aesthetic appreciation of their physical presence was too conspicuous. He wrote to Gertrude Thomson, an artist who was sketching girlish fairies and nymphs, "I confess I do not admire naked boys in pictures. But what to make of it? What if he did love children, and in that love was a sexual element?

What if he admired the bodies of little girls and never touched one? There is no doubt that he was tormented by what he called "the inclinations of my sinful heart". Even his mathematical writings were marked by his struggle. In the introduction to Curiosa Mathematica, Part II, he wrote that fixing one's mind on mathematics as one lay in bed could ward off "unholy thoughts, which torture with their hateful presence, the fancy that would fain be pure".

Strong language for a book about trigonometry. The picture we get of is of a man afraid of his own dreams, struggling for command over himself. In one of his most charming analyses, the biographer Morton Cohen actually charted Dodgson's moments of greatest torment and insomnia in his diaries and found that they correlated to the days on which he saw Alice.

mad hatter and alice relationship marketing

But Dodgson's response to any heightened agitation he felt with children was this: His feelings rhymed and punned themselves into expression. He chatted her up with the manic energy of Wonderland. His frustration, his alienation, blossomed into the caterpillar at the hookah and Humpty Dumpty and the Mad Hatter.

He channelled his devotion into a wild and lovely literary universe; his imagination so dangerous and inflamed, it fled the real world. He called the Alice books a "love-gift". And because this love is unrequited, because it is impossible, ethereal, because he cannot allow himself to fully feel it, there is a hint of sadness.

As he puts it, "a shadow of a sigh" trembles through the story. To me, there is a nobility in a self-restraint so forceful that it spews out stuttering tortoises and talking chess pieces rather than focus on the matter at hand. There is something touching about a man who fights the hardest fight in the world: That night, Alice and Helen attend Hamish's party.

Alice causes an immediate bad impression for wearing a colorful costume which she brought from China; the partygoers, all Victorian people, and thus very ethnocentric, are shocked and offended by how Alice is dressed, with one even accusing her costume of belonging in a circus. Alice, however, is unaffected by their criticisms, and eventually re encounters Hamish, who is now married to a woman called Alexandra.

When she finally tries to discuss her new ideas for trading in the Orient, she discovers that Hamish has very different plans for her and the Wonder. For her great shock, he informs her that she isn't the captain of the ship anymore; indeed, Hamish downgraded her to work as a simple secretary in the company. She also discovers that, while traveling the Orient, Hamish forced Alice's mother to sign a contract which determines that the only way for Alice to maintain the Wonder is by exchanging their house for the ship.

Alice realises that, despite three years having passed since she rejected his marriage offer, and the fact that is he now married to Alexandra, Hamish is still seeking revenge for Alice's attitude to him in the past. When she confronts Hamish about that, he accuses her of not being the right person for commanding the ship, despite her achievements, because she is a woman. Distraught by the situation, Alice argues with her mother, who tries to convince her daughter to conform to the society expectations about women.

After Alice refuses to, she secludes herself in a garden in the property. When a blue butterfly lands in a flower, Alice's immediately recognizes it as Absolemand follows him to a magical mirror in Lord Ascot's old office. Before she is able to pass through the mirror, however, her presence in the office is caught by some partygoers, who call Hamish and tries to invade the office and discover the intruder.

Before they are able to open the door, however, Alice goes through the mirror and ends up in a mirrored office in Underland.

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She re encounters Absolem, who urges her to quickly go to her friends, because "he will be gone before long. They inform her that Tarrant Hightopp is acting madder than usual in wake that he believes that his family is still alive.

They suggest that Alice visits him and tries to comfort Tarrant, which she does by going to his hat house. Tarrant is infuriated with Alice for not believing him about his family still being alive.

Tarrant is extremely happy to see her, explaining to Alice that he found a small blue hat in the woods while playing with Bayard.

The hat was crafted by him when he was only a child, and supposed thrown away by his father, Zanik, who Tarrant had a fight which he never settled, for his great resentment.

mad hatter and alice relationship marketing

He believes that the existence of the hat is the proof that his family is still alive, despite all of the Witzend town perishing in the Horunvendush Day the day the Red Queen took control of Underland using the Jabberwockyand he wishes to find them, in order to correct the relationship with his father.

Alice points out the improbability of Tarrant's beliefs, remembering how he himself told her during her last trip to Underland how his family was murdered.

She tries to comfort him by telling about that she lost her own father too and how she learned to overcome the sadness which his death brought to her, but as Tarrant perceives that she isn't believing him, exactly as the others did, he expulses her from his house and locks himself up. Worried by Tarrant's evident deteriorating health, Alice returns to her friends and tells them about what happened. Believing that finding the Hatter's family is the only way to stop him of dying, the White Queen decides that Alice needs to go back in time and save by herself his family from being murdered.

She orders Alice to consult Time and ask for the Chronospherea device which will allow her to travel back in time. Time refuses to give the Chronosphere to Alice, telling her that it is better to learn from the past instead of trying to change it. Whilst in there, Alice discovers that Time is the one who decides the life and death of everyone of Underland; she witnesses him closing the clock of an old man, thus causing him to die, and then storing the clock in an chamber dedicated to all the dead of Underland.

After meeting Time, he shows her the castle, including his minions, little mechanical beings which he calls Seconds. He explains to her the function of the Grand Clock, which maintains all time working, and the fact that it is the Chronosphere what powers it; he also reveals to her that altering the past cannot be done.

Alice is disappointed with Time's refusal to lend the Chronosphere to her, but as she is ready to left the castle, she witnesses Iracebeth the Red Queen arriving, thus realizing that she and Time are together. Alice hides and goes to the Grand Clock in the intent of stealing the Chronosphere; while she does it, Iracebeth and Time have a conversation. He gives her a gift, but she doesn't get excited about it; eventually, she cries and says that no one loves her.

When Time says that he does love her, she says that if he really did, he would give her the Chronosphere, which Time once again refuses. Their talk is interrupted when Alice removes the Chronosphere from the Grand Clock, causing it and Time himself to start to malfunction. Time order the Seconds to stop Alice of running away with the Chronosphere, which they try to do by linking themselves one to another to form big beings called Minutes.

They chase Alice through the Grand Clock, but she is able to activate the Chronosphere and drive it to the Ocean of Time. Time immediately follows behind her in his flying pole which has the same time-traveling ability of the Chronosphere, but not before saying to the Seconds to maintain the Grand Clock working or all time will stop.

They do it by joining together to form Minutes, and then Minutes join together to form a gigantic being called Hour. This way, they force the Grand Clock to continue to work and time to do not stop.

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Time causes Alice to accidentally return to Iracebeth's failed coronation day. Meanwhile, Time and Alice race through the Ocean of Time, he trying to stop she from evading while she is still discovering how to drive the Chronosphere. She realizes that the Chronosphere's controls are very close to the ones of a ship, thus allowing her to evade Time. As she attempts to crash the Chronosphere in the wave which shows the Horunvendush Day, she is caught up to by Time and accidentally flies to a day when Witzend still existed.

She walks through the town until recognizing a young Tarrant, who is extremely confused by Alice, due to the fact that at this point in time they still had not met. She follows him to discover that she accidentally travelled back in time to the day of the Red Queen's coronation. As Alice hides, she witnesses the failed attempt of coronating Iracebeth, beginning with Tarrant mocking the Red Queen in the front of everyone when the royal crown doesn't fit on her abnormal head.

This causes Iracebeth to melt down and to treat everyone who laughed at her. King Oleron, her father, deems her inappropriate to rule, and passes the title of queen to her younger sister, Mirana. Iracebeth is distraught, swearing revenge to the Hightopps due to Tarrant's act. Zanik reprimands his son for making mockery of the queen, but the Hatter doesn't understand the severity of his actions.

As the fight escalates up, Tarrant announces that he is leaving the family to live away, to the despair of his mother, Tyva. Before following him, Alice witnesses the Red Queen blaming the White Queen for everything that happened due to a certain situation from when they were children.

Alice follows Tarrant and tries to convince him to go back and forgive his father, saying that, in the future, he will regret not doing so, but he refuses to, rather preferring to go live with Mallymkun and Thackery. He invites Alice to come with him to the tea party, but she returns to the town to warn the Hightopps about Iracebeth's revenge, the Horunvendush Day, which will cause their death. As she tries to do so, however, she hears Mirana talking to the Hightopps about the Fell Day, the day which a traumatic event caused Iracebeth to go crazy.

The real-life inspiration for the Mad Hatter and his Tea Party

Alice realises that, if she returns to the Fell Day and avoids that event of happening, Iracebeth would not be mocked in her coronation day, thus avoiding the Horunvendush Day of happening too and saving the Hatter's family.

As she leaves, Time's falls right in Tarrant, Mallymkun and Thackery's tea party.

mad hatter and alice relationship marketing

He asks for where Alice is, but Tarrant notices that there is something wrong about how Time is desperately asking for her, and tries to avoid him of finding Alice by saying that he invited she to the tea party. Time decides to wait, and Mallymkun and Thackery, despite not knowing Alice at this point, join the Hatter's game in making Time lose time. They make many bad puns about him, which first leaves him unimpressed as he has heard all of them beforebut as Chessur joins the game and Time loses more and more time, he starts to get angry.

He starts to malfunction again, due to Seconds as a Hour having a hard time in maintaining the Grand Clock working due to the lack of the Chronosphere. He then loses his patience and asks when Alice is coming; Tarrant says that he never said that Alice was coming, but rather that he invited her. Time is so angry that he puts a curse on the Hatter, Mallymkun and Thackery so they will always be stuck one minute before tea time until Alice attends the tea party, therefore locking up the three on the table until the day child Alice appears during her first trip to Underland.

Time leaves in his flying pole to search for her in another moment in time. After returning to the Fell Day, Alice encounters the Hatter when he was just a child. Meanwhile, Alice uses the Chronosphere to return to the snowy Fell Day. As she arrives, she encounters a child Tarrant, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, as well as a kitten Chessur and a puppy Bayard.